Breaking Down The Order: 1886's New Trailer

Greg and Colin tear apart the new trailer for this upcoming PS4 exclusive, uncovering all of its hidden secrets

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Jovanian 1309d ago

didn't realize next gen was a 30 fps movie-game with constant QTEs

DominicansDontPlay1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

The Order has few QTES, and it is normal that an exclusive is locked 30FPS. Xbone's exclusives are 30 FPS too, and Forza 5 had to be downgraded to achieve the 60fps. Movie game? Are you a Nintendrone? RAD is merging gameplay with cinematics. That means: RIP pre-rendered cut-scenes and loading times. Isn't that great?

morganfell1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

Some interesting tidbits in there concerning the game that were briefed to the press a few weeks ago...but they (IGN) need to learn a little more about history and the writings of Mallory. Also, there is obviously a bit of a timeline distortion as Jack the Ripper didn't make his first appearance until 1888.

EDIT: And Swadian...jealous much? Apparently so. He is so desperate to get into this thread and protect his precious PC. Look at his post history and you can immediately invalidate any remarks he has as his motivation and discomfort are quite evident. We all know it isn't constant QTEs but he has to grab any blade of grass as he goes over the cliff. Examine his past comments. Pathetic really.

Flotche1309d ago

I think they ll talk about famous monsters and criminals like, The werewolf, Doc Jeckyl and Mr Hyde etc...! We will see ;).

JustPlay41309d ago

Just like Ryse only not boring as hell and longer then 3hour

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SonyROXitoohya1309d ago

Graphics sure, gameplay lol nope.

JustPlay41309d ago

So you hate TPS games, but you like gears right?

guyman1309d ago

O so you've actually played the game now? ... Wait for it... You haven't, you've only seen 6 seconds of gameplay! Therefore, your opinion holds no weight

CharlesSwann1309d ago

This game is going to rock, despite the envy.

James Vanderbeek1309d ago

just imagine when god of war comes out on the ps4. holy shiz balls

HighResHero1309d ago

Yeah, SSM are going to knock whatever they make out of the park, just like you did with your portrayal of Dawson Leary on the smash hit WB series Dawson's Creek.

CharlesSwann1309d ago

Let me pop my last bubble by sharing that I really dislike Greg and Colin. How Greg, who is clearly king duffis, got his position ...

1309d ago
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