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CCP Suspiciously Quiet on Dust 514 for PlayStation 4

Eskimo Press: "Dust 514 is most likely one of the most underrated first-person shooter games of the last generation. It is so deep that it goes way beyond any other shooter across any other platform -- despite that -- unfortunately, it didn't really excite people. Why? There were definitely some noticeable issues with Dust 514 on the PlayStation 3. Controller lag and low resolution textures were the result of the PlayStation 3's complex architecture -- but, at its core, Dust 514 is a brilliant experience. Why not bring it to the PlayStation 4; well, we asked CCP that very question." (DUST 514, PS3, PS4)

killzone619  +   187d ago
"underrated first-person shooter games of the last generation"

the game sucks.
Erudito87  +   187d ago
The game looked like crap too
Hatsune-Miku  +   187d ago
I like this game a lot and it's ambition would be better realized on the ps4 so I can't wait for this on ps4.

Getting this first day when released for ps4

Ps4 is the future and the future is ps4
Smoovekid  +   187d ago
Did you play it after it came out of beta? They added the textures after the beta.
Black-Helghast  +   187d ago
Ps4 is the future and the future is- /slap STFU ALREADY.
FamilyGuy  +   187d ago
PS4 = a better looking version
MysticStrummer  +   187d ago
I wouldn't go that far, there's a lot about it to like, but I don't think calling it "one of the most underrated first-person shooter games of the last generation" is very accurate either. I wouldn't mind seeing if it could be better on PS4.

"its riddled with transactions for everything"

I never felt like I had to buy anything to succeed.

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Erudito87  +   187d ago
the game was designed poorly to just be a cashcow; its riddled with transactions for everything and it played sooooooooooooooooo bad
Avernus  +   187d ago

I played this game for about 2 years, since closed beta. I don't play it anymore for my personal reasons.

Your description of it being "riddled" with transactions is to put it simple, stupid. It's a F2P game.

Transactions in DUST is MAINLY to either get stuff earlier, or to get boosters which helps you to get the same items you can buy with real money, but with in game money, ISK.

I'm by no means a huge DUST fan, but your ignorance is too blaring for me to stay quiet.
Hellsvacancy  +   187d ago
I couldn't get into to it, I tried, but it was pretty crap overall i'll admit, I MUCH preferred MAG
MysticStrummer  +   187d ago
"I MUCH preferred MAG"

Same here. I was sad when MAG's servers went down. Hopefully it will return on PS4 eventually, but I doubt it.

I redownload Dust 514 periodically to see if anything has changed, but I always play a few games and delete it again. At least my character keeps gaining xp even when it's not installed. lol
Irishguy95  +   187d ago
I actually liked it quite alot. I was a pilot and the flying was very fun. One of the best 'dropship' flight mechanics i've played. Although it did suck when a ship uncloaks and smacks you out of the sky haha
killzone619  +   187d ago

you're like the biggest PS fanboy on this site.
Batnut00  +   187d ago
As a guy who spent over a year in the beta and onward to the official release, I was severely dissapointed in how it turned out. I was taken in by how much potential the game had, but I just didn't have the patience to go through yet another battle on some other dusty planet that in the long run, doesn't really amount to much.
MysticStrummer  +   187d ago
lol That sounds like a real soldier who joined up out of patriotism and then begins to question it after a long time stationed in some hell hole of a country.
Batnut00  +   187d ago
lol, reading back it really does. Bubble vote for the chuckle.
sdozzo  +   187d ago
Just rolled out late and was underwhelming. Feel bad for the team.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   187d ago
Dust 514 would be perfect not to sound fanboyish but it would done a little better with an PS4 port
lemoncake  +   187d ago
This game has so much potential. They need to do some major work on it though not just add some better res textures. They need to get rid of the F2P and just make it a paid game, even if that means adding in a monthly subscription.
elninels  +   187d ago
Why not f2p?
PS3gamer4life  +   187d ago
Im a sony fan but this game suck
BlingBlaine  +   187d ago
The main issues lie with CCP NOT THE PLAYERS. We want a deep shooter just not like this.......

CCP believed they could bring the Eve idea to console..... rpg like elements with the spreadsheet in space moving to ground, players utilizing depth of level ups over time trumping new to mid level players due to total time invested instead of skill and map memorization.

That idea may work if the game was good. It is still a poor mans shooter, seriously, go try it. Its clunky and slow (I love Killzone and its clunky, I hate cod its twitchy dust should be right) with terrible hit contact and rediculos weaponry. The maps could be made better by a 16 year old Battlefield player, seriously amateur map creation with 0 flow. Balances taking months to implement stating they need certifications from Sony just to change gun numbers so they would delay untill the newest patch would finish.

Months and months of 3-4 hrs a day (or pay heavy cash deposits) to get a proto suit or gun is total torture UNLESS GAMEPLAY DOESNT MATTER.
With most Evetards gamplay doesnt matter just play eve, therefore the 16 people devving Dust are satisfied with deep stats, terrible gameplay, terribly botched graphics with CCP shanghaii, dumb maps and heavy advantages to time invested players, therefore skill doesnt matter most of the time.
Example dude with 100 hrs of gameplay has 1800 total hit points of sheild and armor, dude has 20-30 hrs gameplay has 250-550 hitpoints and dude with 1600 hp has the exact same gun as the newb only his does 55 hp per bullet and newb has 22 hp per bullet. The whole idea breeds evetards, terrible with gunplay and using disgusting advantages to kill.

Not to mention you can lose up to a dollar a death. If you actually invest money into dust you get nickle and dimed real money for dying, that alone is too much for some to handle. The idea of buying expendible grenades, guns, suits, and dozens of other gadgets and doo dads is baffling when you can die like 15 times a match. My buddies calculated around $5 a night using real money hypothetically. We all thought why would I spend that much a day? It didnt make sence.

The slowness of updates is sickening and the communication between dev and player is laughable, the game can barely get 3k players a day just to log in, most are evetards who bought a ps3 for dust. AFK is most of the numbers too.

Dont be surprised when it shuts down soon, with no port to ps4. I put alot of time and money into this just to see Warframe, Planetside 2 and many other f2p games update and support their title soo much just in the last 2 months that it makes the 16 dust developers from CCP look really bad, but who cares Eve players wanted dust to die anyways, hence the amazing meta that is Eve.

Thanks for reading my logistical rant.
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BlakHavoc  +   187d ago
Rant accepted and I totally agree, I won't go on one myself but would you agree that this game has the potential to be awesome, especially since it's merged with Eve online and battles can simultaneously go on in space and on the ground?
Gamesgbkiller  +   187d ago
The only good thing about this game that it has some cross functionality with EVE online.

Other than that, nothing.
oODEADPOOLOo  +   187d ago
I never got the chance to really play. I got an invite for the beta from PS home on PS3 once but it was too glitchy to even get a match going.
BlakHavoc  +   187d ago
This game was actually quite horrible if I may say, and that really stinks cause the concept of it has so much potential. It just lacked the online population and the mechanics really sucked IMO. I just really liked how it was merged with another game and battles could be going on in space as your fighting on the ground, you could even look up and see the ships fighting, that's pretty awesome. So much potential, but hasn't been realized quite yet.
Sci0n  +   187d ago
Imperfects, Internal Error Negative Feedback alliance for life!

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