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Wii U's Memory Bandwidth, GPU More Powerful Than We Thought?

Some new information has surfaced due to some in-depth research conducted by various engineers regarding the Wii U's handling of memory: it may be more powerful and faster than we thought. (Wii U)

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SynGamer  +   554d ago
If it is, the games haven't shown it. Honestly, the fact that the Wii U is a *slightly* better PS3/360 speaks volumes. Nintendo thought they could get away with an upgraded Wii, and it backfired.
R00bot  +   554d ago
Right now most of the ports have been badly done, the CPU on the Wii U is quite underpowered, but last gen consoles like the 360 used the CPU extensively, while the Wii U needs to use the GPU more. The devs simply dumped the code and let the U's CPU try to do it, when that's not what it was intended for.
It's just a little too different for devs. Maybe in the future we'll get better ports.

But I agree, it is making the Wii U look bad. So far only Nintendo has really shown what it can do (too bad those games aren't out yet...).
Eonjay  +   554d ago
The developers would know, even if we don't

This is the result:

I would still like to play X though. Game looks amazing.


Assassin's Creed looks really good on Wii U vs PS4:
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wonderfulmonkeyman  +   554d ago
I dunno about that; devs like Shin'en and Platinum have done a pretty damned decent job of crafting games that make pretty good use of the Wii U's innards.

What I'm interested in, is that there's still a few chunks of circuitry inside the unit that we haven't been able to identify as far as purpose.[there was a Neogaf post on it and not a single person had any idea what they did.]

I can't help but think that they're there as circuits to make the Wii U more compatible with some sort of upgrade to the firm-ware or something...
zebramocha  +   554d ago
@eonjay is the assassin creed pre-patch or post patch?the biggest difference is see is,smoother frame rate,higher resolution and less aliasing on the ps4.
cleft5  +   554d ago
What you are saying is absolutely correct, the problem is that right now most people just want to act like the WiiU and Nintendo is the worse thing ever. The negative view on Nintendo, is just sad because Nintendo is the only company currently backing a lot of user friendly ideas, like backwards compatibility. Yet, even when Nintendo does great things people just ignore them and focus on the negative stuff.

I am not saying there isn't a lot of problems with Nintendo, but I am not willing to act like the company is the worse thing ever. As for me, I will be buying a WiiU when X comes out or when we get a firm release date for North America and Bayonetta 2 is out. I didn't own a Wii, so there is a lot of cool games I can catch up on while I play Bayonetta 2 and wait for X.
Eonjay  +   554d ago

Not sure. Maybe before. YouTube is also insufficient if you want to look at things like fluidity.

Take a look at Bayonetta 2 it looks great given what we know about the Wii U's power. I'm not saying it looks anywhere as good as something like 1886 though.

If the Wii U goes down to 199 or 150, I will definitely consider getting one.
ABizzel1  +   554d ago
@SynGamer & R00bot

Both of you are correct. When it's all said and done the Wii U is basically a 1.75x Xbox 360.

It's GPU is 1.5x more powerful, it's CPU is 3x Wii's with higher clocks and cache.

It has 4x the amount of total RAM, 3x the amount of eDRAM, and as the article states likely higher bandwidth (although the 500+ GBps is possible, the problem is as always the transfer rates, which with the Wii U are likely around 32 GB/s which again does little for them outside of on-chip operations).

As R00bot said the Wii U will outperform the PS360 once the games are developed more for the GPU than the CPU, as the PS360 were. The Wii U is a solid console, but as SynGamer said it's a 360+, and basically another attempt at getting by with another Wii, and it backfired.
SilentNegotiator  +   554d ago
Nintendo has brought SEVERAL games to Wii U themselves and they weren't impressive on a technical level either.

New Super Mario Bros. U = 1280x720 (no AA on world map, post-AA in-game)
Nintendo Land = 1280x720 (no AA, post-AA?)
Pikmin 3 = 1280x720
Super Mario 3D World = 1280x720

And don't pretend like the 60fps that some of those have makes them impressive. We had games LAST gen that managed 720p60fps.
frostypants  +   554d ago
@wonderfulmonkeyman: Nintendo has a long history of building in hardware/ports into their console (with future plans in mind) that ultimately never get used.
patterson  +   554d ago
So in order of overall processing power, it's:

PS4 > Wii-U > XONE
pcz  +   554d ago
it doesnt matter if the wiiu can render the universe and its entire contents in real time, if devs dont take advantage of it.
abzdine  +   554d ago
Nintendo games look gorgeous on Wii U with the HD filter.
Wind Waker is really impressive in 1080p.

Wii U needs support, that's all. it has everything to be a big hit: a good controller, a very creative Gamepad which makes it a creative tool for developers
Gemmol  +   554d ago
every post on specs since the Wii U come out is assumptions, but everyone seems to go along with assumptions. I have not seen one fact that shows what the system have, even when the system first came out and they open the system and look at the parts, those same people who open everything even said it was very customized. I am not saying the console is super strong and I am not saying its weak, because I do not know I will not make an assumption like everyone is doing. Each and everyone of yall is wrong, once you learn to admit that then maybe you will all be better off.

since we like making assumption so much here is something from an article

The Wii U’s CPU is more efficient and can do more, with 3 cores for gaming, than the PS4 does with the 4 use for games. There is practically no resource management on the PS4, the Wii U will make good use of the resources available. CPU+eDRAM will result in much better performance than the PS4, something that is being seen already with the performance in Nintendo’s upcoming games.

