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Yami from Twinfinite writes: "Anyway, in this Gaming Happens, I’m depreciating FPS games. Really breaking them down; telling you everything I took away from some of the most popular games in the genre. Join me."

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She seems like a cool chick to hang out with and maybe get benefits on the side. But I prolly would keep it on the DL from my buddies.
Edit: Gentlemen never tell.

wls1012889d ago

what ever dude,you should be so lucky

SteamPowered889d ago

Lol, easy champ. I meant no harm. Im sure she is a peach.

FailboatSkipper889d ago

This is the most fedora-esque comment I've ever seen

wls1012889d ago

I didn't hear a word she said,I just like to look at her face

Omegasyde889d ago

I heard her say Socom, and then I knew it was love.

thecastroregime889d ago

Really guys, really?

Anyway, while I'd argue that there are some FPS games that deserve a bit more recognition here, she's pretty spot-on with the overall feel of FPSs.

Game0N889d ago

lol my comment wasn't immature, it was fact. Although i probably shouldn't have shared that here, that was unkind. But fellatio skills are not something to be ashamed of, not in the slightest!

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