Gamefly 32% Discount On Thief Reboot Preorder Is A Steal. Get it? Steal?

GG3 picks up more deals from the internet. While there are several outlets cutting the price for the Steam version of Thief, none are currently better than Gamefly, which also helps Europeans bypass the heightened Euro price.

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Snookies121305d ago

Man that's tempting... I just don't know though. I never played the Thief games, and I'm not sure if this one will be as good as the others (from what I've heard from fans of the series.) I do absolutely adore stealth, so it's very tempting regardless...

Daavpuke1305d ago

I'd wager your chances would be better if you've never played the other games, since you have no measure for reference as to how the remake translates based on the original; it'd just be a modern stealth action game. Fans of the series are skeptic, because of purism; they don't want that evolution. You'd come in without that prejudice.

curtis921304d ago

it's true... no matter how the game actually turns out, there a lot of fans of the original that were going to hate a reboot regardless.

I actually recommend going and watching videos of the first game and then you'll see how they've advanced the series. Often nostalgia makes people remember games being far better than they actually were.

starchild1304d ago

Well known youtuber 'theRadBrad' is doing a walkthrough and he thinks it is the best game he's played in a while.

"this is probably my vote for game of the far, I know it's just the second month of the year...but so far it takes the cake. This and the Last of Us Left Behind are both amazing games. far I really can't find anything wrong with it though. Graphics, everything's top notch...gameplay is amazing. The story's really intriguing...I actually care what's happening."

That's what he said about the game in his walk-through.

starchild1304d ago

Well if this one is even 75% as good as the past Thief games it will be an experience I will enjoy tremendously. I think it looks great.

xPhearR3dx1304d ago

I got my copy of Thief for $25 from this site:


They actually have it, in-stock and on sale for $25.99 right now. I already got my key and pre-loaded the game. Can't wait until Tuesday :D

Dante811304d ago

Thief Gold is the only one I've played and it is superb. I'm probably just going to buy 2 and 3, and skip this one.

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starchild1304d ago

Yeah, a guy that "watched the game played". I'll take that seriously. /s

Sorry, I don't trust the modern hater culture that we find ourselves in.

I've seen enough to know that I will enjoy it to a decent degree. Whether I'll love it or merely find it ok remains to be seen, but my impressions of games almost never turn out to be wrong (for me).

Kran1304d ago


No. :l

markyboy21811304d ago

i find that review hard to belive cuz it got 90% in german mag review

starchild1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Well it was actually a review by a Spanish language videogame magazine called PlayMania. I speak Spanish and I read that magazine and I think they are very reliable. I usually agree with their reviews in any case.

Here's a link:

And translation:

The Good:
fluid control with lots of possibilities,
aesthetic design,

The Bad:
sometimes the AI ​​seems blind,
the pacing falls short in the last third part of the game,
load times.
Graphics: 88
The lighting is great. The character models of the common people are lacking.
Sound: 90
Fun: 92
The gameplay mechanics are engrossing, despite combat's lack of importance.
Length/Replayability: 86
Around 10 to 15 hours, depending on the play-style. There are a lot of side missions.
OVERALL: 90 out of 100
Garret returns to thieving in full form.

They also gave Castlevania Lords of Shadows 2 a 95 out of 100 (for all the naysayers of that game).

Daavpuke1304d ago

I'm currently playing Lords of Shadow 2 and I don't know if it's 95 yet. There are some really confusing elements in that game, though I really, reaaaally appreciate the production values. I just think that maybe it would've benefited from being a new franchise, since merging God of War with the open ended 'metroidvania' leads to really weird level design. Maybe it'll click though, I haven't gone through a lot of it, just met some gorgons.

Roccetarius1304d ago

People are going to need that discount, just so they won't feel ''robbed''. I'm fully expecting this to be another black sheep for the Thief franchise.