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Submitted by Pozzle 716d ago | opinion piece

A Link Between Worlds Shows Promise for Zelda U

ZI writes: "A Link Between Worlds seems a bit polarizing among the fan base. Some love the rental system, others hate it. Some enjoy the story, others find it to be bland. Some love revisiting A Link to the Past’s world, others feel it is too unoriginal. Whatever stance you have with the game, that doesn’t change the fact that it could be painting the immediate future of the series, especially in regards to Zelda U." (3DS, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Wii U, Zelda Wii U)

BosSSyndrome  +   716d ago
I love the idea of having out of order dungeons again, as well as parallel dungeons. But, I really am not a fan of the rental system, personally. I feel like it really takes away from the sense of growth throughout the adventure.
Pixel_Enemy  +   716d ago
I could take it or leave it. I kind of agree with you but it is necessary for choosing which dungeons you want to do in what order. Without it, you have to do them in order to gain the necessary weapons and progress that way.
BosSSyndrome  +   716d ago
Do it Megaman style where everything necessary is accessible from the get go, but further areas and less daunting tasks/battles/puzzles will be unlocked through certain item obtains.
bobacdigital  +   716d ago
Can't you avoid using the rental system?
SteamPowered  +   716d ago
Yes you can. It just takes some serious rupees.
It is a weird system to have To go to town to restock all your weapons after you die.
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Vegamyster  +   716d ago
If you grab the bottle's early on and refill them with fairy's chances are you'll never fail.
SteamPowered  +   716d ago
I want a more mature Zelda game. Give link an adult look and some speaking lines. Not just the same grunts and sighs from ocarina. I don't want an 18 or Mature rating, but something a little more adult. Link should grow up a bit with the fanbase.
I think they can leave link between worlds on handheld. It was a fantastic game and doesn't need a Wii u update.
ReesesPuffs  +   716d ago
Did you read the article? It's basically saying that A Link Between Worlds progression for the series shows a lot of promise for the new Zelda on Wii U and I completely agree with him. A Link Between Worlds just felt a lot more free than previous entries and throws you into the action very quickly. I also ended up exploring a lot which is something I don't usually do in Zelda titles so if these are implemented over to the Wii U Zelda it'll be awesome. It's more important that the series pushes forward gameplay wise than just adding dialog and and a mature Link. Link is silent because he's meant to portray the player through himself.
SteamPowered  +   716d ago
Yep I did read it. And as I said earlier, link tween worlds is great on handheld. I don't see a reason to continue this into the Wii u. Some things don't translate well from portable to console. Resident evil revelation comes to mind. I'm ready for ninty to break the mold a bit with the next wii u.
And I explore in every Zelda game. Only way to nab them heart containers.
ReesesPuffs  +   716d ago
No where in the article did they say this was going to be on Wii U which is why I questioned if you read it or not but you basically just answered my question.
BTW I love the profile pic.
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Pennywise138  +   715d ago
I think everyone but Link should have voice acting. Kinda like skyrim where you choose the dialog you want to say and feel like your taking the role of link. There's some elements from Zelda 2 that I think would work well to change it up. Like the use of more magic.
Metallox  +   716d ago
The story it's incredibly disappointing, even the DS games stories are masterpieces when comparing to this horror. It's like it was written by a child. I don't know what to expect from Zelda U.
ReesesPuffs  +   716d ago
Doesn't sound to me like you've even played the game.
Metallox  +   716d ago
Maybe it doesn't sound, but I have already completed the game.
BattleN  +   716d ago
Zelda WiiU needs to be full of small things. I loved some of the mechanics in Red Dead Redemtion where you had to break a horse in order to ride it. The rope in that game was pretty cool! Would like some creative stuff in my Zelda please!
Geekman  +   716d ago
I've never played a bad Nintendo game (Well, Mario vs. Donkey Kong. That's it.) much less a bad Zelda game.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   716d ago
IIRC, there was an article a long while back talking about some of the things that they were working on for an alpha build of a Zelda U dungeon.

They said it was a forest dungeon.


That is a F***-TON of room to create things.
If other dungeons end up being as massive as that, we are going to be in for a real treat...
Geobros  +   715d ago
I don't know yet if I liked rental system or not. The advantage was the possibility of exploring the game early but you have no interest if exploring a dungeon as you have already many weapons. Though, there are many wonderful things to steal from Link Between worlds for next Zelda!!
wls1012  +   715d ago
this game is a must have 10 out of 10.
slivery  +   715d ago
Why does everyone act like just because it has a new rental system, there was nothing to collect or no reason to fully explore the dungeons..?

What a total crock, there was some type of upgrade almost every single dungeon whether it be for your armor, gloves or upgrading your master sword. It simply was a different approach.

It wasn't like you couldn't upgrade the weapons you bought either with mother maiamai, I enjoyed collecting all 100 of her babies for that epic great spin that takes up the entire screen and rapes just about everything around you. I loved all the weapons enhancements as well.

Then there were upgrades in the treacherous tower also. I never felt a lack of that old feeling of satisfaction from getting new weapons or upgrading them through dungeons, it was a different approach that was needed for the games new free choice mechanic. Not forcing you to start here or there.

I like being able to choose where to go instead of taking a linear specific path simply because your lack of items forces you to. It gives you a reason to replay the game, instead of knowing each time you play it, it will be exactly the same as last time.

Not like it wasn't a challenge collecting all those rupees to buy them all just to be able to upgrade them. It also gave me more of an incentive to play the mini games to make rupees faster, instead of just passing them up simply as an add on that served no real purpose in the game other than collecting a heart piece. Which in all honesty if you carry fairies around in bottles you really shouldn't need that many hearts to begin with.

Then there is hero mode once you complete it which makes it a bit more challenging as the enemies do way more damage. All in all, I loved every bit of the game.

I guess that is just my opinion about it, no game is perfect sure but I would say for the system it was on and what it brought to the table it was pretty close to perfect for me. I just don't see how the rental system made the game any less of a Zelda game. As I said it just gave you the option to go where you wanted but in the end you still came out with the same outcome you would in any other Zelda game, the difference though was it let you play how you wanted instead of only having one way to play and one way to progress.
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