Outlast Review - Jamie Smith

This in-depth review on Outlast showcases everything right and wrong with one of the scariest games of all time. Anyone remotely interested in buying it should take a look!

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Kinger89381671d ago

'One of the Scariest games of all time' is a bit far for this one personally. The atmosphere is creepy at the start and add to the first few jump scares but it becomes soo tedious and predictable that it lost any horror aspect for me

But horror takes players differently, so theres alot of opinions about it :D

bub161671d ago

Couldn't of said it better myself, after the initial 20 min intro its boring and gets stale fast

RickHiggity1671d ago

I haven't been scarred this much in a while. I think I know what you mean by tedious though. Trying to sneak past big scary guy gets old fast.

Kinger89381671d ago

The objectives and obvious time padding are the worst, turn on 2 valves etc and one bit towards the end really pee'd me off in this regard

Jughead34161671d ago

This game is super scary for most of the time, but the problem is, all or most of the big scare moments are scripted. So, once you learn when and where the scares are coming from, then it's not scary anymore. But the first playthrough....scary. Scariest game I've ever played.

seanpitt231671d ago

The ending did it for me. Poor ending, I would give it a 7 out of 10

Kinger89381671d ago

Yea the first half was strong, then it lost me

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Ashunderfire861671d ago

I guess 4 of you guys don't like it, but I do though. Despite its repetitiveness(all games to a degree have some repetition), the game does a good job of scarring the crap out of people. This game is way more scarier than Resident Evil, and Silent Hill combine, especially when (Spoiler Alert) when you finally face the ghost Billy, you saw in the night rainy graveyard area. I like the fact that there is no weapons for you to use against these guys, which increases the fear factor compared to other so called horror games. Remember guys this game like Slender, and Amnesia are low budget Indy games. So don't expect to much out of the game. A low budget game that's well crafted and scarier than those other games I mention.

Well I don't think The Evil Within will be all that scary either. After watching that second gameplay video, where the main character use a bomb to blow up zombie like creatures, I scream Resident Evil 5 and 6. Look here 14:00 minutes at the end of the video:

Alien Isolation will be those Indy horror games with mainstream appeal combine. I am calling it my most anticipated game of 2014.

Kinger89381671d ago

Amnesia is a great game, now your talking scary :)

I see what you are saying about repetitiveness and thats fine but for a 3ish hour game to feel repetitive is a bit of a let down imo.

Ashunderfire861671d ago

More like 5 hours, but I guess not everybody satisfied. Maybe Daylight, Dyling Light, The Forest, and finally Alien:Isolation will help fill the void. Outlast in my opinion is one of the scariest games ever made despite low budget.

Kinger89381671d ago

My clock was between 3-4 hours but everyone takes that game differently

KarateExplosion1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

Look at the circumstances. The fact that it was free bumps this game up to a 9 outa 10. If I payed for it the score would drop to a 7 but seriously.... FREE. Every gripe that you have..... FREE... If this game didnt scare you and you are not a fan of this genre.... well then I dont know why you are here....... FREE

Edit: Got further in his review and he wants rocks and maps. He doesnt know they already announced an outlast 2 and he had to use the internet to look up where to go in this game. This guy needs more research and experience playing games before he rates it this low.

GamerEuphoria1671d ago

Free with PSN plus, not openly free. There's a difference...thus reviewing it as a 'free game' is kinda false

KarateExplosion1671d ago

I get what you are nitpicking at but the fact that the price of the game says FREE. Other games on the PSN (which services I pay for)still have a price tag on them which in turn means Outlast compared to other PSN games was free. I pay for online/multiplayer purposes. The free game is a bonus feature.