Yakuza Ishin's PS4 Release Wasn't Initially Planned

Yakuza Ishin seems to be one of the most popular PS4 games in Japan at the moment, but during the launch countdown event aired yesterday night Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama mentioned something fairly interesting.

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hulk_bash19871066d ago

I read that as "PS4 Western Release Wasn't initially planned" and I got excited for a second.

Abriael1066d ago

I'm not sure how you managed to read that into it ^_^;

NewMonday1066d ago

I will hate Sony if they don't push SEGA to publish this game in the west.

SolidGear31066d ago

That's what I also saw.. shucks!

FamilyGuy1066d ago

It'll come, it just might take some time.

It's nice to see with this game, an even Injustice: Gods Among Us at the U.S. launch, that making upgraded ports really is a fast process when it comes to PS4 games. It only takes a couple months and we get a higher quality version. Just further proof of the ridiculous low dev/optimization time needed for PS4 games.

We're going to see a lot of PC games come to PS4 because of this too, there's already a lot coming in fact.

RPG_Lover1066d ago

I am nervous.

Does not paint a good picture. I just hope this game sold. I want more.

FamilyGuy1066d ago

Ever heard of pre-orders?

I know you're just trolling but we'll see how well it sold in Japan by next week, unless Sony decides to make an early announcement about it.

RPG_Lover1066d ago

I own a PS4. Not everything is trolling if you don't agree with it dude. http://www.playstationlifes...

Is this sony site trolling?

come on grow up.

Goro1066d ago

I'm hoping a western release is planned.

CharlesSwann1066d ago

Same type of game, and I mean very similar, came out during PS3 launch and it never got localized. Hopefully the better sales will make it happen this time.

Aleithian1066d ago

So can we buy this game on the Japanese PSN Store? Sure, it would be in Japanese, but for those of us who speak/are learning Japanese, could we get this? 'Cause...seems that so long as we can access the store, we should be able to use a Western credit card or even paypal to get this.