Final Fantasy VII Remake: What System Should It Be On?

GGG writes about which platforms would be a good fit for a potential Final Fantasy VII remake should it ever happen.

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Geekman1518d ago

Is there a point in Playstation exclusives? It's selling well enough with just hardware. Not against FF on PS4, just saying.

Lord_Sloth1518d ago

As long as it's as kickass as the original then.I don't care where what it's on.

GameSpawn1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Well, Sony still owns the rights to Final Fantasy VII since they funded a good chunk of its development as well as publishing it.

For Square to release a FF7 remake on anything BUT the PS3 or PS4 would cost them a good chunk of money to buy out the IP rights or they may even have to give up a large share of the profits on ALL the versions sold, regardless of platform.

Part of me wants a remake just because it would be close to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children in graphic fidelity, which would end up being a damn gorgeous game to play. However, another part of me DOESN'T want a remake just to keep the game's nostalgia where it is and also not have Square botch it up like they did with Final Fantasy XIII (and its obnoxious sequels).

MuhammadJA1517d ago

"Well, Sony still owns the rights to Final Fantasy VII since they funded a good chunk of its development as well as publishing it."

@ GameSpawn:

what about the re-release of FF7 on Steam? Yeah, Sony does own the rights to FF7.

GameSpawn1517d ago

"what about the re-release of FF7 on Steam? Yeah, Sony does own the rights to FF7."

That is because the PC version already existed to be ported to Steam. Sony published the console version and hold rights to versions on consoles. Square (as Eidos) published the PC version in 1998.

So, as far as CONSOLE releases, Square must ask Sony first as they JOINTLY own the Final Fantasy VII characters and IP. As far is PC releases, Square was the Developer AND Publisher, so they can release direct through their own eStore (which they DID for a while) or port to Steam (which happened after poor management of Square's own digital distribution system - they just let Steam manage the digital versions).

Square can change ALL of the characters to the point it no longer represents what FF7 is and release on whatever they please.

Keep in mind, with the exception of the Mobile games Before Crisis and Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode and the PC release of FF7, ALL Final Fantasy VII related games were released SOLELY on PlayStation platforms:
Dirge of Cerberus: PS2
Crisis Core: PSP
Also with the movie:
Advent Children: Produced by Sony Pictures

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1517d ago

Wii U could get it. FFVII was originally a Nintendo 64 game.

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GordonKnight1517d ago

I would want it on the Wii U because of the gamepad, which is awesome for RPGs. I also have the PS4, PS3, 360 & XBONE. So, it really doesn't matter to me.

Imonaboat11518d ago

To make it fair (if they have the budget of course) it should be two versions ... one for current gen (PS4 / Xone) and one for last gen (Ps3 / X360 / Wii u)

lilbroRx1518d ago

Automatic downvote for putting Wii U in last gen.

Imonaboat11518d ago

Stop crying ... The Wii u has the hardware of a last gen console

Kurisu1518d ago

We'd be waiting forever for something that we're never going to get anyway if it's made for so many consoles!

I'd rather it be an exclusive so SE can get the most power out of one particular console.

lilbroRx1518d ago

Show me a last gen console that has more than a gig of RAM, GPGPU, DX11 features, Shader Modal 4/5.0 or a modern tesselator.

GordonKnight1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

The gamepad would make the Wii U version the best one IMO. Even thought the graphics will be better on the PS4 & XBONE.

The Vita & 3DS would great as well.

Square just make it for all the systems and be done with it.

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Majin-vegeta1518d ago

Well seeing as PS consoles are where the biggest FF fans are its only logical it be released on Sony sytems

GordonKnight1517d ago

FF4 & FF6 are better than FF7, FF8 & FF9. IMO

lilbroRx1518d ago

All of them, but if only 1 were possible, then I would say the PC as that would provide the most flexibility and biggest possible audience.

Hicken1518d ago

The game's biggest audience would be on PS4.

stragomccloud1518d ago

Last time I checked the JRPG fanbase moved back to Nintendo consoles/handhelds.

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