Now the biggest issue here is the GPU, and the lack of information on it. As stated above, with it being under heavy NDA, for all we know the numbers we know can be minimum specs. Another issue is Sony’s numbers don’t match up with the performance, which judging by their history, shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone they are exaggerating their tech. Something we already saw with Deep Down earlier this year. Here are some real world results.

They don’t match the proposed specs, and we know there isn’t much leeway for the PS4/XBO, they won’t have much change over the years, being practically completely off the shelf parts. The PS4′s lock only thing that can happen are firmware/BIOS updates that increase the clock rate, which can cause several issues. We know the bare minimum about the Wii U Specs, while have numbers beyond what the PS4 is known to do.

here is the link for those
thexmanone  +   554d ago

More like:

Steam Box> PS4 > XBONE > WII U
Ju  +   554d ago
@Gemmol, are you Nintendo's version of MisterX?
Nerdmaster  +   554d ago
"We had games LAST gen that managed 720p60fps."
Few games managed that. Most of the games were 30fps and even then, they couldn't maintain a steady framerate. FFXIII, Resident Evil 5, Heavy Rain... just to name some.

It's like saying "We had games LAST gen that managed 1080p60fps." We did have some, but PS4 and Xbox One still can't make all their games be 1080p60fps. And I don't see you saying that they aren't new gen consoles because of that.
Sarcasm  +   554d ago
There might be some truth to this. You can't do straight ports from the 360/PS3 to the Wii U.

The Wii U's CPU is insanely slow, but it does have a better GPU and more RAM.

I think Nintendo's first party games have shown it is still mildly more powerful than we think. If you look at SM3DW it's a perfect example.

With that said, it's almost pointless seeing as 3rd party games will be non-existent on that hardware. So the only people who will take advantage is Nintendo themselves.
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GotHDGame  +   554d ago
Need For Speed says hi, as well as Duex Ex, Splinter Cell, Rayman, Assassins Creed, Ghost, BOPS,Resident Evil Revelations, All Superior ports, if not graphically (Need for Speed has PC textures) than the gamepad makes the gameplay much better, Play Duex Ex, on Wii U and then on PS3, there is no comparison.
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cozomel  +   554d ago

So you tell people not to assume, cuz its whats wrong with everyone. Then you proceed to spit assumption after assumption. On the irony. The WiiU has yet to prove its even more powerful than a 360. There are plenty of games that are superior to the WiiU version, so the WiiU has a lot of proving to do. But honestly i dont think it has much more than we've seen. All their big games are 720p and 30fps. And Ju is right, you're Nintendo's MisterX

Assasins Creed runs better on the 360/ps3, BLOPS is even worst hit 30fps frequently on Wiiu, Ghost runs better on 360/ps3, same with the rest of them. Man you fanboys are beyond delusional. You make the X1 fanboys look sane. The Wiiu sucks, its garbage, with its inferior to last gen ports. And Wiiu's best looking game, SM3DW is 720p. And could easily be done on the 360/ps3. Its got simple graphics
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scissor_runner  +   553d ago
Under nda directly this time lol. Yet i will say this one core is being used for most of the games release last year. It is the core with the biggest cache. We are not seeing memory fill problems also... you know the loading textures while you are playing crap. Then we are rendering 720 with an added 400 what ever on the game pad... so saying it can do 1080 on most games would just be wrong. I'm sure more people will experiment with turning The game pad off and on during some types of game play. Unless the guys over at nerd in the UK get nintendo ' s cloud stuff going. It's too bad factor 5 and the old id are not around now. Hopefully someone could get a kickstarter going for a wiiu engine that would rival crytek and work like or with unity3d.
Irishguy95  +   554d ago
The Wii is more powerful than the PS3/360 in the same way the Ps4 is more powerful than the X1. It's simple numbers and the Wii U is a good bit more powerful than them
ABizzel1  +   554d ago

You're basically right especially comparing the Wii U to the 360 since they're nearly identical in design. The only real difference is the fact that the PS4 and XBO are in the teraflop range, and the 360 and Wii U are in the gigaflop range, and so that difference while similar in percentage, isn't nearly the gulf you'd expect.

The Wii U's GPU is around 50% more powerful than the 360's, like the PS4's is to the XBO.

The Wii U's CPU is weaker and slower than the 360's, but it's much smarter and efficient thanks to OoE's and cache.

The Wii U has 4x the RAM of the 360 with 3x the eDRAM amount.

So yeah the Wii U is to the 360 as the PS4 is to the XBO give or take.
Ju  +   554d ago
^^ One thing, though, overall bandwidth in the WiiU isn't faster than last gen consoles. This is it's biggest problem. We have X1 eDRAM discussions and this surely is a bottleneck for the WiiU as well, combined with the much slower RAM which matches the PS360 ~20GB/s, unfortunately. CPU, while OO is still clocked at half the speed which still makes it slower overall. But yes, it has better/more GPGPU features and more sophisticated shaders.
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Vegamyster  +   554d ago
3D World's visuals look great, textures are crisp, lighting, bloom, depth of field are done very well, AA is good and it runs locked at 60 fps.



Keep in mind they're using PowerPc so it's going to take some time for devs to unlock it's power similar to the 360, also most multiplats ports on the system only use 1 cpu core instead of all 3.
1nsomniac  +   554d ago
Just wondering but why on earth would multiplats be running only on 1 core even the 360 ran on 3 cores.

