PS3 dismounted Wide open

The guys at Pc.Watch.Impress.Co.Jp site bought the PS3 like many Japanese today, dismounted it and offer to us many photographs of the console

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THAMMER13719d ago

I saw your link that said you could swap the HDD. So it is very cool that you can do that.

shikwan3719d ago

"Mommy, Mommy! Somebody hacked my PS3!"..."My PS3 has a virus!" I give the hacking community 30 days from it's arrival in USA.

MissAubrey3719d ago

they put that crappy foil wire just like they did in the ps2.

Shadow3719d ago

The main board is definitely a step-up in design from the first version 360 board and its horde of capacitors.

The layout is indicative of a company that knows how to design electronics well.

DEIx15x83719d ago

That seems like it opens way to easily. They don't even appear to have tried to stop hacking.

Shadow3718d ago

What does opening a system have to do with hacking?

Or are you referring to soldering mod chips, etc?

DEIx15x83718d ago

Microsoft worked to make the 360 as hard to open as possible to stop people from modifying the hardware. That is why the system has no screws. Apple does the same thing with all of it's products.

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The story is too old to be commented.