Titanfall Xbox One install requires up to 40GB

Titanfall requires up to 40GB of storage space to install, the packshot for the newly announced Xbox One Titanfall console bundle has revealed.

"Titanfall requires Xbox Live Gold and up to 40GB," reads the box blurb.

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TomShoe1549d ago

Good lord @ that mandatory install. Microsoft needs to get working on the external hard drive solution. That 500 GB isn't going to last at this rate.

aceitman1549d ago

The game is only 16.5 gig whats up with that

jackanderson19851549d ago

wasn't that just the beta? (alpha was only 4.5 i think) also could be accounting for future DLC and microtransactions and updates they all take up space aswell

Eonjay1549d ago

Wait so for those Xbox One bundled with the download code, how large is the download file? I think its great you can get if for free but personally I would prefer the disc just because these files are getting so large.

patsrule3161549d ago


I was under the impression that it doesn't matter if you have the disc or the download code, it takes the same amount of space on your hard drive. As far as I know, it installs the game to the disc either way, and only checks that the disc is in the drive, but doesn't use the files on the disc while you play.

Septic1549d ago


When is this external HDD support coming because I'm already feeling the bite and I hardly have that many games!

VENOMACR12271549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

I don't understand how people are filling up their hard drives so quick. Do you have every game available? I've got 4 and still have over 250GB free. I'm not worried about space at all. Eventually Madden, NBA 2K, BF, and Forza will get deleted when new ones come out. Heck, I had the original 360 20GB hard drive the entire life of the console. I'd just delete stuff I no longer played.

As for the size of the game, 40GB might seem like a lot, but you've got 15 multiplayer maps, tons of challenges, loadouts and weapons, not to mention the titans. However, I was expecting somewhere between 20-30GB.


@Jack anderson, Beta was 3.5ish on Xbox One for me. PC Beta are always larger because MS only allows under 4gb for beta's or demos :/

alexkoepp1549d ago

40 is way bigger than the alpha/beta, I'm thinking that rumor of 25% resolution for textures in the alpha was probably true, probably alot higher resolution audio to perhaps.

kreate1549d ago


20gb 360 hdd only gives u 13.9 gb of space for u to use.

This isn't enough at all.

I remember I installed the mass effect 2nd disk,apps, and. Few trailers. Than the 13.9 hdd was all filled.

Forget xbl games, didn't even have space for dlc.

thehitman1549d ago

@ Pats

The main difference is that downloading from a code you have to connect to a server on the internet which will be hit by everyone downloading from the internet. Also if you have bad ISP service it will take longer then installing straight from the disk.

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Neonridr1549d ago

almost every game installs stuff on your hard drive nowadays. I own a PS4 and it's not difference. But 40GB seems like a lot.

hulk_bash19871549d ago

Wow Microsoft needs to add support for upgradable hard drives asap. These mandatory installs are eating up some major hdd space.

avengers19781549d ago

40 gigs seems a bit much... I think the interesting thing here is the price cut and free TitanFall( i think UK only ) to me that has the smell of desperation to sell consoles.
I mean price drop and giving away a game that could be a quote "system seller"

mcarsehat1549d ago

im ok with that, especially after nba 2k14 but why does it say up to?

3-4-51549d ago

At that rate you can fit 12.5 games on the 500 GB Hardrive.

But we all know you don't get 500 GB, you get something like 450 GB, so you can fit like 10-12 games of this size on XB1, or maybe up to 20/25 of smaller games.

500 GB just isn't enough.

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TheOmniGamer1549d ago

Hory shiet, well the BETA 4 GBs with 2 maps and barely any content, hopefully this means there's a ton of content in the game... I hope.

ExCest1549d ago

The beta was not 4 gb. It was like 12 something on PC. Maybe it was 4 for the nonexistent Xbox360 version.

joefrost001549d ago

The beta on xbox one was 4.8 gigs

famoussasjohn1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

It was 4.8ish GB on Xbox One for the beta.

ExCest1549d ago

@^ Seriously? I thought the new generation of consoles was supposed to be sort of equal to the PC versions. What did they cut?

Megaton1549d ago

How do you bloat Source engine assets that badly?

joefrost001549d ago

They said they were using a heavily modified source engine

TheFallenAngel1549d ago

Is a good thing Sony offers the option to upgrade hard drives. At this rate you will fill your hard drive with a few games. What's the other option on xbone when it runs out of memory?

vallencer1549d ago

Well when the update comes out, the other option will be just plugging up an external hard drive to it. So basically exactly what the ps4 does except I just plug something in versus opening up my console and switching hard drives. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

GentlemenRUs1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

A ONLINE-ONLY game should NEVER take up this much space, Something's obviously wrong here...

Textures: 3-4GB
Sounds: 5-6GB
Objects(Only Meshes/Animations): 2-3GB
Map files(They only contain geo data): 2-3GB

So where's the other 24GB's coming from!?

Ace Killa 081549d ago

Doesn't WOW take up like 60GBs??

Drekken1549d ago

WoW has 10 years of expansion packs and humongous worlds. This game is 15 maps tops.

stamps791549d ago

WOW is currently at 29.3GBs with all expansions and current patches on my system.

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