Japan's 'most-wanted games' paints positive picture for Wii U's future

GameZone: Despite the Wii U's struggles, 2014 could be a turnaround year for Nintendo's console.

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admiralvic1524d ago

I wouldn't read too much into that. Historically, I recall these polls being a poor indicator of the future, so just because something scores high (even then we're talking 500 votes...), doesn't mean the game will sell gangbusters. To give you an idea, Monster Hunter (which has amazing sales in Japan) is 11th and New Love Plus+ is beating out Yakuza, Freedom Wars, Dark Souls II, Miku and Soul Sacrifice Delta.

Beyond that and not to undercut the article too much, but gamers have (at least everyone I've ever talk to) considers Mario Kart 8 and SSB the make it or break it titles for the Wii U. If any game is going to "save" the console, it's going to be those 2 and those are two titles I think we can ALL agree on being a "system seller". So those two making the list is about as expected as Apple releasing a new iPhone this year. The final one, Hyrule Warriors, might seem random and out of place to some, but the musou series does very well in Japan. So much so that Samurai Warriors 4 is beating out MGS The Phantom Pain and KH III. Not to mention, Japan also gets more of the titles and several of them are multi platform titles (Pirate Warriors 2 and the latest DW Gundam were on the Vita).

wonderfulmonkeyman1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

I still have yet to be convinced that one or two games are enough to make or break any system.
It's never been the case before now, so I don't see why people are suddenly getting the idea that if one of those two games doesn't sell, suddenly nothing else could ever possibly be good enough to make it sell better ever again.
It's quite ridiculous a thought, really, when you think about it in the long term. Even the gamecube, Nintendo's worst-selling console, got some decent profits and some incredible games that most if not all of us remember quite fondly now that we look back on the console.
How many more games does this system have in development that we don't even know about?
How many more key titles that might be different than the norm of their series and all the more awesome because of it could release down the road?
Nintendo's already stated their intent to keep the Wii U around instead of ending its life early, so I think it's a safe bet to say that it's going to have some fantastic titles coming down the pipe over the course of the next two to three years.
They've got way too many possible games going for them to be doomed by just a couple of specific ones not selling, especially considering the heightening indie support, their new open mindedness to mergers&acquisitions[more exclusives via the latter of that, I would's hoping Nintendo someday acquires Metal Arms: Glitch in the System. It could use a good home, and it'd be a perfect Nintendo-ish answer to Ratchet&Clank.], and their willingness to let third parties use Nintendo's characters in spin-offs more often going forward.[Eventually one of them might hit a gold-mine idea for a spin-off direction with one of these characters...]

There's too much potential, too much wide-open possibility for success, to dismiss the console entirely over one or two games, that's all I'm saying...

Parapraxis1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

"It's never been the case before now, so I don't see why people are suddenly getting the idea that if one of those two games doesn't sell, suddenly nothing else could ever possibly be good enough to make it sell better ever again. "
You are equating software sales with system sales.

Hate to break it to ya kiddo, but if nobody owns a WiiU, the software sales will never be significant.
The WiiU is doing worse than gamecube level sales.
Keep forecasting those profits though, seriously. As a Nintendo fan for many years, it would sure be nice...but unlike you I live in the realm of reality.

admiralvic1523d ago

"I still have yet to be convinced that one or two games are enough to make or break any system."

I agree, though this is more complex than that (at least in my mind).

This isn't Mario Kart 8 and SSBU being the make it or break it games, it's a lot more like... if everything the Wii U already has (Pikmin 3, Mario / Luigi U, Super Mario 3D World, Wii Fit U, Sports Club, Wii Party U, Wind Waker HD, DK Tropical Freeze, Wonderful 101, etc) in addition to Mario Kart 8 (MK Wii sold 35+ million) and Super Smash Bros. U (Brawl sold 12+ million) doesn't turn the Wii U around, then it's hard to see it ever happening. This isn't me being a hater, fanboy or anything, it's the sad reality that the "people are waiting for big games to release" train pretty much ends at Super Smash Brothers U.

