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Fans Camping for a PS4 in Tokyo For Three Days; First Customer to Be Determined by Lottery

Fans have been camping at Sony's HQ in Ginza for 3 days now to be the first to purchase a PS4, but having gotten there first won't necessarily give them the right to be the first customers. (PS4)

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majiebeast  +   499d ago
Japanese folks love camping outside stores. I dont expect the stampedes/zombie horde's like in Germany and France though.
Abriael  +   499d ago
They had tons of chances to preorder, those that didn't are crazy :D
majiebeast  +   499d ago
Well those PS4's sold out pretty fast, from what i remember.
dragonyght  +   499d ago
its the 8th gen. its a tradition by now most do it for the experience
Abriael  +   499d ago
@majiebeast: yeah but they put more batches on sales at least 5 times on Amazon only, and the last one lasted about 24 hours.

We can pretty much assume that almost everyone that wanted to preorder had a chance to.
Kingthrash360  +   499d ago
i remember thos days...waiting in line for a ps4....seems like just yesterday.

ot: yeah preorder is the way to go, but just from the anticipation the ps4 looks to repeat the 1mil in a day launch. so happy for them...its well deserved.
GutZ31  +   499d ago
Not just the japanese that camp outside stores. USA BABY!
kayoss  +   498d ago
"Japanese folks love camping outside stores".
Black friday in the USA say hello. Its like watching the running of the bulls, but with humans trying to kill whoever gets in their way.
jhoward585  +   499d ago
A couple of days camp for the PS4 ain't bad compared to those who sleep in front of the apple store for over 20 days for an iPhone.
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kingdom18  +   499d ago
I like my iPhone considering it was free on contract but... 20 days? o.O Are people that... I don't know of what word to describe that... Crazy? Stupid?
SirBradders  +   498d ago
Nothing is free in life you still pay for it one way or another ultimately.
kingdom18  +   498d ago
@SirBradders, I know, but as in getting a phone on a contract, it was free. Technically, of course its not. But my phone bill just went up about $10 so I can't complain.
wsoutlaw87  +   498d ago
they dont announce the iphone 20 days before the release so im afraid thats a bit of an exaggeration
jhoward585  +   498d ago
I have no reason to lie or exaggerate.
Bathyj  +   498d ago
I've told him a million times not to exaggerate.
wsoutlaw87  +   498d ago
o then you're just wrong
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rayzorn  +   498d ago
hell im sitting outside the apple store now waiting for the 6 to come out.


f apple im going samsung next time this iphone isnt that great.
ritsuka666  +   498d ago
People line up for every console launch anyway,no suprise here.
chikane  +   499d ago
So happy for my follow gamer's out in Jp they finally get to experience the amazing ps4

its happening
BG11579  +   499d ago
I know that the console is awesome, but this is madness!
smt_Nocturne  +   498d ago
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BG11579  +   498d ago
Never had so many dislikes. ^^

Now the only thing missing is the obligatory gif of the 300 movie, where Leonidas is PS4 and the envoy is the Xbone, and this would be perfect. ^^
bligmerk  +   499d ago
This is the first console launch that pre-orders actually worked and it was the first time for a lot of people where the pre-order got shipped to their house versus having to go down to a store to pick it up. This is going to be the first console launch for Japan where Amazon JP got huge allocations, so they are also going to experience what its like to get a pre-order delivered to your front door. There will still be huge crowds trying to get launch units off the shelf. It's just a tradition that happens to be a social event also.
Ripsta7th  +   498d ago
Yeah it was awesome, had mines delivered around 9 am on launch day by UPS
ltachiUchiha  +   499d ago
I play alot of TLOU multiplayer & really surprised at how many japanese players love the multiplayer. They also know how to work as a team. I love the challenge though. The multiplayer is so addicting. Hope they bring TLOU to the ps4, that would be awesome.
GetRealOne  +   498d ago
The multiplayer is in of the best, still playing it!
ltachiUchiha  +   498d ago
Yeah only ppl i seen complaining were idiots who think u can run all around the map like COD & think they will get easy kills lol. Their like the easiest downs & executions. I dont use a mic but man its frustrating when u play with noobz who run by u & give away your cover smh, but i agree, the multiplayer is so much fun especially if u play it like your suppose to, "TACTICAL" & much better when u are on a team that know what their doing.


Yeah I know, I think the japanese players just love a great all around game with great campaign & great online multiplayer. Im sure they know Naughty Dog are also one of the best devs in the business too.
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Inception  +   498d ago
Not just TloU, i've seen a lot of japanese players in Uncharted 3 MP too. The stigma about japanese gamers hated / doesn't buy western games is ridicilous.
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denero1  +   498d ago
I had a Japanese fellow as a team mate as well even though we couldn't speak with words the team work was so great I added him >.>
idontcare  +   498d ago
i hate it when players steal your kills. that made the multiplayer unplayable for me.
ltachiUchiha  +   498d ago
When they do that to me, I just do it back to them lol. I like flanking guys though, thats why i do pretty good is, i sneak behind them & catch them off guard. Shivs are my favorite weapon. =]
Salooh  +   498d ago
Me to. I just played with few of them . They are cool not like some people when I kick their ass' s they leave or the opposite. I played against them 8 times and their reaction shows that they had fun not scream at each other lol

My best weapon is the bow :)
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AceBlazer13  +   498d ago
I remember when i first got my PS4, memories.

KingofGambling  +   498d ago
Great dedication for Greatness.
strigoi814  +   498d ago
japan :) your welcome
Bathyj  +   498d ago
Good luck my fellow gamers. Play nicely now .
S2Killinit  +   498d ago
One of the joys of being a gamer is rhe wait (:
T2  +   498d ago
Well then I'm full of joy lol cuz I'm still waiting in western Canada, zero ps4 in the wild
Bathyj  +   498d ago
I wonder if they have any good Bundurus.
eraisu  +   498d ago
that's really cute gamer you got there
MasterCornholio  +   498d ago
A lottery?

WitWolfy  +   498d ago
Shame I'm so happy that they're FINALLY able to buy PS4s now.. Must suck seeing a console thats made in your country first being distributed to foreign lands where it should be the other way around, leaving you hungry for months before you get it!!
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Doritos_Pope  +   498d ago
Oh my children! I bless you with my Dew and my Doritos by the power invested in me by the great Doradito in the sky.
Now that you have embarked on this journey, please enjoy walking through the six sacraments of the doradito for your gaming salvation.
italiangamer  +   498d ago
I'll post the PS4 german launch craze here just to remember MADNESS

shotime97  +   498d ago
I'm happy for sony it's a nice change from last gen.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   498d ago
Sony are the kings this gen!

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