The Minecraft Door That Will Only Open When the Universe Has Ended

Youtuber Spumwack has created what he hopes to be the most useless Minecraft creation ever made: a door that, aided by an intricate clock system, will only open in 1 googol years (a googol being one followed by 100 zeroes), after the universe will have likely ended.

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Snookies121065d ago

Uh, if the universe ends though, the door will never open anyway... So... Yeah, lol.

Toadsanime1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

He does mention in the video that it's the most useless creation because it'll never be able to physically achieve its goal, to be fair to him!

It's sort of cool that theoretically it WOULD work though.

Geekman1065d ago

Ok, Minecraft creations have officially gotten out of hand.

Game4life1065d ago

that was educational lol. I never knew that stuff would happen lol

kingdom181065d ago

Thanks, now I wish the Doctor was real.

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