Twitch Plays Pokemon Is Magnificently Bonkers

Evan writes: "As the fervor surrounding one of the most interesting social experiments ever conceived continues to grow, the size of the mob controlling the livestream of Pokémon Red on TwitchTV dot com has ballooned along with it. I sat sipping my coffee at around nine in the morning, watching the titular character Red slam into walls in Silph Co. at the behest of the crowd. "

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LAWSON721486d ago

Am the only one wondering how this is so cool and interesting?
I checked it out and nothing was happening because of trolling, hell they were hardly moving.

MajorGecko1486d ago

some people just wana watch the world burn.

Kurisu1486d ago

You're definitely not the only one haha.

carlingtat1485d ago

Praise to the Helix Fossil!

Akuma071485d ago

The unfortunate thing about this social experiment is the number of trolls ruining the game.

It would be infinitely more fascinating if all the morons just left it alone.