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Games Under Pressure Review: Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel (Xbox One)

How could they get this so wrong? (Dead Rising 3, Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel DLC, Xbox One) 5.5/10

Axios2  +   460d ago
Dead Rising 3 has the 2nd best score of ALL the PS4/X1 retail exclusives.

Only bettered by Forza 5










Alucardx03  +   460d ago
Dead Rising 3 is a very good game. The DLC... not so much.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   460d ago
This is this particular persons opinion. You seem to have a very hard time accepting things that don't match your own view. You spun the sales numbers a few weeks back because you couldn't accept that the PS4 outsold the X1 and now you counter a low score for DR3 from an individual with lots of other high scores from completely different individuals.

The only opinion you should care about is your own. Constantly burying your head in the sand and only looking at the things YOU want to see is starting to make you a little bitter.

On topic: Pretty low score, but hey, that's his opinion. I played this game for a few hours, i wouldn't give it more than a 6.5. It was pretty fun trying all the different weapon combos, but it got boring pretty quickly. The story is garbage, the graphics aren't anything special, the zombies don't really offer any real threat. The 6.5 comes purely from trying out all of the weapons and the boss fights, which were actually quite good.
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