The Wolf of FPS: Wolfenstein Hands-On | Gamereactor UK

GR-UK writes: "The New Order feels like id Software have been looking over their shoulder and offering encouragement the entire time. Combat is meaty, guns have heft. You'll need to tweak the volume down to avoid blowing your ears during bullet storms. The studio's resurrection of the FPS genre granddaddy previously had our curiosity. Now it's got our full attention."

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Meltic1577d ago

it's sick that this game comes out later than Watch dogs and ubisoft doesen't let any test their Watch dogs game... strange

Benke1577d ago

First hands-on with Watch Dogs was late summer I believe. I think the PR schedule with Watch Dogs got shock up by the delay, so there's likely not a lot left they want to show before release. Maybe they'll do a round of hands-on previews with a near finished code in the last month.

iDadio1577d ago

If only they spent some time to make a MP in the same vain as RTCW/ET as I spent many hours in those games playing a fun, balanced class based MP.
The previous Wolfensteins MP offering was a disaster and Quake Wars wasn't much better.