It wouldn't make any logical sense to take multiplatform games that run on PS3/360 (both multicore/multithread processors) & rewrite it to run on a single core...
Vegamyster  +   554d ago

Sorry about that i got it backwards and couldn't go back to edit my comment in time(didn't want waste a bubble)

What i got mixed up was something one of the Project CARS devs said.
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scissor_runner  +   553d ago
Nope most games are using one core. It has something to do with the compiler. There are only tools to play with one core right now. It is similar to killzone finally getting access to the spus on the cell. There are a lot of goodies tucked away right now yet besting last gen is easy with what we got already. Once everything comes online expect things to get a little more heated. We still won't be talking specs but we won't have to then.

It's just easier to discount the wiiu right now. Everyone that doesn't have a kit ignores the exam and harps on the main ram bus speed. Slow and steady wins the race. The ps4 may have teraflops yet didn't the ps3 show you that spec is useless in most games? If it can not be used in real time then I'm not sure how many gamers would be doing fluid Sims on a under 3 terabyte system? It's sad but the ps4 is almost going to hit the mark but miss it. Almost in hardware doesn't count it gets put back in range with the wiiu and xbone. All the hype is cool but I know pc gamers how buy amd also and act like it is superior also, just because it is cheap.

If all these sales are based on tech hype for ps4 then things are going to get grim when the next few pc refreshes hit along with sdk updates from ms and Nintendo.
webeblazing  +   554d ago
soooo by them taking a risk with a new way to play with their controller equals just an upgrade wii. people are so funny. isnt ps4 and xbone just an updated system from last gen. they didnt even try anything new. only thing new ms did was bundle kinect with the console. only thing new sony did(for them) is charge every for mp.

seem like this is gonna be the gen of gfx whores. the bunch that downplayed gfx, res, and frame rate soo much last gen.
SynGamer  +   554d ago
The PS4 has a modern CPU (finally). The controller has a touchpad (that clicks) AND a lightbar for both motion controls AND immersion.

The PS4 also (finally) does remote play with the Vita which is pretty awesome to use in-person. Sony has also revolutionized (console) gaming with PS+ and free/discounted games.
webeblazing  +   554d ago
you stated everything thats a upgrade. remote play and ps+ is on the ps3. the only different is that its better on ps4(upgrade). ps+ is great but paying to play online??? yeah thats not great.

sooo im not seeing what these next gen console are besides an upgrade. its not a bad thing but dont downplay nintendo because theyre the only one that did something different out of the three. and to say the wiiU is an upgrade and saying ps4 and xbone isnt sounds dumb.

and dont know where people jumped to the conclusion that the wiiU is suppose to perform like ps4 and xbone. i doubt nintendo even care about gfx like people on here do. thats maybe why yall have to bring it up. and that maybe why people downplay how wii dont count when they fight over sales.
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clouds5  +   554d ago
@syngamer: let's have a look at that :)
-modern CPU = low cost amd pc component
-touch pad? I know a system with a touchscreen that does everything the ps4 can do with its pad 10 times better.
-remote play is nice to have, but having actual additional information on a interactive 2nd screen is another level. And most devs won't bother programing features for the 10% of users that have both vita and ps4.
-and sony has found a nice way to advertise their subscription based online services. PC and wii u have sales and discounts as well but you don't have to pay for a subscription.
kinda grinds my gears that people think they get "free" games while they pay money every month. It's just a clever trick...
Gemmol  +   554d ago
@clouds5 the next thing you forgot to write, once their subscription is gone so are their games
cozomel  +   554d ago
Wow, the level of fanboyism and ignorance going on in here is astronomical. You people actually believe your own bs. The wiiu is nowhere near the level of PS4 or X1, its barely even on the level of the PS3/360. Just because it has like 1 or 2 multiplats (out of over 20) that might be better, doesnt mean the system is better. As a matter of fact, quite the contrary, its been outperformed like over 20 times already by the multiplats on the PS3/360. There is nothing special about the gamepad, it doesnt even have the L3/R3 click (thats so many gens behind, its not even funny). Doesnt even has a capacitive screen but rather the older and inferior resistive screen and has its buttons underneath its right stick which is comfortable like all hell. The system is way to expensive at $300, when you can get a PS3/360 that both have way more and way better games and way better looking games at that for cheaper. Name me one game on Wiiu that looks better than Gears, Halo4, GOW, UC or KZ? You people are the most delusional pack of fanboys of them all. But whatever, keep on dreaming and when it never happens, then maybe you'll wake up. Have fun being behind the times and finally enjoy subpar last gen graphics. And p.s. graphics do matter, and Nintendo games have simple, kiddie like gameplay, wow! thats so impressive. Now have fun disagreeing away, it wont change the facts. And PS+ gives you way more than $50 worth of content. What does Nintendo give you? oh yeah thats right, nothing! Except last gen tech at expensive prices.

Nobody cares about the wiiu except you fanboys and its being out sold by both the PS4 and X1 (by over 4x the amount by the PS4), the system is almost obsolete
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scissor_runner  +   553d ago
In comes the person with no Development kit and all here say from online. The ps4 is not that high tech more ram is great but it's issues put it in the same category as the wiiu and xbone. It's great everyone brought one, Thank you for your early adopters funding yet you will have to get an pc, xbone or wiiu to enjoy this gen because the ps4 is just a speed bump higher at best.

