2K Games Says Bioshock Will Continue Without Ken Levine, but Should It?

8CN: Ken Levine, director of both Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, and head of Irrational Games, recently announced that he will be closing down Irrational Games and starting a new, smaller team with about 15 employees. Unfortunately, this means that over 100 Irrational employees are now out of a job. According to 2K Games, though, the Bioshock franchise will at least live on. But is this good news?

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christrules00411557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Well Bioshock 2 wasn't made by Irrational games. Just please don't screw it up..... we have had 2 games underwater and 1 in the sky. What other places could they explore?

Fishermenofwar1556d ago


Sorry...I accept my impending punishment.....

jonboi241556d ago

Underground, Under a table, In a TV, In space, In a dream, possibly anywhere as long as there's a man and a lighthouse.

-Foxtrot1556d ago

"What other places could they explore?"

Considering Elizabeth's line

"There's always a lighthouse. There's always a man. There's always a city"

It could be anything

A Space station
A Moon/Mars base
An Island
An Underground base in the middle of nowhere
A base in the side of some mountains (Grand Canyon)
A new dimension, created JUST to house a city.
Top of the biggest mountain
In the North/South pole

You get the idea

pyramidshead1556d ago

Loving the ideas. Definitely needs to be a concept where in general the surroundings are the more underlining hostility.

I think Space might be the last real good idea(even though it's kinda ripping off systemshock).
Having stuff 'just underground' is too similar to being underwater. Perhaps near the earths core where magnetism is a disturbing threat or something.

Hopefully 2K will do a good job. I have a feeling I'll end up buying it no matter what...well OK depending on that it's not solely a multiplayer based game. That would hit me right in my broken feels :(.

pyramidshead1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

There needs to be an atmosphere or a concept where certain death is imminent and not from the people you fight but from the surroundings

Rapture: Underwater...if that glass breaks, you're done.
Columbia: In the sky...if you fall off, you're done.

I think... at the earth's core would be nice. similar to people who are saying Volcanoes.
Space could also be a safe bet, that's what made the first Dead Space tense for me. If you end up falling out into space? You're done, I mean you have a suit on but that runs out of air eventually.

Part of me REALLY wants to see what BioShock game can do on next gen hardware, but then another part of me wants Infinite to be the last.

Technically Levine set up the formula to how BioShock games work, there's always a city, a man and a lighthouse.
All 2K needs to do is try and re-create all the variables into something new and different and set it in a colourful & mysterious city with a dark undertone.

Elizabeth = little sisters
Song Bird = Big daddys
Eve = salt

so on and so on...
I always liked the 50s era style of it all too with the crackling audio logs and the music.(Even downloaded the scores and OSTs of the first two bioshock games). Devils in the detail I guess.

Ah screw it....I want a next gen BioShock games, I like their quirky take on the typical generic FPS.

vickers5001556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Well Bioshock Infinite apparently went through several different revisions, just look at all the gameplay and locations a year before the game came out, almost none of it was in the final game. At one point they had a renissance era columbia, but changed it because that's what AC2 did at the time, and because Ken Levines obsession with perfection drove him to try and revamp everything.

I'd like to see them take some of the content they scrapped (which even said was like 3 or 4 games worth, I think more, idk I'd have to find the article) and explore a different, alternate version of columbia. I mean with the ending they went with, they definitely could. Maybe make a game where we can actually songbird this time.

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kingdip901557d ago

Personally I loved all the bioshock games even bioshock 2 and in the hands of the right team I think the franchise can flourish. Let's hope 2k get it right.

shadow18spirit1556d ago

its better with ken levine , the man is a genius.

curtis921556d ago

Personally I feel like they covered what Bioshock was and closed it nicely. I'm sure they can do what they did with bioshock 2 and just take the art style and go off of it and create some other storyline... but can a Ken Levine-less group create a rapture or columbia? Seems hard to imagine. Ken Levine was the Steve Jobs of IG.

Baka-akaB1556d ago

After B2 , wich was good but missing a soul and something extra , i'm wary of a bioshock future without his vision

-Foxtrot1556d ago


I'm scared they'll try and force multiplayer in or co-op. They tried one of those features in Bioshock 2 and it failed.

jdaboss1556d ago

That game may have missed something but Bioshock 2 definitely didnt fail. did you even play the game?

Rubberlegs1556d ago

The multiplayer in Bishock 2 was actually good. I usually hate when shooters try and force in coop modes or multiplayer that don't need it but Bioshock 2 multiplayer has been better then most other recent shooters that try and force it in like Tomb Raider and Specs Ops.

-Foxtrot1556d ago

It was good.....LOL


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