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Submitted by MightyNoX 721d ago | news

Microsoft Not Letting Gamers Pre-Load Titanfall After All

Despite previous information to the contrary, Microsoft has provided a statement denying users' ability to pre-purchase and pre-load Titanfall. (Microsoft, TitanFall, Xbox One)

Father Murder X  +   721d ago
and so what?
TomShoe  +   721d ago
$0 Trade in value is a deal-breaker.

Give me discs or give me death
brich233  +   721d ago
If you buy digital, you and one other person will be able to play the same game at the same time on the xbox one through xbox one game sharing. So there is value in digital games. Right now me and a friend play BF4 and have premium and only I bought it, and he lives 100 miles away.
SmielmaN  +   721d ago
Agreed. Unless the game is $15 or under. Then that's rental price to me.
BakPAin  +   721d ago
Or you can give gamers options.
n4rc  +   721d ago
We have options..

So far I've bought ryse, bf4, forza, dr3, powerstar golf and rayman.. Only the first two on disk..

Its two fold One I hate GameStop and how much they rip people off, so many games I'm done playing sit there because better I own them then gs screw me.. Selling on eBay or whatever is too much hassle for the money.

But I truly love diskless play.. Everything is always ready to play and buying games has never been easier.. Find the game, watch a few upload videos and two clicks and my visa gets billed and my games starts downloading.. I downloaded rayman last night in the time it took me to have a shower and grab a bite to eat..
FamilyGuy  +   721d ago
Wow, MS just won't let up with the 180s.

I saw the pre-load titanfall article just moments ago and thought: "Oh that's pretty cool, no waiting for a long download on release day." Was like a sign of things to come as pre-loading your digital pre-orders should be a standard already for all games/consoles/services.

And just like that they snatched it away.

Must be because of some bug though, letting people get around the time stamp and play early or something. Would've been cool for such a highly anticipated title though.
Physical media: 1
Digital media: 0
Nero1314  +   721d ago
Pre load ? What does that mean
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Baccra17  +   721d ago
Seriously what does it mean?
Nero1314  +   721d ago
Godmars290  +   721d ago
You give them your money, they let you play the game you bought when they feel like it.

They may have the excuse that you have to play the game on their servers, but there you are.

Once upon a time you could play games on your own servers.
UnHoly_One  +   721d ago
Buy the game and download it early.

So when the game releases, you can start playing immediately, instead of waiting for the game to download.

(Obviously this doesn't affect anyone buying a disc copy of the game)
ShwankyShpanky  +   721d ago
Factor in the load times for a physical copy, and a digital buyer could be playing faster than a physical buyer that had the disc delivered to their door at midnight on launch.
KnightRobby  +   721d ago
It would mean you would be able to download the game the weekend before it releases. For example, download it on Saturday (which can take an hour or maybe 2 depending on your connection speed). Then, you can activate it on release day.

That means on release day you won't be spending your first day downloading it. Instead, you can just activate it.
BakPAin  +   721d ago
Thats a neat feature, good for those that like digital ddl.
aiBreeze  +   721d ago
Not sure if serious but it means you get to download the game before release so that at midnight on the day of launch, you're good to play immediately.
memots  +   721d ago
are they actually thinking of doing a midnight launch ?? This is not Halo ... wtf
lets_go_gunners  +   721d ago
It means buying a game pre launch and downloading it to your system earlier than the street date. If you ever use steam it's something common.
JsonHenry  +   721d ago
Welcome to Steam circa 2004.
Skate-AK  +   721d ago
You download all the game data so you can play the second the servers are up. Instead of having to wait for the store to update and then downloading it.
adorie  +   721d ago
is another term for pre-install. We doing it all the time on Steam, before release.

Install most of the game(like 99.9% of the game) and when the game is officially released, you are then prompted to d/l a file that validates the game for play. Calling to the servers or whatever, or a game will validate in the background while you run it on release day.
brich233  +   721d ago
It lets you download the digital game completely the day before release date. And on release date you will download a small file and be playing at midnight.
shaenoide  +   721d ago
preload means you can dowload 99.9% of a game a few days before the release. So you can play Day 1 because you only have to download the missing part.

It makes easier for servers to handle the load.

If the servers fail we will know for sure the 300K servers are total BS.
n4rc  +   721d ago
Editing since I swear all these answers weren't here when I started typing lol

Preloading does what its name implies. Its allows you to download the game you've preordered early and they simply unlock it at midnight..

It allows you to download before the rush and typically avoid needing to download a day one patch you'd typically see on a retail disk..