The problem is everyone wants to believe that the ps4 can do things that the other two simply can't. The power gap is not that wide. Tools take time to make. Sony is using an amd chip that is barely custom. Wiiu is using a 3 core powerpc like wii cpus glued together with eram. Only one core is really being used and it is being called wesk. To say it is barely above last gen means it maybe almost 3 times better at a lower clock. Sony went with a spec that won't really scale, nintendo went with effective efficiency.

One thing I know it's useless to argue with gamers drunk off hype juice. Yet it's good to get the truth out there. It's a lot of work yet it is worth every minute so far.
assdan  +   554d ago
I agree. It's clearly not that much stronger than last gen, or we would have seen it by now.
frostypants  +   554d ago
That's just the thing. It seems like some of the Nintendo zealots are imagining that Nintendo is just slyly letting themselves get beat down, quietly biding their time until BAM! They unleash the WiiU's secret ninja power and triumphantly show who's boss. Yeah, it ain't happening...
clouds5  +   554d ago
People seem to think the same thing about the xb1 :) it's not really that simple of course but the xb1 is not that much stronger than the wii u. On paper maybe but in the end both systems produce very good looking 720p games and sometime 1080p.
truechainz  +   554d ago
When did a systems true potential ever show up in the first year? The Last of Us is proof of what can happen when devs know a system inside and out. Not saying that the Wii U is gonna be a killer in gfx, but your comment makes it sound like you have only been playing video games for a year or something.
assdan  +   553d ago
@truechainz. It really doesn't look that much better that last gen. The difference seems to be about double next gen. Which for a generational jump is pathetic.
stragomccloud  +   554d ago
You are so horribly misinformed that I really don't feel like explaining everything that is wrong with what you have said. That said.... you should read this link:
ZainreFang  +   554d ago
Sony thought they could get away with an upgraded PS3, and it worked. Whadaya know?
tigertron  +   554d ago
The difference being that the PS4 is an entire generation ahead of the Wii U.

Releasing 2006 hardware in 2012 was a poor decision.
swice  +   554d ago

Ps4 and Wii U are in the same generation
swice  +   554d ago
Double post
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mrbojingles  +   554d ago
I don't understand the logic of your wording. If the Wii U is slightly better than the PS3/360 it can't be an upgraded Wii. I wouldn't call the leap from 88MB RAM to 2GB RAM and a multi-core processor, better GPU and triple the eDRAM an "upgrade" at all over Wii, that's like a giant leap (from the Wii)
bigfish  +   554d ago
yeh and the graphics are slightly better than GameCube,, I don't get the point of this article
higgins78  +   554d ago
Somebody has a sore case of nostalgia. Yes, the Gamecube was a trailblazer in terms of graphics, many titles still holding up well today - I was a MASSIVE fan, but put (for example) something like Sunshine and SM3DW side by side...ouch! Tropical Freeze next to Jungle Beat, W101 next to Viewtiful Joe, etc, etc. Wii U is running these games not only in HD but (most of the time, unlike PS4 and Xbox One) a LOCKED 60fps.
higgins78  +   554d ago
Erm, just as the PS4 and Xbox One aren't simply upgraded versions of their predecessors...that's the entire definition of "next gen"! Also, as far as the games not showing the Wii U's grunt is strictly inaccurate, games such as SM3DW (locked 60fps with those graphics), W101 (that many things going on at any one time), Tropical Freeze (lush environments, again all at 60fps) and Nintendo Land (no lag at all between main T.V and Gamepad).

People just cant seem to see past the fact Nintendo don't want to use semi-realistic graphics in their games, mostly because the best games ever housed on Nintendo consoles have been stylised...that is the way I prefer my videogames for the most part, that is why I stick with Nintendo. "Slightly better PS3/360" means nothing, its nonsensical.
mate9791  +   551d ago
Slightly more powerful ??

563GB bandwidth ram.
2GB of system ram.
35MB of edram.
3MB of edram cache.
Unknown sram.
Tri core power pc cpu.

Every game so far only needed 1 core on wiiu speaks volumes for the results the wiiu can deliver if you ask me,project cars is only using 1 core who knows they may use another but resogun on ps4 looks no better than Nano assault neo on eshop and resogun uses 50% of ps4's power ?? Ghosts looks worse than Blackops wiiu by far BO2 wiiu uses 2k textures,ghosts uses 1k textures n all 3 consoles.......

360/ps3 are ancient in comparison to WiiU/PS3/Xbox1

PS4....178GB Bandwidth ram
Xbox1 158GB Bandwidth ram
WiiU...563.2GB Bandwidth ram

Remember Sony boasting about Bandwidth ram makes your graphics very powerful ????
XiSasukeUchiha  +   554d ago
Interesting, thought out analysis of the system true potential!
mii-gamer  +   554d ago
read the whole article and did not understand any of the technical mumble jumble. Can someone shed some light in regards to this piece?
DanManDantheMan  +   554d ago
Pretty much, the Wii U seems to be pretty close to the Xbox One.

