Is Smash Bros. On The 3DS A Good Idea?

The Late Night Gamer: At first thought yes, having Nintendo's second most popular and successful franchise (second only to Mario Kart) on the 3DS is a brilliant idea. It will sell better and generate new audiences to the Smash Bros. brand. But what about in the long run?

Smash 4 will launch for the WiiU and 3DS simultaneously, giving buyers the option to purchase the game for a platform with a lower install base for $59.99 or purchase the same title for a much larger install base for only $39.99. With differences as minimal as a handful of exclusive assisst trophies and a few levels, consumers won't exactly be persuaded to choose the more expensive route. Smash Bros. is one of those franchises that can move hardware, which the WiiU is in sore need of. Therefore by giving buyers the option to purchase the cheaper version of the same game will hurt the impact Smash should have on hardware sales.

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ZodTheRipper1525d ago

In my honest opinion: NO
Smash Bros is one of the best couch multiplayer games out there I don't see a point playing it alone on a small screen. And I'm pretty sure it's impeding the development of the home console version since they try to bring the same game to both platforms.

CaptainN1525d ago

They will not be the same both will feature different stages!

Concertoine1524d ago

Yeah BUT:
I think they should've focused on the wii u version and released a 3ds version later on, the 3ds has plenty of great games and the wii u is struggling bad. Before the home consoles were the ONLY place to go for smash bros, and what will the likely over 50 million 3ds owners do when they can save 300 bucks and just get it on 3ds?

3-4-51524d ago

It's an awesome idea really.

Why NOT at this point, right ?

The tech is there to do so and have it remain mostly the same style of game.

We are getting unique stages for each so we are kind of getting 2 smash brothers games.

How could you not want 2 smash brothers games ?

This play style is perfect for handheld and with the design concept of using the dark outline, it makes the small screen, not as much of an issue.

I am probably going to get an XL at some point for this game. That larger screen will definitely make it more fun to play.

More quality games is ALWAYS a good thing, especially at the level of quality Nintendo puts into their main titles.

Metallox1525d ago

Not only the fact that it's not comfortable playing on a small screen, I think this isn't a problem, but a 3DS version would just kill the Wii U version sales, so it's pretty obvious that if SSB was going to help to increase Wii U sales, now it's going to help less.

DC7771524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

True. They should at least hold back the 3DS version for a month. Sony will probably be trolling the release with a PS4 launch in Afghanistan or something as it is.

3-4-51524d ago

I think they are banking on Mario Kart 8 to be the system seller really.

The wii version sold 38 million. A decent amount of those were bundled with the wii, so take that into account, but still, without the bundle I think it sold another 15 million on it's own.

Almost everybody loves Mario Kart. They just need to make sure it's packed with content.

DanManDantheMan1525d ago

Umm yes. Who the hell didn't want to play smash on the go. I know lots of people who are gonna pick up both versions.

Lord_Sloth1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

When I'm on the go I have no time to sit and play games because I'm on the GO. Objectives are my life and I am ruled by them. If I have free time, I'm on my couch playing a game on my big ass TV.

Only handhelds I play are exclusives.

If they're compromising the Wii U version (which they likely are to try and ensure both versions are the same) then it's a terrible idea. If not then idc.

DanManDantheMan1524d ago

Guess you have a problem.

I find both versions distinctive enough and when I go out, it's not only to drive my car.

Not to mention Nintendo is covering all corners. They lose nothing by putting the game on both systems. There ARE Wii U only or 3DS only owners.

Edi0071524d ago

Yes is good i like it, but bad for the wii u of course ( 3ds + EA are the wii u killer )

KonsoruMasuta1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Yes! Picking up the 3DS version up along with my WiiU version. It's Smash Bros on the go, who wouldn't want it?

This version is also going to sell hot cakes in certain places, like Japan, where the 3DS is doing extremely well.

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