Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 receives several panoramic screenshots

With just a few days left until the official launch of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 on 28 February in Europe, Konami has decided to issue a bunch of panoramic screenshots showing off some of the varied environments players will explore in MercurySteam's third-person action-adventure featuring Dracul.

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Whatsupdog1551d ago

The voice talent for this game is incredible....Robert Carlyle, Jason Isaacs, Natasha McElhone, Patrick Stewart and even GoT's Richard Madden. Impressive stuff!

nope1111551d ago

I agree, Robert Carlyle especially is outstanding.

yeahokchief1551d ago

i dont need big tv movie names to sell me on voice acting. as long as they sound good, i dont care about who it is.

that said, looking forward to lords of shadow 2 for the story and open world gameplay

antikbaka1551d ago

there we lot's of good actors in BTS..and we all know what happened. Actors and voice don't guarantee anything.

also they can't fix the fact that LoS 2 is just a corridor run painted in diffrent types of grey color

starchild1551d ago

What a beautiful game. The soundtrack is also awesome. The combat also felt amazing in the demo. I can't wait.

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Chaos_Raiden1551d ago

Looking forward to it tomorrow.

xmedia1551d ago

very eager to play it....

wannabe gamer1551d ago

got this at GMG for just under 40bucks and already preloaded and ready to go ';..;'

starchild1551d ago

That's awesome I think I paid slightly more than that.

I did get Thief for $25.99, though, so that was a steal. No pun intended. lol

I don't care about the lower scores, there were plenty of 8s and 9s for the game and I have watched enough playthroughs to know that I will enjoy the game.

Same goes for Lords of Shadow 2. I don't care what scores it gets. I loved the first one and I have seen enough of the second one to know that it will be a good game for me.