We'll never really know how powerful it really is though as the hardware is so secret.
ricochetmg  +   554d ago
I LOL because i don't know if you are serious.
Nero1314  +   554d ago
lol I guess the 360 is on the same level as the ps4 too
stragomccloud  +   554d ago
He's quite serious. The reason we haven't seen better looking games is because of lazy developers that are just dumping code from other systems strait onto the Wii U. The thing just happens to be so powerful that it still works.
fluffydelusions  +   554d ago
Basically PC>PS4>XB1>Wii U>PS3>360
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badz149  +   554d ago

(HIGH-END)PC>PS4>XB1> ;Wii U>PS3>360
Chrischi1988  +   554d ago
I dont know, where you all get that High End PC from, because it is not true. Build a PC for around $650, a graphics card in it for around $300 and it will be much better than a PS4. You PS4 fans sound so hilarious, if you say things like that...
brich233  +   554d ago
No, its NES, SNES, PC, PS4, Atari, Dreamcast,Xbox One, Xbox 360, ps3, Wii U, Wii, Gamecube, first Xbox, Sega Genesis.
badz149  +   553d ago

Pc is a general term but what I do know is, $300 is NOT low end and admittedly not high end either. But don't act like ANY pc can outperform the PS4.
frostypants  +   554d ago
Basically, someone saw some transistors they couldn't identify and are fantasizing that it might be something awesome. Meh. Occam's Razor says they're nothing important. If they were we'd have seen it by now.
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Chrischi1988  +   554d ago
Project Cars will show it. That is what Slightly Mad studios said themselves. Nobody says, that it is more powerful than a PS4 or Xbox One, but you all sound really hilarious to compare it just to a 360^^

It is complete nonsense. The CPU uses the same architecture like the Wii did. The PS4 uses the same CPU architecture, like a Windows 3.1 PC did back in the 80s. So, is the PS4 CPU so weak? No it is not. Same architecture is not a bad thing, like you all try to make it seem. And comparing the clockspeed on totally different architectures and core numbers and different cache is also not valid to do. PC CPUs are around 3,5ghz for how long now? Pretty much a decade. Would be really dumb to act like, the CPUs have not improved for the last decade. Clockspeed says nothing anymore.

Nintendo never used a lot of Ram on their consoles, look what they did with the Wii with its small amount, now imagine, what Nintendo could do, with 2gb.

And what people also forget, Wii U has a gpgpu, the gpu might not be the most powerful, but it uses the newest technology, to get most of it out.

Wii U might have weak parts, but it uses the most modern methods to utilize that power, given the fact that it is much more powerful than the 360 and PS3 and uses latest technology on weak parts, makes it much more powerful than last gen.
yewles1  +   554d ago
I'm sensing a MisterX vibe in here...
stuna1  +   554d ago
No! What you're sensing is a MisterN vibe in here.
SilentNegotiator  +   554d ago
Bu but there's super secret sauce in the Wii U...I swears it!
MELMAN26  +   554d ago
This does not matter if that "power" isn't being shown.
thezeldadoth  +   554d ago
have you not seen mario kart 8 trailers? X, bayonetta 2, super mario 3d world? Those games are clearly ahead of the last generation of consoles
MELMAN26  +   554d ago
Sorry but those games do not look like they cannot be done on the ps3 or 360.
Vegamyster  +   554d ago
Currently any game on the PS4/Xone can be done on the PS3/Xone as well, the visuals would have to be turned down but they're still more then possible.
GordonKnight  +   554d ago
Don't forget Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. That game is beautiful!!! And It's not for casual gamers at all.
captainexplosion  +   554d ago
Mario 3D World is great, but it looks like something that could easily be done on the PS3 or 360. And New Mario Bros Wiiu didn't look much better than Wii games.
Chrischi1988  +   554d ago
It could be done on a PS3 and Xbox360, like every game could be done on them, if optimized. That doesnt mean, it would look as sharp as on the Wii U.

Almost all multiplatts come to last gen, too. Games like Project Cars, which is next gen only, get a beautiful version on Wii U.

You all can say, what you want, graphics are nice on the PS4, but graphics are not the problem of the Wii U, it are the lack of games. The lack is not there because of too weak hardware, devs just use it as an excuse.
Geekman  +   554d ago
Hm. I noticed Ac4 looks and plays really well on the Wii U, as well as Darksiders 2 and Splinter Cell.... I think this deserves further investagation, but I am skeptical.
DC777  +   554d ago
Black Flag looks and plays awesome. As do DK and 3 World. So much bad video out there though doesn't capture how it really looks at home. They do need a first party realistic looking game to show off its true capabilities.
MadMen   554d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
beatled  +   554d ago
aciv looks nearly identical on wii u vs ps4

ps4 and xbox1 are NOT a big leap power last gen

just like wii u
ricochetmg  +   554d ago
gen jumps are getting sad graphically...ps to ps2 was the best
neogeo  +   554d ago
How about going from Snes to N64? I remember popping in Mario 64 for the first time and my jaw hit the floor. That's the biggest jump in gaming history.
ricochetmg  +   554d ago
Good point but i still give it to ps2 .
clouds5  +   554d ago
I wonder how long it will take until people realise that games on the ps4 aren't better just because they are 1080p/60fps...
Qdog  +   554d ago
Are you serious? Higher internal resolution, higher polygon geometry, 60FPS, more realistic volumetric water surface, added post processing effects and more complex lighting in the PS4 version and youre saying you cant see a diference?

