The 25 best Final Fantasy games

Neverending fantasy

There is a battle that has raged for over twenty years. On message boards and in forums, in living rooms and at gaming conventions, wrathful voices raised in unison cry out--for justice, for recognition of the truth, for the final decree that Final Fantasy __ is the best Final Fantasy!!! It’s a discussion that has ruined friendships and destroyed marriages.

The war carries on with no end in sight. But now is the moment that warriors must rise to face this challenge, to return balance to the gaming realm by determining, once and for all, which Final Fantasy games are truly the best. We solemnly bear this burden to bring you the Top 25 Best Final Fantasy Games of all time, chosen from FF's numbered entries and spin-offs alike. So it is written, and so it shall be done--let the naming commence!

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kalkano1391d ago

"Focusing on a single player character rather than a full team, Crystal Bearers takes an open-world approach and diversifies its gameplay with a variety of appealing objectives and mini-games. Throw in a unique type of combat where the protagonist uses telekinetic powers to beat enemies into submission, and a light-hearted but relatable plot, and you have a game with a wide audience."

Terrible gameplay. Absolutely awful. Luckily, there was no need to grind. I just powered through the game, and it didn't take long. The story was pretty good, though.

"In an effort to bring something new to the table, FFXIII introduced the Paradigm battle system, creating a fast-paced combat style that can be both engaging and strategic."

Disagree. Combat sucked.

"The one that started it all, Final Fantasy is an RPG in its purest form. Describe this game, and you describe every Final Fantasy game that followed."

Not true. If "Final Fantasy" wasn't slapped on the front of the new series that SquareEnix has bastardized the Final Fantasy name with, I'd have no clue it was the same series.

kalkano1391d ago

"As much as we talked up FFXIII a couple of slides back, it must be said that FFXIII-2 is a vast improvement over its predecessor in virtually every respect."

No. No. No. XIII was better. The only improvement in XIII-2 was making the hallways a little wider.

"Revisiting the well-loved turn-based strategy system of Final Fantasy Tactics while avoiding direct sequeldom, Tactics Advance creates an well-rounded, engaging experience."

Never cared for it, or it's sequel. How did we go from the fantastic, mature setting of the original, to the kiddy setting of Advance and A2?

"Final Fantasy X-2 was a game-changer, both metaphorically and literally. The first direct sequel in a series that prides itself on variability, this cutesy, bubbly follow-up to Final Fantasy X is regarded by many as a betrayal of the story's original message. Still, pushing past those initial concerns ends in a pleasant surprise, as FFX-2 has a lot to offer in its own right."

Seeing this on the list almost gave me an aneurysm...This game is an abomination, and should not exist. I can't say ANYTHING good about it.

"The biggest points in FFXII's favor are its endearing characters and grand, sweeping narrative, both of which draw you into the world of Ivalice. The characters are all strong but believably flawed and interesting, growing throughout compelling stories of their own."

I feel torn about XII's story. While I LOVE the setting and style, the story itself seems kind of bland...

"A personal story of conflict between comrades rather than a world-saving epic, Crisis Core still keeps in line with the spirit of its predecessor, utilizing a familiar world to full effect without anything looking recycled."

All I have to say is, "GENESIS WAS NOT THERE!"

"While FFV may be a bit light on plot and is notorious for its brutal random encounters, the gameplay is so strong that neither of these issues cause much of a problem. On the contrary, the difficult battles actually augment the strengths of the battle system, goading players to diversify their party's abilities."

Too high. But, I still think this may be the hardest FF. Also, even though you're looking at it from the side, I felt like ExDeath was scratching my face, and felt the need to lean back.

DCfan1391d ago

Well, regarding FFX-2. I absolutely loved X, but seeing how X-2 gets regarded as, im not so enthusiastic about playing it. Lets say i play X-2, will it ruin the magic and memories of X?

hulk_bash19871391d ago

Having played the game, I can say it didn't affect/ruin the original. It's actually a pretty lighthearted and fun game.

kalkano1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

It does crap on the ending of X, in my opinion.

Hicken1391d ago

To be honest, I never compared them.

I look at X as one complete story. Awesome all the way around.

X-2 isn't really the continuation of that story, but more a tale that takes place in the same world, that features some of the same characters. Almost more like a spiritual successor than a direct sequel, even though it technically IS a direct sequel.

I liked X-2. Not as much as X, but that was gonna be difficult, anyway. Even so, X-2 has a story to tell, it does it well, and stands apart from X well enough, too.

Of course, any game with Rikku is a win in my book.

kalkano1391d ago

" If you love Final Fantasy, you have to give it up for FFIV; the series as we know it rests on its shoulders."

*knew* it, not *know* it.

"Building on the character-centric storylines of previous games, FFVII creates beloved leads like Cloud, Tifa and Aeris--then shocks you by killing one for good."

Recently, a retranslation mod was released for the PC version. I highly recommend trying it out, as it now makes perfect sense.

"Scoring high with the critics but low with the accountants, Final Fantasy IX is an homage to an era of beloved classic Final Fantasy that, at that moment, was on its way out."

I think the lower sales (for a Final Fantasy of the time) were 95% due to the art style. The other 5% may have been from how slow the battle system was. I didn't remember that until just now (currently replaying it).

"Grimoire of the Rift, a sequel to Tactics Advance which involves another journey between worlds, fits that bill nicely. What Grimoire lacks in narrative grandness, it makes up for with sheer addictive gameplay and a little thing called fun."

2...? Really...? While I wouldn't bash it nearly to the levels that I bash X-2, I just found nothing memorable about this game...

"Even years later, as the series continues to makes strides and give us new, amazing games,"


imtheman20131391d ago

Well, you sure have a lot to say about Final Fantasy.

jjb19811391d ago

Everybody knows part 4 is the best.