USA Pre-Order Chart 02/15/2014

Latest Pre-Order Chart for the week ending February 15, 2014 in the USA.

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GraveLord1550d ago

-Titanfall continues to lead the chart, easily the most hyped next-gen game so far this year.

-inFamous is doing well and already surpassed inFamous 2 first week sales with pre-orders alone. This could be the best-selling inFamous yet!

-Destiny and Watch Dogs are going to be HUGE.

-Donkey Kong managed to peak at #16 on the chart in its final week. It's a Wii U game so its impressive.

-Speaking of Wii U, no Smash Bros or Bayonetta on the chart?

-No 3DS or Vita titles on the chart this week. Ouch.

Kiwi661550d ago

how so when it only has 3 games in the top 30

avengers19781549d ago

6 of the 10 are on playstation 3 and 4... So a better way to put it is that playstation domination.

KonsoruMasuta1550d ago

Bayonetta isn't exactly a best seller and Smash Bros isn't available for preorder in a lot of places. And the 3DS and Vita don't have any big releases at the moment.

Axios21550d ago


TitanFall is doing much better than KZ comparing 4 weeks out to 4 weeks out.

Looks like TF will surpass 400,000 pre orders at current rate, that puts them in the CODG catagory on PS4 and X1

Hicken1550d ago

To borrow an Xbox fanboy's phrase, "What else is there to play?"

avengers19781549d ago

At this rate it won't hit 400,000 preorders, but that doesn't really mean a lot, I don't think they count digital pre-orders(if they even do that on XB1, IDK)
Also I wonder if they count infamous secondson special editions and regular editions as all one number. I pre ordered special edition mainly for the Cole legacy

AceBlazer131549d ago

Like Hicken said, not much else going on. Amazing how excuses can come back around huh?

just-joe1550d ago

To be fair neither Smash nor Bayonetta have release date set, plus I doubt Bayonetta will get a lot regardless.

videgamenext11550d ago

Cant pre order smash yet at alot of places actually

NewMonday1550d ago


this only the first or second week TitanFall is leading, that is normal because the closer we get to release bigger pre-order numbers will be added.

Destiny is still at least 8-9 months out and yet doing big numbers, it will be the next big FPS phenomenon

inFamous is on track for 1 million day one sales world wide, looks like it will be the most successful of the franchise.

FanboyKilla1542d ago

Lol destiny is launching on almost every console under the sun, so ummmmm yeah. Infamous lol half of the preorders prolly never played the o gs. If you got a ps 4 you almost have to by infamous to have somthing to play. Nice sony. Sneaky sneaky. And lets not forget alot of destinys preorders are from that false release date they gave. Why do people preorder games outside of some bonus? You cant get it untill you get it js.

*mysticstrummer* having games and having games people want to actually play isnt the same thing. Lol you should know that, what are you playing?

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MysticStrummer1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

PS4 has more games on this (((USA))) list and more preorders… but I thought PS4 haz no gamez…



christocolus1550d ago

i could be mistaken but i think both consoles have 7 titles on that list. you should look at it again.

MysticStrummer1550d ago

Oops, you're right. I missed ESO down there for XB1.


More preorders only then… my bad.

Unreal011550d ago

Is it me or Infamous doing amazingly here? It's up there with Titanfall which is supposed to be huge, especially in America.

But yeah, Destiny will easily do 10 million + when it is released. Such hype there.

mediate-this1550d ago

Destiny will not do ten mill plus. Its a great loking game very dynamic, great story, but its a mmo, i dont think that will do good on consoles to point of ten mill plus. I could be wrong but thats my feeling. Im definitely buying it tho

RadioActiveTwinky1550d ago

Only way I even see Destiny doing 10 mill is because of the range of platforms its being released on. Not saying it will but I also wouldn't put it away from the possibility. I bet if they released a PC version it would also completely boost its numbers. Since most PC gamers love MMO games. It also helps that it carries a name that is well known to people.

B-radical1550d ago

Yup there both doing great for a first time up respawn should be proud

mediate-this1550d ago

Yeah it could, just needs that support from console owners.

Broomfondle1549d ago

Bayonetta 2 release date of 31 December 2014.

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