As for your second comment, the PS4 is only roughly 16 times more powerful than the PS3 so I totally get where you are coming from...not really. 16 times the system memory(8GB vs 0.5GB), and GDDR5 is way faster than the GDDR3 in the PS3, eight core CPU that is comparable in performace to an Intel Core i5, a Full desktop HD 7870 with 2 CUs disabled but more compute power than the desktop version of the GPU via added ACE cores. The PS4 is actually very powerful compared to the PS3. Hell just look how good the launch games are then compare PS3 launch games to later games like The Last of Us, and God of War 3, and tell me the PS4 isnt full of awesome sauce. I had a WiiU and I actually loved it. My two favorite games were ZombieU and Wind Waker HD, but I understand now that I only bought it as a filler system until the PS4 released. Also, I remember the Chipworks article where the WiiU die shot was revealed, and I remember being convinced that it has potential especially for the controller, that was my favorite part of the system, except that I couldnt use it in the bathroom or more than 15 feet away.
#8.2 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
stuna1  +   554d ago
You know you can't have a intelligent well thought out, fact supported conversation with some Nintendo supporters don't you? Well don't you!

The fact that some claim that X and Bayonetta, Donkey Kong and Mario, can be comparable to the likes of Tombraider definative version, Ryse, Killzone, The Order as well as others. If those are not the signs of delusion setting in.

The games on the WII U are fun no doubt, but they aren't even in the same art category as the others like I said before. Notice how no one ever speak technical terms concerning WII U games like poly counts, tessellation, weather simulation, real time illumination? Because none of these things are present in the majority of WII U titles and probably why a lot of next gen titles are not even appear on the system.

Donkey Kong, Mario, Zelda, all of those title are not pushing a fraction of what the others are pushing! That is why Nintendo is happy with their 1st party support, because if 3rd party support aren't able to offer the same likeness of heavy hitting titles like Destiny then it would look really bad. The thing is no one see's this.
Qdog  +   554d ago
I guess I had hoped for better...lol my mistake. What's up with all the buzzword usage around here lately? I see articles like this implying some high level of secret sauce in the WiiU's design, though this same article is clearly based on community speculation and no cited facts yet I see all these Nintendo fans ( I myself am a fan of Nintendo and their clear influence on the industry and its history) around here writing really strong comments with not even the slightest idea what they mean. The WiiU is Nintendo's next gen system. One does not invest in Nintendo to brag about specs, nope, Nintendo games are all about art direction and memorable personal experience. I usually let things go, but there are way too many people eagerly believing that the WiiU is capable at the same technical level as XBox One and PS4 when it just was never designed to be that, nor will it ever be. Nintendo's WiiU is a true console, but Xbox one and PS4 clearly achieve more parity with PCs than consoles.
#8.2.2 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(7) | Report
abzdine  +   554d ago
The Order, inFamous and Killzone say hi
IRapeLolis  +   554d ago
Nothing I've seen or they have shown is anywhere near next gen though. It looks mid PS3 to be honest.
imXify  +   554d ago
The GPU is in fact more powerful than the PS3 one. But because the CPU sucks so much that it's a bottleneck and the GPU can't keep up with it.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   554d ago
It's only a bottle-neck if the GPGPU isn't utilized to take up the slack appropriately, and lets not forget that a lot of ports before now only used one core instead of all 3...
Ck1x  +   554d ago
I don't know why people keep saying that the WiiU CPU is weak! Its clock cycles are slower, but not weak... Most of the initial launch games are running on 1 core because the devkits didn't have the support for multicore at that time. 3rd party games are always going to be a half hearted effort on the WiiU and just like PS3, probably only Nintendo and their internal teams will ever showcase how good games can truly look on the system.
Concertoine  +   554d ago
im still not sure of all those games being 1080p 60fps on the wii u. im not hating, im just worried we'll have a donkey kong tropical freeze situation where 1080p equates to 1080p UPSCALED in nintendo's mind.
out of the rumored ones, smash bros is the only one that looks truly native to me.
i don't really care too much, the last of us and SM3DW both looked so good that i would mistake them for 1080p native if i didnt know otherwise.
#10 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Qrphe  +   554d ago
Only 1080p60fps game confirmed is Smash. Neither Bayo, nor Mario Kart nor X are running at 720p from all the builds theyve shown (last Direct's official screenshots show this clearly).
#10.1 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Ck1x  +   554d ago
I understand the whole resolution gate situation that this generation is bringing on. But at the end of the day, if the games look great they look great! When it comes down to it and I stated this before that even with PS4 and Xbone being more powerful, developers will end up sacrificing resolutions for extra graphical effects and whatnot. We see that now even with The Order possibly going to be 800p on PS4! But why do people care so much if the game looks amazing? Personally I would rather all or most of the WiiU titles to run at a higher framerate and be 720p,800p or 900p with extra bells and whistles. Than to suffer and be choppy just to claim a 1080p stamp.
Qrphe  +   554d ago
1920x800 is not 800p at all
Concertoine  +   554d ago
Yeah thats what i figured, but this is the same site that claimed those games were 1080p. It kind of kills this articles credence as well.
Qrphe  +   554d ago
Cinemablend, playeressence and wiiudaily (along with ps4daily and xboxonedaily) have terrible news reporting.
Saintdante  +   554d ago
I'd probably take this article more seriously if it wasn't written by William Usher.
Hicken  +   554d ago
Don't know why you're getting disagrees. Usher is a troll and a Nintendo fanboy.
DanManDantheMan  +   554d ago
Come on dude. Not everyone who is able to come to a positive conclusion is a troll or fanboy.
Hicken  +   554d ago
... it might behoove you to actually do some research on the individual in question.

William Usher is a troll. His articles are written for the purpose of stirring up crap. They routinely have flamebait headlines, twisted logic, and the most irrelevant parallels you've ever seen.