Its a killer feature that we'll see eventually.. The daily check in would have allowed all of this easily but just like external HDD support, it now needs a security workaround that takes time to figure out or piracy gets out of hand quick

And guy above me.. Azure is over 1m servers, xbl has access to 300k if needed
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UnHoly_One  +   721d ago
WTH? I was looking forward to this. :(
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Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   721d ago
Well, the good news is that I now won't have to wait until 3am to play my predownloaded game. The bad news you still can't predownload games for XB1. They need to let us XB1 owners do this.
Finch  +   721d ago
They will in due time. I was really hoping it started with this game though. Can't wait until every game is a midnight release.
Tobito86  +   721d ago
Ok my understanding is that they were going to allow you to pay for the game, allow you to downloaded and installed before March 11th. But I guess they changed their mind????

Edit: Late :) lol
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mooseo21  +   721d ago
Well then, this sucks. Was looking forward to the pre-load option. Guess I'm going to work that day after all.
corvusmd  +   721d ago
meh... with a disk it'll take like 3 minutes until you can play anyway...enough time for me to grab a drink....considering this game will eat up all my time after that...3 minutes is nothing
Irishguy95  +   721d ago
It takes you 3 minutes to go to the store, buy a game, go home, install it....and grab a drink. I'm jealous, I wish I lived under the floorboards of a game store too.
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aiBreeze  +   721d ago
Lol, the over the top pricing of digital products aside, how exactly do or did Microsoft plan on selling their digital vision if you can't even pre load games? This sort of thing should have been there day one on both next gen consoles.
lemoncake  +   721d ago
I have a disc preordered, chances are it will be cheaper than the digital version.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   721d ago
Ok you say you were and now u wouldn't make up your minds
sAVAge_bEaST  +   721d ago
Xbox 180*

Sony Too™ would apply in this case , with the original plan, as they allow you to pre-load.
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xx4xx  +   721d ago
Damned if u do and damned if u don't.

People are going to be mad that they can't pre-download.

People are going to be mad that is taking forever on release day when thousands of others are all trying to download at the same time.

People are always going to find something to b*tch about.
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OrangePowerz  +   721d ago
Part of pre load is also to have less strain on a certain time on servers. If you have the option to pre load people will download before at different times, if you don't have the option the majority will download at the same time.

I don't see how people would complain if pre load would be an option.
OrangePowerz  +   721d ago
With games now being in many cases between 20gb to up to 50gb pre load should be always an option. Some people, like myself, want to play games as soon as possible without having to go to a midnight launch.
rafaman  +   721d ago
What is Microsoft doing, for god's sake? They don't seem to get it right.
pyramidshead  +   721d ago
the PR dept has been a mess since May.
sungam3d  +   721d ago
Just get a steam box and steam.
Pre-Load all you want.
Poroz  +   721d ago
Titan Fall is not for steam. Origins only. I would of been much happier with a steam release. When I bought the game through green man gaming they did not even send me a key.
Bernlock  +   721d ago
I find it very hard to believe that they had an entire page on their own website describing in detail that you can do this for it to be just an "accident" I think they wanted to make an announcement about it in march and some dumb dumb leaked it too fast
Dlacy13g  +   721d ago
Yeah I just don't see how this was a "mistake". I wonder if maybe that pre-load is part of the dash beta and wasnt to be offered to all until they knew 100% they would have it launching in time.
Bernlock  +   721d ago
Yeah I think they were waiting on an announcement maybe with next update but it got ruined
Software_Lover  +   721d ago
You can thank the GTAV preload hackers for this.
deadfrag  +   721d ago
Do you even know how pre-load works;i guess not!You download the game to the HDD but not the complete game,the executable.file or exe. is not there and since you dont have the exe.file the game will not boot.
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Software_Lover  +   721d ago
................ I have used it many times on Steam. Thank you very much for assuming.

Do you even know what I'm referring to? Look up the GTAV PSN preload hackers.
KingDadXVI  +   721d ago

@Software is bang on the money here. You can thank hacker douche bags as usual for screwing things up for the rest of us.

I think that it is inevitable that there will be preloads but not yet.
aragon  +   721d ago
I thought having disc was better? Whys this news?
Angainor7  +   721d ago
move on guys, nothing to see here.
Ra3030  +   721d ago
I think this is being done so Respawn can made some big changes to the game. Example: fixing the dumb down AI bots for starters. This could be a good thing. If you dnload the game now and changes are made they then need to send a bigger patch update upon release than the 20 sec or so update that all games seem to have. Just my opinion. I'll return to Sonyville now thanks for reading.
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