Yakuza Ishin Gets a PS4 Demo; Launches in a Few Hours

Sega just announced that a PS4 demo of the upcoming Yakuza Ishin will launch on February 22nd, on the same day as the full game. Since it’ll be the 22nd in Japan in about eight hours, it won’t take long for the trial version to be available for download from the Japanese PlayStation Network.

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S2Killinit1519d ago

Do we get this here in the states? Im actually looking forward to this game

TomahawkX1519d ago

You can get it if you have a JPN PSN account. I have it on my PS3, but haven't tried to add the account to the PS4, should be possible though.

sinjonezp1519d ago

It is possible guys. I set up an UK account on my ps4 to get War Thunder. Just make sure you google a valid address and email. That's it. Oh and maybe brush up on simple Japanese to know small navigation steps to download it and start the game.

GetRealOne1519d ago

I download it definitly. I am very excited. The Ps4 is so far the most impressive console ever. So many games launched and launching this year. So much to pick and play. When this have ever been at launchwindow?

GravelerMagnitude91519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

i just made my japan account and im downloading random stuff.
i would advise you all do the same since Knack will be free in Japan on launch unless im wrong

GravelerMagnitude91519d ago

yea im wrong. day one consoles only. probably a code

Sarobi1519d ago

The PS4's will be packaged with a digital code for Knack, it won't be free in the store sadly.

sprinterboy1519d ago

need a a youtube video to help with japan setup ?

sgtGanGreen1519d ago

WOW this game sucks.
Combat sistem sucks and characters are made of wood

hot4play1519d ago

^ jealous xboner who wont be able to play this game. I think the game you are referring to is Ryse. Lol

sgtGanGreen1519d ago

For your info I have both ps4 anx x1 and decent PC that can run all new games on high settings.
I tried this demo and game sucks. Lost interest in 10min

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