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The n00b of war: why an FPS-hater loves Titanfall

Games in Asia: "There’s something special about Titanfall and I say that as someone who hates online FPS. But, what makes Titanfall so special?" (TitanFall, Xbox One)

_FantasmA_  +   304d ago
Because the game is easy and will make anyone think they can be good at it. No recoil and fast aiming make for super quick arcade casual shooter.
Audiggity  +   304d ago
This argument that it's "Easy" makes no sense. Everyone has the same guns and the same quick aiming ability... right? So, it's a level playing field. If I am better than you - I win.

You don't get any advantages as the player with less skill. So, "easy" is a very relative term in a game with no SP campaign.

If the learning curve is not steep. What's wrong with that? I could argue that Call of Duty is "easy" - it has gone unchanged for years, anyone who knows how to play one of them, knows how to play all of them.

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