Microsoft Announces Xbox One 'Titanfall' Special Edition Bundle

Yusuf Mehdi-

After it was first unveiled at E3 last year, we were delighted to see “Titanfall” quickly become the most anticipated game of the new console generation. Winning more than 80 coveted awards from critics around the world, “Titanfall” has been described as “a brave new vision of the future of multiplayer games”, “the first real next-gen shooter” and “the most addictive game ever.”

Heralded as the “next generation of gaming” and a “killer app” for Xbox One, the excitement and anticipation for “Titanfall” has been building not just amongst gamers, but also among the Xbox team. We bet big on “Titanfall” from the beginning and Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts were tremendous partners to our team as we developed Xbox One.

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DevilishSix1552d ago

That is NOT a special edition bundle as special editions are consoles with the games theme designed on it. This is just a bundle with a game download code. Nothing special about and that disappoints me cause I would have trouble resisting a Titanfall themed console.

Jamiex661552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

I also found it odd that they don't include the controller. After with some conversations with others though we came to the conclusion they probably didn't include the controller to keep the price point low, adding the controller would have forced the price up. This way they can basically sell an XO with a free copy of Titanfall.

Mikefizzled1552d ago

That controller is already backordred into mid April

abzdine1552d ago

then why do you put a misleading thumbnail for this article when it has no truth in it?

Jamiex661552d ago

The image was provided by Microsoft, one of the few along with the press release actually. Showcasing the box of the controller itself, which I speak about in the article.

The actual image I have in the article wasn't the right side to place as a thumbnail. I apologise for any misleading, I was just working with what Microsoft provided me :)

DarthZoolu1552d ago

I got my my X1 last monday from best buy, I got the system BF4 and a Year of Live for $520 so I guess I'm not mad, if that had been a Limited Edition console I would pissed tho. I love the Xbox tho way way cooler than I thought it would be. Graphics are plenty good too, to me from a cool stand point as well as gaming the Xbox One is a must buy if it has free Titanfall and a month of live thats only $30 more than PS4.

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HomerDog1552d ago

it's still a special edition. if it was a limited edition then yes u would be right. besides this is a awesome bundle you get the game for free plus a month of xbl.

Volkama1552d ago

Now that raises an interesting point. All the consoles are shipping with a free game that can only be used if you have a Gold subscription.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth. It's a good bundle.

yarbie10001552d ago

It is a bundle that comes with a game that has limited supply and costs the same as a normal bundle. It isn't a normal bundle. It's a special bundle.

hulk_bash19871552d ago

They should have at least offered the limited edition controller with the bundle. But great for people who have been waiting for Titanfall to make the leap to "Next-gen/Current gen" whatever we're calling it now.

TheUberAsian1552d ago

How come they always give digital, why not a physical copy?

ger23961552d ago

Nice incentive for anyone looking to buy an Xbox 1.

Eonjay1552d ago

Well considering that its basically free. That is a nice incentive. This is basically their best chance to sell the Xbox. Also, if you plan to buy an Xbox One, You better wait till March 11th. Otherwise you are basically wasting a free game.

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The story is too old to be commented.