Opinion-Bytes: Will the Dangling Carrot Sway You Into Buying Wolfenstein: The New Order?

Wolfenstein (2009) was one of the most forgettable games of the last decade. Horrendous AI and archaic level design brought a once revolutionary franchise to the depths of mediocrity. Now that The New Order pre-orders are coming with Doom beta access, why should anyone hop on the hype train? After all, (the next) Doom has been in development hell for a while now, meaning it could be years before we see this beta anyway.

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lonegunner1011431d ago

Wolfenstien already looks awesome and I will buy it no matter what other things the offer. Howeves the Doom beta is a nice treat.

Meltic1430d ago

Will buy it nr 1 day too. Looks cool and brutal

SlavisH21430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

i personally wish it had online or at least co-op. return of castle wolfenstein was the first online game i played. Loved it.

Activemessiah1430d ago

Well, it is Bethesda so I'm expecting bugs.

Skate-AK1430d ago

They are only publishing. MachineGames is the devoplepr.

Roccetarius1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

No, it will not. I actually forgot this game was in the works. Doom 4 could be anything at this point, and i'm not going to get excited about it.

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