$499 Titanfall Xbox One bundle leaked

A Xbox One Titanfall system bundle has been leaked and will be coming out next month for the standard Xbox One system price.

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Kayant1516d ago

Looks like nktrnl and Mort where right.

So free 1 month XBL and TF. MS sure are pushing TF hard. Will definitely help them quite a bit. I wonder why they didn't include the TF controller also.

mrbojingles1516d ago

This is a pretty hard bundle to walk away from if you ask me. I still won't get it right away but its got a solid price.

DonFreezer1516d ago

All they need now is a marketing compaing and the game willl fly off the shelfs.

mrbojingles1516d ago

They have a marketing campaign though it could be better.

dekke1516d ago

if i was u ppl i would get that game for PC as its not so impressive played beta and it was ok tho

CaptainPunch1516d ago

Pretty lame they don't include the special Titanfall controller in the bundle.

GearSkiN1516d ago

Pretty lame that it wasn't a limited edition console.

mrbojingles1516d ago

Yea, there are several good looking fan mock up Titanfall Xbox Ones, wish MS had at least thrown in the controller.

GearSkiN1515d ago

coz it would cost more so they had to stop it...oh well im ready for the game! even got the controller.

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