Battlefield 4 Premium Double XP Event Underway, New Community Mission

MP1st - This weekend, Battlefield 4 developer DICE wants you to capture 100 million objectives in 5 days in yet another Community Mission celebration Player Appreciation Month.

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lovethenoob1555d ago

very nice! looking forward to this community mission

pwnsause_returns1554d ago

it seems the game is behaving better on PS4, been playing a few conquest games and so far no rubber banding or lag...

thorstein1554d ago

I get good games more often than not. But last night was pretty laggy. Then got the rubber banding and zero health (which was annoying) but I realize that is usually a problem with the game and the person doesn't actually have 0 health.

angelsx1554d ago

On ps4 still rubber banding and zero health.

sAVAge_bEaST1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

You can have a whole bunch of people, play on the same team now.. on Ps4 , If every one is in the same Party, on Party Chat,.. Everyone will be on the same team, diffent squads with 5 people or more, but you still will all be on the same team.

Donkey8881553d ago

I CANT believe the ranks end at 110. Now double points are irrelevant as I am maxed out after only four months on rank.