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$499 Titanfall Xbox One bundle leaked

A Xbox One Titanfall system bundle has been leaked and will be coming out next month for the standard Xbox One system price. (TitanFall, Xbox One)

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Kayant  +   552d ago
Looks like nktrnl and Mort where right.

So free 1 month XBL and TF. MS sure are pushing TF hard. Will definitely help them quite a bit. I wonder why they didn't include the TF controller also.
mrbojingles  +   552d ago
This is a pretty hard bundle to walk away from if you ask me. I still won't get it right away but its got a solid price.
DonFreezer  +   552d ago
All they need now is a marketing compaing and the game willl fly off the shelfs.
mrbojingles  +   552d ago
They have a marketing campaign though it could be better.
dekke  +   552d ago
if i was u ppl i would get that game for PC as its not so impressive played beta and it was ok tho
CaptainPunch  +   552d ago
Pretty lame they don't include the special Titanfall controller in the bundle.
GearSkiN  +   552d ago
Pretty lame that it wasn't a limited edition console.
mrbojingles  +   552d ago
Yea, there are several good looking fan mock up Titanfall Xbox Ones, wish MS had at least thrown in the controller.
GearSkiN  +   552d ago
coz it would cost more so they had to stop it...oh well im ready for the game! even got the controller.
sammyspam  +   552d ago
It's a decent pack, whether or not it will push enough sales we will have to just wait and see.
HaveAsandwich  +   552d ago
still too much money.
BLADE2034  +   552d ago
This is the "next" game. A la Halo, Gears, etc. Not quite sure what Sony's answer is. I love Uncharted, LoU, Infamous, but they are different games. Killzone is an abomonation. A decent B game but surely not a AAA. I see nothing on the horizon.

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