Star Citizen Introduces the Mustang and the Javelin Starships as Crowd Funding Reaches $39 Million

Today Cloud Imperium Games Introduced two new playable starships that will be part of the Star Citizen universe. The first is the Mustang, a sleek starter ship that will work as an alternative to the Aurora. The second is the massive Javelin Destroyer.

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OsirisBlack1520d ago

It is amazing to me how much money has been dumped into this project. It looks like it will be visually stunning but every piece of gameplay footage they have shown looks very boring.

Abriael1520d ago

If a game like Wing Commander (which is what this is) looks boring to you, you're no gamer.

OsirisBlack1520d ago

So because this looks boring I am not a gamer?

It is called an opinion but seeing as you gave me yours I will give you a few details about how mine were formed. First and foremost for the budget they have amassed and the "Tech" Behind the game there seems to be almost no sense of speed. In a jet fighting mmo (Which is largely what this is) I would think speed would be one of the first things they would have locked down.
Even in the third person view it looks slow the only time it looked fast is when it was running a cutscene.

If I am completely honest it looks exactly like Star Fox with a much prettier skin. With the budget they have they should be focusing on moving the genre forward not re-skinning wing commander or star fox. It just seems like a waste ..... to me.

Also I have been playing video games since before the Nes, admittedly that does not automatically make me a gamer but I would wager I have watched the evolution of my first love much more intently than you. Did you fork out the cash for a 3do? Sega CD? Neo Geo? Atari Jaguar? Turbografx 16? Virtual Boy? (Hate to admit that one) Do you also miss classic games such as Rygar, Blaster Master how about that horrible Silver Surfer game on the nintendo that was almost impossible to beat because of the bugs and insane difficulty? Is up up down down left right left right B A Select Start burned into your memory?

How about Q bert ...? Or Actraiser.. I really miss the time when we got new IP after new IP with very few rehashes.... Earth Worm Jim.... chakran the forever man ...Altered beasts... Bonks Adventures... how about importing games from japan because well you know.... you just had to play them. Remember Powerstone and how most people hated the side scrolling zelda game ... Alex Kidd... How about the time when you left your super nintendo on for hours and put a blank tape in your stereo to record the lost forest song from chrono trigger then you found out you could buy the CD direct from japan so you did but also got the Brink of time... you know the jazz version.

Back to star citizen .... You know what would be amazing? If this game allowed me to get out of my ship and walk around various planets while collecting things or engaging and dealing with other people while there was a war going on overhead larger than the ones in EVE and battleships started bombing the surface of the planet I was on.... at the same time I run back to my ship only to see it being stolen by a pirate named Solo... Imagine.

Abriael1520d ago

Sense of speed in space?

Yeah. Gotcha.

OsirisBlack1520d ago

Yes a sense of speed in space, You are aware of this thing called Escape Velocity and the fact that it takes excessive speed to actually break out of earths orbit/gravitational pull. Also much higher speeds can be achieved in space because of ....

Also watching a ship leave the earth it would seem to be moving slowly. Inside the ship everything outside is much faster.... After that while in space.... objects can travel at MUCH higher speeds and using a fixed point (Stars,Planets,Etc) would convey a much greater sense of speed.....

An example most earth orbiting satellites travel at about 17,000mph Voyager 1 hit 38,600mph but the record is still Helios 2 probe which was 150,000mph ....... so yes there is speed in space....

OrangePowerz1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )


While the speed in space is very high getting a sense of speed is only possible by passing by an object that would travel at a very slow speed or no speed at all.

A sense of speed comes from the person (in that case in a ship in space) passing by objects. If you are in a car you get a great sense of speed because you always pass by something even if it is only road signs or the markings on the road. Space has a problem because in most cases everything would be very far away and wouldn't really pass by the window at any noticable speed unless you have a high speed and by an object that is slow or not moving at close proximity.

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OrangePowerz1520d ago

Space operas are a great genre from the past that got very little attention since a long time so it's not surprising that many people invest money into the game because it is the best shot to get a space opera fix.

webeblazing1520d ago

what they showed the game? lol. yeah nice try i guess if it was announce multiplat you would be saying something different

JsonHenry1520d ago

I just can't see how you think this is boring. But then again you probably know absolutely nothing about the game and posted anyway.

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spaceg0st1520d ago

How bout introducing a console port since the money keeps pouring in, Jesus. .. And thank you

sorane1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Watch out because you'll make all the console people over in the thread linked below look like hypocrites about port begging.

webeblazing1520d ago

naw that the usual ps fanboys. they try to downplay every platform. they start trouble in every article. if you tell them that theyre contradicting what they stated before, they say we have ps exclusives

Milruka1520d ago

No, Sorry but I don't want another game that has high quality visuals being dumped down to a ps2 hd game quality.

Conzul1520d ago

Yeah, because there's SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE between Star Citizen and, say, The Order.

The difference wouldn't even be 80/20, more like 95/5

webeblazing1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

i dont get what your saying. are you saying the order have better gfx than this? a game that going to be 4k vs a game thats not even 1080p. a game thats world is so massive, shootouts in your ship to in space with astroids flying by vs alleyways. land on and explore planets vs yea you get it. dont downplay the game even tho hes being a d!ck. this game is gonna be so detailed that they have different sets of teams working on each element of the game. fps and 3rd team, flight team, art team, gfx engine team, planet team, economic team, space team, mission , etc .

im not gonna hype this game up like every else do ill wait to ill play it. they didnt even show anyything but the spaceships, and tell what their doing and how the company is going with creating the core element of the game. which is why the first post seem dumb cause their only showing the ships.

yeah this shows a lot of pub and devs that a lot of pc gamer want a game that push pc to its limits. he basically said he got a team for everything. if he deliver this game is going to have everything in it except char stats lvl from rpgs. this game is going to have every genre in it. hope he delivers

Godmars2901520d ago

Why are they still taking money?

Allsystemgamer1520d ago

The more money they get the more content they add.

Elit3Nick1520d ago

Why not? The movie money they get, the more they can to for the game, as simple as that

dylanwelch951520d ago

Not quite movie money, GTA alone had over 200 mil ;\

Elit3Nick1520d ago

lol typo, meant more instead of movie :P

dylanwelch951520d ago


I guess you don't know, but you can get out of the ship and explore planets. It has its own FPS element as well as flying ships.

mobijoker1520d ago

I really want this game to deliver on its promise...This is a potential game-changer...First AAA budget title from kick starter...This could signal the end of big publishers like EA and Activision...