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What We Want In: Mass Effect 4

AMHNetwork have compiled a list of 5 things that they want to see from the supposedly upcoming Mass Effect 4. Agree with their thoughts? (Mass Effect 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

tigertron  +   454d ago
I want it to be more like ME1 with a greater emphasis on exploration. I want the Mako back, but more importantly I want the old cast back. I want Shepard and friends back.
Shepard won't be in the next game. I remember that Bioware said they were done with his/her story. I would like to see at least some of the old crew back but this game may take anywhere from 1 to 1000 years later so who knows right?. I'm on record saying this on N4G but I would really like the next character we play as to be more of a roguish character instead of being affiliated with the military kinda like a bounty hunter or smuggler pirate type. Han solo and Mal Reynolds from Firefly come to mind. Either way I can't wait to find out more about the game.
u got owned  +   454d ago
This will be the first Mass Effect I'll play on ps platform. Really excited ,
NBSpike02  +   447d ago
Good point re the 1 to 1000 years and lets hope EA remembers that Asari can live 1000 years and Krogan can also live many hundreds of years also.
Hence if it is a sequel even if not related to Shepard directly they have to be careful not to write everyone out as that could bite them in the ass re the time line.
WitWolfy  +   454d ago
What do I want in ME 4??? How about where Shapard magically wakes up and goes on to defeat the Reapers!!! Thats what I want!!

No BS headcannon crap!!!
aLucidMind  +   454d ago
But, but... artistic integrity >_<
LAWSON72  +   454d ago
Went down the drain when the ending came down to 3 colors
aLucidMind  +   454d ago
I thought it went down the drain once starboy started talking. There was so much crap afterwards that it clogged the drain.
NBSpike02  +   447d ago
He/she did in the mode 'destruction' hence the body that breathes clip in the aftermath. Everything else was indoctrination as expect that to be the line eventually in some future download if not in the actual ME4 game release.
LAWSON72  +   454d ago
An inventory :)
That wont happen though because the casual fans cant handle such a thing. I realize ME was not perfect and had its flaws, but the game was more RPG than the other two and just introduced this amazing universe that the other two did not do nearly as well, I dont think any new one will ever do what the first did for me last gen. I will probably buy this though because as I said the universe is awesome and if coop happens again I will probably have a blast.
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ibrake4naps  +   454d ago
Alien robot bats
Grave  +   454d ago
Dr. Liara T'Soni
SlapHappyJesus  +   454d ago
A return to its more RPG focused origins? By the end of the series, the game was little more than a conversation simulator that was also trying to be Gears of War.
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Hardtarget  +   454d ago
PC gamers would like MICROSOFT XBOX 360 FULL CONTROLLER SUPPORT this time around! I think even Bioware understands that by now.
snarls200  +   454d ago
atistic integrity went out the window when they gave in to all the complainers.
aliengmr  +   454d ago
Yea! How dare they make a feeble attempt to explain a nonsense ending to a trilogy. I mean, who wants to write when you can have your fans head-canon everything, after you get their money of course:D

Artistic Integrity: The excuse for crap.
Iamnemesis4880  +   454d ago
And the MAKO that was awesome
Geekman  +   454d ago
An ending that doesn't destroy everything I accomplished in the game.
Holeran  +   454d ago
Just have a multiplayer like you had in Mass Effect 3 and I will be just fine. 60 fps multiplayer would be sweet.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   454d ago
More exploration elements, and endings that aren't so ambiguous and stupid.

I'm tempted to say that they should take notes from Metroid Prime, but I get the feeling people would shoot me for saying that...uh oh....
Disco Downey  +   454d ago
More exploration is a definite. I dont have the hatred of EA that most do, but they fucking ruined this series. Yeah, make the combat fun and interesting but dont make it the absolute focus. I want to explore the galaxy, not shoot its tits off
ironfist92  +   454d ago
More Dancing!
shawnvdb  +   454d ago
Controller support on PC! I played ME1 and ME2 on Xbox 360 but since moved to PC and thus not played ME3.
MEIdeas  +   451d ago
I you should be able to choose a squad mate like Tali or another to play and that planet your on in the ending of ME3 you meet another species that is new and you build the planet like in sims but you make docking and shipping yards for ships but you must find was to get to earth and to protect the planet by pirates or something but to get to earth ith new tech and ships to go with out the mass realay or whatever and Sheapered may be alive but saved by someone or something like space boy.
NBSpike02  +   447d ago
I want EA to come out and admit that Synthesis and Control in ME3 were elements of Shepard's mind falling apart under indoctrination. We all know that's what it was and confirm that destruction was the result of Shep fighting his/her way past the AI and completing his/her mission to destroy the Reapers ! After all why have that N7 body take a breath. We can then sit back and enjoy the sequel.
Any game that has resurrection can reinvent itself anyway it wants after all it is Sci-fi and not Sci-fact !
ME2 was brill as was ME1 but to get the most out of the trilogy you have to play it all including the free games in ME1 (Renegade or Paragon) and killing off selected crew in 2 and exploring all the story lines not just the default one's. Best Sci-fi trilogy ever.
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