A Nintendo fan like you MIGHT not see it, but it's extremely atrocious.
DanManDantheMan  +   554d ago
"A Nintendo fan like you"

That was extremely uncalled for.
Ck1x  +   554d ago
To be honest Hicken you are kind of a troll though! Looking at your comment history when it comes to Nintendo related articles and you generally only have very negative things to add. There could be an amazing post about a new trailer for Bayonetta 2 and you'll say something along the lines of, oh it doesn't matter because its gonna flop anyways... This article is more on the opinionated side, but it does pose some interesting not so far fetched theories as well.
Ulf  +   554d ago
The Wii U is never going to match the X1 or PS4, and so its mild advantage over the PS3 and X360 is basically immaterial.

All the bandwidth in the world won't cure the lack of ROPs and shaders that are at the heart of the issue.
#12 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(29) | Report | Reply
Geekman  +   554d ago
And nobody said it would. They simply said it may be more powerful than we think.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   554d ago
With the right art style, it won't even matter that its graphical capability isn't at the same level as the PS4 or Bone.
It can still make huge, gorgeous-looking games.
That's what matters.
truechainz  +   554d ago
I wonder why everyone talks about how games look before they talk about how they play as well. There are a ton of wii u games that have tight controls and run 60fps. Maybe it is because I try to play more competitively but games could run at 720p for the rest of time for all I care as long as controls stay tight and gameplay is fluid.
RPG_Lover  +   554d ago
who cares it was always fine
eaise  +   554d ago
I think everyone kinda already knew the Wii U was powerful. It is not as powerful as X1 or PS4 but its closer to them than PS3 and 360. It has been obvious in any ports that the developer put a decent effort instead of just throwing half finished games at the Wii U. It is harder to port games to because it has a different system setup than PS4 and X1. But if a developer wants to make a Wii U game that looks graphically like a PS4 and X1 game they could do it. They would just have to put in more effort
Gemmol  +   554d ago
problem with your statement is that a lot of people prefer to believe the Wii U is like the wii, so it makes the ps4 and xbox one seem stronger then it is......instead I think the rumors in past were correct the xbox one is only 2 times the Wii U and the ps4 was like only 2 times the xbox one
scissor_runner  +   553d ago
Nope the ps4 is not two times the xbone. In the end those two will stay almost identical. The wiiu is a lot closer two those two than everyone is assuming.

In the end it wont matter. It didn't matter in the wii or the 3ds. Yet Mario kart blows 3d world completely out of the water. So yeah we will have more choices this gen. We can make a wiiu game for that audience and they adds something and proclaim it's better on the other two to get some hype juice sales. All that matters is you feed Publishers money to keep the industry from crashing. Hey don't take a website info just sign up for a wiiu dev kit and see for your self. Run your own benchmarks then send it back if you are not happy. It really is that simple. The ps4 is cool. It's not even worth trying to talk to ps4 fans. They will buy when they see what they want. Plus to this gives wiiu development creative freedom where as if you don't use everything the ps4 has you just won't get a sell just for that reason.
Realplaya  +   554d ago
Can someone explain to me why Nintendo can get the games they create to look so good and play great while others can't?

My top Wii U games released or soon to be that are or are not created by the big N. Say what you want but these games look great.

1.Pikmin 3
2.Super Mario 3D world.
3. Super Mario land or whatever the 2d game was.
4. Donkey Kong TF
5.Mario Kart 8
6. Bayonetta 2
7. X

If you look at this video on platinums site you will see without doubt the Wii U is not as weak as one would think.

imXify  +   554d ago
Because Nintendo supports their own studios. 3rd party devs get late answers, poor dev kits and poor support. This is one of the reasons why most 3rd part devs abandonned the U.
ChickeyCantor  +   554d ago
Devkits and Support are fine. It's marketing which is the problem. Don't make stuff up.
imXify  +   554d ago
Realplaya  +   554d ago
It sounds like you pulled that out of your ass. No offense you got it twisted because a lot of developers debunked those rumors and they have stated that Nintendo was easy to work with. Also if you create a bad game it's Nintendo's fault?
ChickeyCantor  +   554d ago
Did you even read your linked article? It's talking about PRE-LAUNCH.
imXify  +   554d ago
then why 2013 3rd party games still have terrible framerates ?

Ex : Hosting a game in CoD Ghosts in unplayable. Or playing the same game in single player will have terrible frame drops at many points.

Same story for Assassin's Creed. Oh and now I wonder why Watch Dogs has been delayed again for that version.
scissor_runner  +   553d ago
Dude do you even have a wiiu? Ghost is fine and it can render to two screens and still play online... I don't see a ps4 doing that? Most people on there play with wii mote the fastest way to aim. Just log on you will get slaughtered. It's like house of the dead free roaming or playing res evil 4 wii make with cod game play. This is as close to pc gaming on a console you can get on a couch.

Also crytek is owned by EA... the wiiu is supported by their engine but it is risky for indies to play ball with those guys. Most of what they do is being done on unity3d now.

