What’s Next for BioShock – Here is what we want

onPause writes:

While I want to weigh in on the WILD speculation as to how and why Take-Two and / or Ken Levine have decided to shut the doors on Irrational Games as we know it — I won’t because it is just that — speculation. What I will comment on is BioShock’s future and what we want to see from the beloved franchise.

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Relientk771370d ago

A new BioShock game for would be amazing

iosgamer1370d ago

There will definitely be another one at some point you'd think. That did BioShock 2 without Levine... which was ok, not great but ok.

n4rc1370d ago

Wtf is up with this article?

Wild speculation? Its essentially a proven fact.. Its been publicially stated by major nelson among others that its true..

Irrational is closing down and BioShock is likely done for.. Which really sucks

mcroddi1369d ago

Speculation about how it happened. Not that it happened. Also, major Nelson? Lol

n4rc1369d ago

I don't get the point.. What do you mean how it happened? Dude decided to scale back and do other types of games..

Was there some question about that? I didn't see anything.. It seemed straight forward..

And yeah major nelson.. He's a rep for Microsoft, not some insider on GAF.. Just because some kids don't understand what "you can't just flip a switch" actually means doesn't mean he's not a credible source of info.. I follow him on twitter and he's never once said anything untrue that I'm aware of

Geekman1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Microsoft or Nintendo, you idiots, this is your chance. BUY FREAKING BIOSHOCK!

TheGamingHeretic1366d ago

I think you bring some interesting points here, definetly things to think about!