The Best Free To Play MMO Games 2013-2014

By now you’re probably sick and tired of hearing about all these lists of “the best free to play MMO games” and up-and-coming MMO’s that are taking the market by storm. After all these years, every single MMO seems to have coalesced into more-or-less the same game with slightly different art and mechanics. More than likely you don’t want to hear more of the same, so the list below will feature some highly innovative MMO’s that also happen to be free-to-play. Since there’s a great deal of free MMO’s out there, only the best free to play MMO games 2013-2014 will be included.

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dcj05241755d ago

WArframe isnt a mmo. Just saying.

Gamer1871755d ago

It's not a Massively Multiplayer Online game . That's weird I'm pretty sure it is

porkChop1755d ago

Warframe is not an MMO in any way, it's just a F2P coop game.

lightcaster881755d ago

Warframe is an MMO because you can connect and play online with hundreds of other players without leaving your house. They are constantly adding new updates and areas where more players can join and interact, like guild Dojos and stuff. They consider Gunz the Dual and S4 League as MMO games, so in my opinion Warframe is just as much an MMO as the other two...

Shnooze1755d ago

I love how War Thunder is nowhere to be found.

ExCest1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

I know right. The thing is, are War Thunder, World of Tanks, and World of Warplanes even considered MMO's? They don't have persistent worlds or whatnot that usually describe an MMO. The term is pretty vague but I wouldn't put them under the tag.

lightcaster881755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Yes they are massive multiplayer online games. War thunder is in a massive world and play area is it not? And can you play online multiplayer with other people over the internet? Yes. You can also make guilds and level up so those are MMO elements.

In fact, one of the options that they are currently working on is the "World war" mode, and if it is what it sounds like you would be playing in one giant area against other players at the same time. I would say they are all MMO games.

ExCest1755d ago


You see, here's the ambiguity of the term "MMO". By the description you gave, wouldn't Battlefield, a game that definitely isn't an MMO, be defined as an MMO? Does it have a "massive" world and play area? Sure. Do you play it multiplayer over the internet? Sure. Can you make guilds and level up? Sure, but those guilds are called Platoons.

War Thunder seems more like the arena arcade game (I'm talking about arena mode. The simulation mode is... well, simulation). Like Hawken. Like World of Tanks. Like World of Warplanes.

I personally believe MMO should only refer to games with persistent worlds like your usual MMORPG's or the rare FPS like Planetside. That definition seems to describe what we normally see an MMO to be better than just "it has a lot of players in one place".

NiteX1755d ago

If the game isn't "massive" in any way shape or form, then it simply isn't an MMO.

beatled1755d ago

lol....tera is the only good game on there

rift is sweet, age of conan, d and d online, neverwinter

etc all crap on this list, most are not even remotely close to mmos

warframe is crap

webeblazing1755d ago

all the other good ones havent reached the west yet. or just old

ALICE6661755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

I didnt even know TERA went free to play. I bought it back in the days and I liked the combat mechanics but not enough to like the game overall to pay a monthly sub. So cheers for the notice might have to go recheck it out. :P

Xristo1755d ago

RIFT has one of the best F2P systems.

Stick891755d ago

Agreed! Sad it's not on the list :/

NiteX1755d ago

I rather play Vindictus than Tera.

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