Just ask your self why can we play a pc port of need for speed? You are being herded to one platform by the big Publishers. It is working. Why are indies not opting for ps4 over wiiu. Why even bother with bad kit? Why can new comers make a game for the first time yet experienced industry vets are struggling to get their games running? If you are going to be fooled by that then I can not wait till you guys start investing in Stock lots of you guys are going to get a lot of money stolen.
#15.1.6 (Edited 553d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Ck1x  +   554d ago
I think the primary reason is that most of the 3rd party games were developed with 360/PS3 in mind and then ported to the WiiU, not created to exploit the WiiU's true abilities. Games like Project Cars will showcase how big the gap truely is visually between PS4, Xbone and WiiU. What I don't understand is obviously for some reason CryEngine runs amazing on WiiU and why isn't Nintendo working closer with Crytek to get the engine as primary game development engine for the devkits? The games we've seen so far look amazing running on that engine. We have Sonic Boom which looks even better now than when it was shown in that earlier demo form back at GDC 2013. Then we have Shadow of The Eternals, which may or maynot have been a full representation of what the WiiU version would look like. But they stated from the prototype that was shown they believed it was achieveable on the WiiU hardware.
Agent_hitman  +   554d ago
If this is true then the only bottleneck of this system is the cpu.
R00bot  +   554d ago
Not that terrible, really, since the GPU is able to take on tasks that only the CPU could do previously. That's why it's known as a GPGPU.
mydyingparadiselost  +   554d ago
So third parties made sloppy ports and blamed a lack of power on the Wii U's part to cover their mishandling of the tech. Seems like learning to do things correctly isn't the strong suit of some of the big AAA devs, as if day one patching, broken releases and mishandled finances weren't already an indication of such...
mysteryraz11  +   554d ago
ps4 smokes the wii u
Beastforlifenoob  +   554d ago
8 core cpu vs 3 core cpu

2gb ddr3 vs 8gb gddr5

500gb hdd vs 32gb hdd

2x Usb 3.0 vs USB 2.0

Bluray vs some dodgy ass propriatary horsesh**

How could anyone disagree with mysteryraz11?
R00bot  +   554d ago
Because it's completely off topic.

Oh, and the Wii U uses bluray, they just modified it slightly to make pirating more difficult.
Gemmol  +   554d ago
if you had some common sense, you would know they use the same CD with the same reading speed, and if you know anything the memory in the Wii U is not hdd, if you download a game for example assassin creed 4, because of the memory nintendo use the game will download faster, for example a game that would take normally 2 hours or more on ps4 and ps3 would take 30 minutes or less,I have sony just as you but please use your senses, you make other sony owners look like we dumb or something
DC777  +   554d ago
Those 8 core cpu's only have 4 real cores so don't get too excited.
tweet75  +   554d ago
i think nintendo is holding it back intentionally until they need to utilize it fully to compete with ps4 and xbox one when they hit there stride
GordonKnight  +   554d ago
Nintendo is not competing with Sony or MS. If they were the Wii U would be more powerful.
DC777  +   554d ago
Why would it be more powerful when it was doubtful upon its release that Sony and MS were even ever making another console?
sephx22  +   554d ago
We already know where the Wii U sits specs-wise out of the three 8 gen consoles and this article won`t change a thing.
DoggyBiscuit  +   554d ago
So what if the Wii U is not as powerful as the PS4X1 every game that Nintendo make for the Wii U will look beautiful.
FlyingFoxy  +   554d ago
Wii U could've been more powerful, but the fact that graphically the Wii U can produce nice looking games like Mario 3D world & Mario Kart means that they will likely be fine until their next console in a few years.

If you want power, build a PC, simple as that.
GamingTruth  +   554d ago
from the exclusives from sony and Microsoft platforms id say ill just take consoles
Main_Street_Saint  +   554d ago
And that's the one sure thing that consoles have over PC's.
#22.1.1 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report
brich233  +   554d ago
PC has many of its own set of exclusives,

League of Legends
World of Warcraft
The Witcher
Gothic 3
Neverwinter Nights 2
Counter Strike: Source
Medieval 2: Total War
Mount & Blade: Warband
Penumbra series
Heroes of Might and Magic 5
Hearts of Iron 3
Arma 1
Arma 2: Operation Arrow Head
and 100's of other Shooters, Indie and RPGs, the list goes on.

I game on PC and Consoles.
#22.1.2 (Edited 554d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report
Flames76  +   554d ago
Who cares its over for the Wii U
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   554d ago
That article was horrid and full of hearsay and make believe.

"I mean, no one makes newer chips slower or bigger than previous chips, right? "

Logical I suppose, but not really "concrete" evidence.
R00bot  +   554d ago
You actually can't buy chips slower than what the PS360 had anymore. Unless Nintendo had intentionally gone for a slower chip (which would cost more, anyway (R&D, and the chips would only be used in the Wii U, making it costly and difficult to justify the cost of)).
There's more to that than logic, it would be stupid on Nintendo's part to create a custom chip that's less powerful just for use in the Wii U.
young7yang  +   554d ago
the two best next gen games I have played from a graphical stand point are KillZone Shadow fall and Wonderful 101. Yes I said it. Play the game from beginning to end and you will see just how crazy that game gets. Not possible on ps3 or 360.. that I am sure.
TheOmniGamer  +   554d ago
Zelda U will really show the potential of the Wii U, it's definitely not as weak as people think, it's capable of producing amazing visuals, just look at 3D World, that game is gorgeous and it runs at 60 FPS.
R00bot  +   554d ago
If only they would just show the damn thing lol.
I can't wait, I believe they have said that they're showing it at E3 this year.
Man, E3 can't come soon enough.
Geobros  +   554d ago
Wow!!!!! Wii U is really powerful....:o
BattleN  +   554d ago
This game could show if WiiU is capable!
Benjaminkno  +   554d ago
Doesn't really matter.

Nintendo makes better games and makes more money.
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