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Top 10 Greatest PS2 Games of All-Time

"Last week, we made a list called the Top 10 Greatest PS1 Games of All-Time. It was a difficult list to put together, as the original PlayStation has no shortage of classic titles, but we came away happy with what it was.

But now it’s time to gather and discuss the best PlayStation 2 games ever made, which has proven even trickier. You can make a rock-solid argument for the PS2 being the greatest console ever, and that’s largely in part to its outrageously vast library of classic titles.

These are the very best." - Velox (PS2)

Maml07   140d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
djplonker  +   140d ago
Cant be bothered going through it page by page on mobile!

All I know is that timesplitters 2 ffx and persona 4 should be on that list :p

Edit: and snake eater thanks batzi

Direct quote from malm07 "microsoft will beat sony this gen" not biast at all...
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morganfell  +   140d ago
Don't bother. I cannot agree with a list which omits the PS2 title that in is release and for a time after had more people playing Multiplayer than all of Xbox LIVE combined.
Batzi  +   140d ago
No Sons of Liberty or Snake Eater? pfffft
MetalGearBear  +   140d ago
No twisted metal black and MGS3!!??

I forgot about resident evil 4.
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higgins78  +   140d ago
No Resident Evil 4 is good (on PS2), only since it looked SO inferior compared with the Gamecube version, sloppy seconds springs to mind. Yes, I would have included MGS3: Subsistence but each his own.

A particularly well observed top 10 I think, especially in the light of all the others knocked together quickly and with obviously little consideration. Okami being high on the list is all I was looking for...confirmed.
MARKSMAN7136  +   140d ago
Twisted Metal Black :'-).....the memories!!
il-JumperMT  +   140d ago
Persona 4
Odin's Sphere
Rogue Galaxy
Dark Cloud
Dragon Quest VIII
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Relientk77  +   140d ago
TimeSplitters 2

and RPGS:

Dark Cloud 1 and 2
Grandia 2
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
dorron  +   140d ago
That list is definitely lacking MGS3 and Dragon Quest VIII...Oh, how sweet it would be to have Dragon Quest VIII for Vita!
babis1974  +   140d ago
feraldrgn  +   140d ago
Should be more than 10, there are so many PS2 games that are comparable to each other in quality, that it's hard to fit them into 10 slots and not change your mind.
Geekman  +   140d ago
I miss the old days of playing the PS2 and the Gamecube. Oddly enough, I'm seeing a strange repeat of those years with the PS4 and the Wii U. THANK YOU, LORD!
gamepard  +   140d ago
were is MGS3 , also no Monster Hunter 1 ?? lame...
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McScroggz  +   140d ago
Snaaaaaaaaake Eaaaaateeeerrrrrr.
MARKSMAN7136  +   140d ago
Hopefully that PS1&2 emulation will be on the PS4, that would be a historic moment imo lol
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   140d ago
you still have to buy them again, you can not load iso files from harddrive or usb
MARKSMAN7136  +   138d ago
From what ppl been saying it seems all you gotta do is put a ps1/2 disk in the ps4 and it'll work, in which case my friend I'll have to spend $0 lol
BlakHavoc  +   140d ago
No Legend of Dragoon?
Hicken  +   140d ago
I definitely refuse to try making a list for ps2.
GrayFOX333  +   140d ago
Shadow of the Colossus <333
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