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A preview of the upcoming MercurySteam game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 based on John's experience in-game.

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antikbaka1158d ago

One just don't simply write PREVIEW playing through demo... p.s. game is actually a dssappointment in comparison to the first part.

starchild1158d ago

Based on what? Not the Edge review, right? Because the reasons Edge gave were ridiculous and I never agree with almost any of their reviews.

nope1111158d ago

According to Edge, the Rambo game is better than LoS2.

starchild1158d ago

Haha Edge are silly. They'll write harsh reviews and give low scores to good games and then turn around and give a mediocre game a much higher score than it deserves.

starchild1158d ago

Good preview. I agree, this game is going to be awesome.