The Movie "Grandma's Boy" Was Named After Dragon Fantasy Dev Adam Rippon

During an interview with Muteki Corp.'s Adam Rippon, the Benign with B-TEN podcast crew learned quite a few interesting tidbits from the Dragon Fantasy programmer. The fact that he inspired the title to the cult-classic 2006 film Grandma's Boy was likely the least important information provided during the podcast, yet also piqued the interest of the recording group.

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lonegunner101888d ago

That movie was wicked awesome now gonna get baked and play some classic Halo

3-4-5888d ago

One of my favorite movies of all time. So many good quoteable one-liners in there. Good music, good setting, good cast, funny movie.

lonegunner101888d ago

"Iam a robot I like robot vaginas" - LOK

WeAreLegion888d ago

Great game! Not a fan of thr movie, but I wish Demonik had released!

_FantasmA_888d ago (Edited 888d ago )

I love this movie. From beginning to end, the whole movie is quotable and worthy of a meme/tshirt/bumper sticker, you name it. Wish they made a part two. Still waiting for Weedfest, the sequel to Beerfest. New high score, what does that mean? Did I break it?

Twiggyshrimp888d ago

What's that's ringing? Do I have a tumor?!