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CCG: Disc Vs Download: The Inevitable Death of the Physical Game Disc

This new generation brings together all the things we wanted in a video game console. These new systems now have large hard drives, are able to be updated via the internet and, starting with last generation, you can now download games to your console's hard drive (and start playing it before it is done downloading). The problem for most gamers now becomes do you buy a physical copy of the game or do you just download it. There are many pros and cons for each. But for those who love your games lining your shelves, I am sorry to say the days of the physical disc are numbered and this console generation will see that happen. (Culture, Dev)

jamsam360  +   141d ago
Not with internet caps. Disc must succeed. Because of data caps.
madjedi  +   140d ago
Disc is going the way of the dodo before long it's holding these systems back(hence why both install the full game to the hdd).

Next gen will use a flash based cartridge for game storage not optical discs in addition to digital downloads.

Good luck to the people going digital only with current 2.5 inch hdd capacities, maybe at 3 tbs you would be okay.
Sharius  +   141d ago
ineviable...bla...bla...bla... no thank you, some guys prefer to keep a game they like in physic form so they can keep them forever, buying digital mean there will be a chnce that you lost that game if your account get ban
Tapewurm  +   141d ago
Something about having that disc in your hand and the collector's edition goodies........ digital special editions are just ridiculous. I agree with Jamsam360 on the data cap stance as well....data caps and poor connections all over the world should keep that from happening for a while.... will it happen eventually? Probably, but not in the immediate future.
Batnut00  +   141d ago
I don't see this happening if the likes of Comcast-TWC enforce data caps and Net Neutrality ceases to exist.
Eonjay  +   141d ago
I actually like discs for the value as a collectors item and for the longevity of its functionality. People who have Super Nintendo carts can play those game even decades later. Even if they are alone in the desert or mountains with no reliable internet connection.
SniperControl  +   141d ago
Maybe on PC, but on consoles, no way, there is a need for discs.

Games on PC are usually £10 - £15 cheaper on PC, more than often the game is downloaded from either Steam or Origin regardless of the disc being in the PCs disc drive.

However digital games from PSN or XBL are £10 - £20 more expensive than retail hardcopies.

A console digital future will never take of until Sony and MS drastically bring there prices down.

Also what about longevity? I sometimes boot up my old consoles Atari 2600, Megadrive, Snes, Amiga to play old classics, all physical media based, what happens in 10 years when either Sony or MS decide to pull out of console gaming and they shut there servers down, then what?
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stavrami-mk2  +   141d ago
so 6-0 to disc based games in here so far .....download only is miles and miles away
Volkama  +   141d ago
6-1! Digital all the way for me on all platforms.

If I ever buy a game on disc again it'll be because it's part of the digital ecosystem, and not something I need to keep in order to play the game.

I agree that download only is some time away though.
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MasterCornholio  +   141d ago
Look what happened when Microsoft wanted to take away our right to own physical copies. For that reason I believe it will be a long time before we go all digital. And by that I mean for the next 50 years physical copies will still exist,
Volkama  +   141d ago
MS's plan wasn't to get rid of discs entirely, but to change the licensing model for them. I do not think any established player will try that again for a long time.

However I do think they will sidestep the issue and remove discs entirely. It wont immediately be industry wide, but it will start happening. It'll still be a talking point 10 years from now, but the scales will be tipping.

Digital distribution will be at the forefront, but I don't know whether downloading or streaming will take the lion's share.
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jay2  +   141d ago
Not on my connection it isn't. I need the rest of my road fibered only been waiting 4 yrs
lnfiniteLoop  +   141d ago
not yet with the costs to the consumer, digital version have to show a better price reduction for lack of physical copy… also those 40GB+ downloads will also hold digital back until EVERYONE has access to high speed unlimited connections
Agent_hitman  +   141d ago
Makes sense to me, since my only way to get games software is through download and no longer Physical disc...

I find myself very addicted to downloading games on STEAM, even though my current games are not yet finished...

Now, the Google fiber is what we were looking forward to. And everything we want to download will be more faster.
jessupj  +   141d ago
I'm guessing if you lived in Australia, where the prices on DD are a complete joke ($90 on the PSN store for new releases), you probably wouldn't be saying that.
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Reaper9937  +   141d ago
The day physical discs dies, is the day I know it's time to hang up the joystick. There is no better joy for a collector to see a shelf full of beautifully stacked games, you can't stack digital, you can't feel digital, you can't really own digital...so no thank you.
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madjedi  +   140d ago
Don't worry even when the disc dies(this is the last gen), you will still have a physical format, because digital only isn't a practical option for everyone.

Likely similar to vita game cartridges, so no a digital only future isn't happening.

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