Watch Dogs VS The Division: Which One Will Win The Hearts of Gamers?

Open World Games Reports: Two of the most anticipated open world games are coming in 2014 from publisher Ubisoft. Find out how these games change the formula for open world games.

This begs the question: Which of these Triple-A titles are you looking forward to the most?

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sigfredod1520d ago

I think i have enough heart for both

GuyThatPlaysGames1519d ago

Both for me! Got em both reserved and paid off. Just waiting now.....

Kingthrash3601519d ago

*Pressed the big red BOTH button*

Pixel_Enemy1519d ago

Yep. Both. I am more excited about the Division though.

Silly Mammo1519d ago

The Division. For whatever reason, Watchdog doesn't really appeal to me. Maybe it's the running around just hacking into things.

thorstein1519d ago

Whew! Thanks you guys, I thought for a second there that there was going to be some bizarre rule that only allows you to buy one game.

Seriously, what is with such short sighted articles? Watch Dogs comes out this year with the Division next year. Why can't I have both?

BattleAxe1519d ago

"OVOXO_Mike + 2h ago
Both for me! Got em both reserved and paid off. Just waiting now....."

Sounds like you took out a car loan or a mortgage in order to buy a couple of games.

fenome1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

@Silly Mammo

Same here, The Division looks amazing, can't wait to see that game engine in action!

For some reason or another Watch Dogs just never appealed to me since its announcement. It just seem really cluttered with the hacking interface, like there are lines everywhere and everything is highlighted.

To each their own, but that's my take on the situation. Lol

Either way, there's no denying that there are a lot of awesome looking games coming out. Everybody's in for a treat, no matter what your gaming prefrences are, it's a great time to be a gamer.

AgentSmithPS41518d ago

Neither? VR has won my heart and until I know how much it will cost and how soon I will get it I will be very careful with what I buy! Maybe Sony is holding off until after some bigger game releases, who knows... Division looks amazing but I'm wondering how they'll balance MP with the "magic rolling balls of death" and other strange things that better players will get and use first, etc. Watch Dogs will hopefully be a GTA alternative and more for those that want to run around doing crazy things in a city but can't get the game on PS4 yet. I choose WD for now since it has drive-able cars, lots of detailed NPCs, and it's the most unlike BF4 (which I have).

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Patrick_pk441519d ago

This. However, if I had to pick one, hands down The Division.

Kingthrash3601519d ago

if i had to pick 1 ...well that depends on my internet connection.

Hellsvacancy1519d ago

I'm going with The Division, Watchdogs is a rental for me, it looks fun but once i'm done with the singleplayer it'll become redundant and just sit on my shelf, kinda like GTAV

BattleN1519d ago

Division will be the definitive version, the engine is so realistic with its lighting and physics reaction!

JustPlay41519d ago

the Division only for me I lost all interest in watch dogs, not sure why but anyway can't wait for the Division

MysticStrummer1519d ago

I second this. Watch Dogs looked incredible at first reveal, but over time I got less and less interested. The Division looks like something I could get lost in for a long time.

fenome1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

I completely agree, the whole thing seems cluttered up with lines everywhere and everything is highlighted for hacking in Watch Dogs. Makes it hard to appreciate the world when it gets overladen with interface prompts.

The Divion looks beautiful, and everything appears more streamlined, even the map is subtle and non-intrusive. I can't wait to mess around in that game engine either, it looks amazing.

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Eonjay1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Both. Not everything has to be a competition lol :) I'll take both of you home with me and we can all "Ubisoft"

mcarsehat1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

everything's a competition in life now, online fps' have made us all monsters.

plus what the heck is going on with that fellas voice?

jtenma1519d ago

I'm trying to figure out which game you are talking about that is an fps?

Last I heard, these were both tps?

mcarsehat1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Not those two. Online fps in general, it was meant to be a joke. That's what i was going for anyway.

I_am_Batman1520d ago

I'm more interessted in Watch Dogs. But The Division is one of the most impressive looking games graphically and we don't know much about it yet so I'll definately keep an eye on it as well.

Chanogram1520d ago

I can only speak my personal opinion, but the more watch dogs gets delayed, the less excited i am for it. The division looks to be more my type of game, so my opinion may not count for much.

xc7x1520d ago

Division my choice,but WD is more hyped

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