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1UP: Metal Gear Solid 4 Preview

War has changed, and so has Solid Snake. He's old now, though none of his comrades are -- and rumor has it that he has just six months left before his rapidly aging body gives out. Endless conflict has spread across the world as a self-sustaining economic force, Liquid Snake (now Liquid Ocelot) has his own military force that is as large as any nation's, invincible robo-women rule the battlefield, and little baby Metal Gears are an inexorable battlefield presence capable of annihilating entire platoons in an instant. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3)

Tmac  +   2697d ago
"War has changed, and so has Solid Snake. He's old now, though none of his comrades are" -- "Welcome to Metal Gear Solid 4, the latest, bleakest, and most absolutely final chapter of the Metal Gear series. (Or so we're promised.) For all its bleakness, it's also the most modern Metal Gear yet"

There is some bad journalism in my Metal Gear Solid.
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Lifendz  +   2697d ago
Get your bets in
who slams the game more? 1up or Gamespot?


gunnerforlife  +   2697d ago
i wish i could agree and disagree with u lol there both gone slam it just u watch, there gone be having a field day with it as well, just cuz there slamming sonys biggest game of all time
Tmac  +   2697d ago
Definitely Gamespot.

"There's to much variety in this game. The OPEN world is way to OPEN. There is way to many guns, and there is way to many things to do period, what a disappointment, in fact the game is WAY to long bordering at 30 hours with WAY to many extras, I'm sorry I have to give this game 7.5/10".

Equally rivaling 1up's review.

"This game is so bleak, seriously I think it may be the bleakest in the bleak series although it's in a bleak and modern/futuristic bleak setting. It's really heart breaking to give this massively hyped bleak game a bleaking rating of 7/10."
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juuken  +   2697d ago
Gamespot most likely. More rabid bots over there, lol. Believe me, I was IN that warzone.
DrPirate  +   2697d ago
Bleak can also mean blunt, direct, everything spread on the table so to speak.
OrignalGoatseGuy  +   2697d ago
"who slams the game more? 1up or Gamespot? "

Most likely Eurogamer.
sonarus  +   2697d ago
My predicted ratings. 1up A Gamespot 9.0

Those will be the lowest scores for MGS4. They won't be able to bring it any lower for fear of their life
Doppy  +   2697d ago
It depends on who rates it on 1up. Shane was invited to play the game at the Kojima event, and he seemed estatic, and based off what he played (which was played months before the release) he seemed to be ready to give it an A+ or 10/10. I got this feeling because he says "Even if the don't fix the minor problems like the harsh difficulty during a certian mission, I already know what I would rate this game." Believe what you want, but I expect at least a A- from 1up. Maybe a 9.0 from Gamestop.
Kaneda  +   2697d ago
I think this game is really scared the sh!t out of M$... their executives have been talking smack of the competitions and tried to divert attention more to them... and this game is just the beginning...
Condoleezza Rice  +   2697d ago
June 12th can't get here soon enough
LarVanian  +   2697d ago
Thursday 12th June 2008
360! Your time has come!
Your reign of terror comes to an end!
No longer will you make babies cry with the RROD!
No longer will you bore gamers with your Space Marine games!
You will burn in the fires of Hell for all eternity, like you burned all those poor citizen's homes down.

............Xbox 360...............Judgement day has arrived!
Contra26  +   2697d ago
everyone has their eyes focused on Gears.

Gears brings more Heat than MGS... sorry.. go to the home page of N4G.

Gears is higher than this crap
pwnsause  +   2697d ago
the heat is going to re-increase though. sorry gtfo with your Gays of war.
mart_is_Apig  +   2697d ago
Resistance 2 is much bigger than Gears of war 2
when Resistance 2 is launched PS3 would have surpassed x360 in WW sales

even if the PS3 remain in DEAD HEAT in US it will easily surpass x360's LTD based on strong WW (eu sales)

However i seriously doubt whether x360 will remain EVEN in Us after MGS4's release
LarVanian  +   2697d ago
You should indeed be sorry (Since you said it twice in your post) for buying a broken piece of crap console (360) and for playing such sh!t games on it.
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Peekay  +   2697d ago
I Dunno
I reckon 1Up like this game - check it - "The hype for this game is starting to hit the sort of ridiculous peaks that Halo 3 enjoyed...but it's not without merit. Few games can claim such an impressive level of gameplay detail, narrative ambition, and big-budget polish. We love rooting for the underdog, but sometimes the triple-A hits really are worthy of the hype"
jwatt  +   2697d ago
"The hype for this game is starting to hit the sort of ridiculous peaks that Halo 3 enjoyed"

That's what I like to hear, because I really think this game deserves the hype just as much as Halo3 or GTA4.
themyk  +   2697d ago
Omicron  +   2697d ago
GAYME OF THE YEAR right here folks!
themyk  +   2697d ago
game of this generation of consoles.
Angelitos  +   2697d ago
They better give this game atleast a 9.5.
goldenzealot  +   2697d ago
PS3! Your time has come!
Your reign of terror comes to an end!
No longer will you make babies cry with the crappy games and crappy consoles!
No longer will you bore gamers with your non existant games!
You will burn in the fires of Hell for all eternity, like you burned all those poor citizen's homes down.

