20 Awesome Battlestations That'll Blow Your Mind

"Check out these awesome battlestations which will surely have you thinking about creating one of your own and join the elite."

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gameseveryday1547d ago

Disappointed it has no PS4 set up.

GamerXD1547d ago

Why do we need it? Every PS4 set-up is awesome, except some are goddamn awesome.

TardcoreGamer1547d ago

That's because a PS4 setup wouldn't exactly blow anyone's mind, bud.

kamper1547d ago

This just inspired me to create my own man cave.

SteamPowered1547d ago

I was actually expecting more. Just a bunch of dark rooms with monitors. My game cave would kick the piss out of those. I should submit my setup next time around.

bennissimo1547d ago

All these pics tell me are that I'm glad I'm not a neckbeard and that I actually invest my money in stuff that matters.

Milruka1547d ago

Stuff that matters like what? These guys invested into a hobby, while you are poor and only have a console to play on your CRT.

bennissimo1547d ago

Spending that much on a hobby that returns nothing to the world or to yourself other than your own immediate pleasure is ridiculous.

Nice try at a deflection, Sparky. You might be less irascible if you trimmed the neck whiskers. ;P

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