If it doesn't turn around, then Nintendo fans won't have a defense anymore, because most of the heavy hitters on the Wii (games that sold 7+ million) will be represented on the Wii U.

1) Wii Sports = Wii Sports Club
2) Mario Kart Wii = Mario Kart 8
3) Wii Sports Resort = Wii Sports Club
4) Wii Play = Nintendo Land (more or less)
5) New Super Mario Bros. Wii = New Super Mario Bros. U and Super Luigi U
6/7) Wii Fit / Fit Plus = Wii Fit U
8) Super Mario Galaxy = Super Mario 3D World
9) Super Smash Bros. Brawl = Super Smash Bros. U
10) Wii Party = Wii Party U

Now, you can argue that Wii Sports doesn't count, Resort shouldn't count (as it's just a sequel like Fit Plus) and Nintendo Land =/= Wii Play, but I'm sure you get the general point.

In either case, it would take something absurdly large and popular to change peoples mind at that point and I don't see it happening. X, SMT X FE, Bayonetta 2 and the like might help things a little bit, but none of these games can compare to the scope, power and force that is Mario Kart 8.

Anyway, I don't think those 2 games alone (as there are good games coming out and already out) will save the console, but I do think that if all those games combined can't save it, the console is officially dead.

wonderfulmonkeyman1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

@ Praxis
Get back to me when the number of Wii U owners has somehow started decreasing instead of steadily increasing, because last time I checked, "Kiddo", 6M+ and growing daily, albeit slowly, doesn't equate to "Nobody" no matter how much you try to spin it.
Keep trying though, if that's what makes you feel like you've "Won the argument", or whatever helps you sleep at night.

@ Admiralvic
I would argue that the things that have come before this point pale in comparison to the things that are on the way, in terms of hype or controversy.[I'm pointing mostly towards Bay 2 and Hyrule Warriors with the "controversy" remark]
The big issue with them, currently, is a huge lack of proper advertisement focus.
The latest Nintendo Direct kind of hammered the point home that the people who manage marketing over in NoA and NoJ really don't have a damned clue as to how to market their system or games in exciting ways.
PS4 has proven that hype can help a system sell beyond its own value, and the Wii U is in desperate need of some hype right now.
But with Nintendo holding back all manner of release dates and project information, on top of not divulging more details on highly anticipated titles and not listening to their fans more when it comes to games they should be announcing that they're working on, it seems a far-away dream for them to get the kind of hype needed to make the games sell well no matter how awesome they are.

Marketing is Nintendo's biggest crippling weakness right now, and even though I still firmly believe that their upcoming games will trump their first year-and-a-half or two of offerings, it wont' avail them of anything if they don't step up their marketing efforts by a substantial degree.

About the only thing I can actually praise Nintendo for at this point, is not firing people over their lost profits, and for their continuing efforts to become the most indie-friendly platform of the big 3.

Dunban671523d ago

I hope like heck you are right - but so far Nintendo has not given any indication they will deliver - at the beginning of the Wii u s life span they over promised and under delivered - now they are barely even promising anything that was not mentioned a year+ back - they seemed primed now to under promise and still under deliver - They released a single vc game for the Wii u eshop yesterday which has been the trend - that is inexcusable for a console that is still starved for breadth nd depth in its under developed library

They had a chance to come out strong at thier last direct - even let the hype build as if they were going to deliver Then thy under delivered again

Trolling thier fan base w kranky kong and hollow Nintendo directs are not offering confidence to the market place

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IRapeLolis1523d ago

This comment section is tldr. O..o

Lon3wolf1523d ago

No mention of X (or whatever it will be finally known as) on that list is surprising.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

No date and no real info to fall back on.

Even though It one of the top most watched video for Nintendo JP Direct.

Lon3wolf1523d ago

FF XV is high on the list with the same amount of info on date etc. hence my surprise, looking forward to it's release personally.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1523d ago

FFXV has more info as in characters revealed, cutscene, gameplay, world and battle system.

X didn't have much til recently.

DC7771523d ago

Mario Kart is the monster of gaming. Put it in a bundle and the rest is history.

RPG_Lover1523d ago

People will buy Mario Kart

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