............PS3.............. .Judgement day has arrived!
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mart_is_Apig  +   2697d ago
PS3 outsold x360 in europe
MGS4 will put x360 to RIP forever in US
LarVanian  +   2697d ago
Lol, you couldn't think of any of your own stuff so you just copied mine?
Enjoy Queers of War 2 when it comes out
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pwnsause  +   2697d ago
lmao http://www.1up.com/do/minis... look what it says in the countdown
solidjun5  +   2697d ago
v1c1ous  +   2697d ago
i am more excited for Afrika
than MGS4.

eh? eh?
jwatt  +   2697d ago
They got animals in MGS4 too, well they're part animal part machine but they do.
hotshot127  +   2697d ago
to be honest.
i don't think anyone can say anything bad about this game unless it's blantently obvious that they're just being fanboy's.

the story is one of the best well known stories of all time

the graphics are the best of any game out right now

the gameplay is unprecedented............

the voice acting is grade A

the sound is according to previewers..........grade A

the production value is grade A

the cutscenes are........the best. not even movies rival it. and think about watching a 8 hour movie thats better then any movie you've ever seen and then playing that movie for 20 hours...........it's EPIC

the replay value in just the single player is grade A(not even mentioning online)

only downside to this game is MGO(which is descent but no where near the single player expierence)

mgs is perfection and a game that no hardcore gamer should miss. no other game comes close to mgs. this is...............PERFECTION aka METAL GEAR.

only thing that reviewers can honestly say about this game that's bad is the multiplayer. and if thier pulling at straws, then thier going to complain about the cutscenes being too long even though 20 hours of the game is GAMEPLAY.

however. i won't know what these reviewers will be saying because when mgs comes out..........i won't be on this site for at least 4 months
jkhan  +   2697d ago
Nothing is perfect, but MGS4 is one of those games where the bad is so unnoticeable. The game is going to be Game of the Year and if it gets any bad reviews then its pretty much obvious how bad the gaming press is these days.
BulletToothtony  +   2697d ago
well you know what....
we have had some good games (ps3 owners) and yet they find crap... it's not that they can't say crap, it's just that they find crap.. look at R&C ToD.. he said that there was too much variety...

Sometimes i think that these guys may have one ps3 in the office they probably can't afford one so they're mad.. the other and more logical explanation is that most of their readers are 360 owners who like to bash the ps3 so they talk bad about the ps3 to keep them happy...

Either will doesn't matter what they say.. mgs4 will sell pretty good and i'll be playing it.. i just wish that they would take their scores off the final met reviews cause that would bring most ps3 overall reviews to a higher score
jkhan  +   2697d ago
Yeah i agree with you. Ratchet was an amazing game so was uncharted but its reviews didn't do justice with the game quality. Similarly look at Heavenly Sword, it was an amazing game and had solid combat, but they bashed it for its length etc. This time with MGS4 they will say "to long", not enough variety, confusing story etc. etc. Someday I wish, someone just hack there servers and blow everything up.
hotshot127  +   2697d ago

goldenzealot  +   2697d ago
mgs4 is the one with horrible gameplay and bad voice acting and no storyline
meepmoopmeep  +   2697d ago
lmao... oooookay, drugs are bad
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Agent VX  +   2697d ago
Wow, does anybody wish this game would already come out, so we don't have to hear about it anymore? Yeap, it's a pretty good game, but historically doesn't move many consoles.

It really must be frightening Sony, that a game like this, that really is a hardcore game, in which most Sony hardcore fans have bought the PS3 already will sell consoles???

Metal Gear unfortunately isn't a game that will move much consoles with the mainstream, and after Metal Gear Solid, there isn't that much that will sell PS3's for quite a while. Gran Turismo has been a fair bit of a let down, and FF is not until next year. The season is all riding on MGS4, and unfortunately, most people that want this game have already bought a PS3.
themyk  +   2697d ago
yeah that makes since. NOT. "lets see man i really want metal gear solid 4. thats the game i really want to play, but i'll go ahead and buy my ps3 a year before it comes out."
i think people who are waiting for metal gear well probably buy the console right around metal gear release.
not to mention all the big metal gear fans who own 360's.
i wonder if any of those guys well buy a ps3 for this game, and FF, and GT.
i'm willing to bet there were a lot of ps1 and ps2 fans who bought the 360 when it came out, and i'm willing to bet they are waiting for their favorite ps1 and ps2 games to hit the ps3. guess what? here they come.

so your right hardcore SONY fans bought the ps3 when it came out. EVERYONE else is just waiting for theirs games.

on topic. i really want this game.

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Bigbangbing  +   2697d ago

Neo604  +   2697d ago
who ever talk sh1t bout metal gear is someone who haven't play through it yet.
u play through it, you will know what is best story, best graphic, best game play is. It also base on real world events. That's the beauty of it. So bow down to the best or die like the rest.
xtreampro  +   2697d ago
LMAO!! 'no story', the story to this game is massive you...IDIOT!!, i know that your a 4yr old child and you won't understand it but that doesn't mean it has no story just cause YOU! don't understand, MGS4 is for adults not children, GO! and play your virtualized coloring book(GAYLO) and SHUT UP!!......GO CHECK out the MGS retrospective on gametrailers and you'll see how the story to this game destroys GREYS OF HAIR..HAHA the GOW story is so stupid and lame that i can tell it to my lil sis as a bed-time story
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achira  +   2697d ago
game of the year, cant come fast enough! btw i dont care what this ms propaganda sites have to say.
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