USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 02/15/2014

PS4 46,764 (-28%) 2,472,914
3DS 44,762 (+3%) 11,990,006
XOne 30,975 (-9%) 2,191,466
X360 17,913 (+11%) 42,533,211
WiiU 17,093 (+16%) 2,257,672
PS3 16,269 (+17%) 25,963,511
PSV 7,046 (+20%) 1,719,240
Wii 6,850 (+23%) 41,459,412
PSP 1,699 (+27%) 19,792,496

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rarity1526d ago

Looks like the ps4 is STILL in first place.

XiSasukeUchiha1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

We will be for ever if this keep up MS Sharingan deactivated!

amiga-man1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

What I find amazing is 46,764 Americans were actually able to find a PS4, a pat on the back for you guys and welcome to next gen gaming.

Eonjay1526d ago


Agreed. I don't know where these people are finding these systems. Im not surprised at all that its down this week. I expect it to be down again next week. Sony wants to make sure everyone who wants one can get it tomorrow in Japan. After that people will be more critical if they can keep stock up.

ITPython1526d ago

@amiga - Agreed, although a week or so ago Amazon had PS4 in stock ($399 version) for about 24 hours. They must have gotten a GIGANTIC number of consoles for it to last that long. Wouldn't be surprised if a big chunk of that 46k was from Amazon in that short period of time.

It's just insane when you think about it, XB1 is in stock everywhere for the entire month, PS4 only comes in stock for brief periods of time (hours) and every single unit is gobbled up nearly instantly. Just imagine the PS4 sales if they had unlimited stock, USA sales alone would probably be soaring past 10 million at this point.

What I would be interested to know is the pace at which the PS4's are selling, you know a certain amount per hour. As it is only in stock for a few hours a month at different places. So it might be selling at an average of 2,000 units an hour.

Whereas the XB1, which has been in stock 24/7 all month (730 hours) is only selling at 42 units an hour.

videgamenext11526d ago

Gamestops in my area have them in stock all the time

lsujester1526d ago

Same here. I can go to most Gamestops and find an X1, while the only PS4s in stock are on military bases.

johndoe112111526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )


Sure they do.....

GordonKnight1525d ago



Do you work for Playstation? If so please update my PS4 to play 3D Blue-rays.

Eonjay1519d ago

This was the Titanfall beta week. I thought there would be an increase.

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lolCHILLbro1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

You act as if everyone reads N4G or is a fanboy, no, its selling better than Xbox One because of price and price alone and any business man will tell you that since they both play the same games, last month Sony had a stock surge and restocked many retailers in the US which contributed to the 2-1 ratio, now stock is out PS4 sales are above Xbox's 25% like it should be due to price

Edit: @replys: Power never stopped the Wii and PS3 was selling horribly untill they matched price and the PS3 even had more issues than the Xbox One has now

amiga-man1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Price is certainly a factor, especially when you consider the less expensive PS4 is also the more powerful option, 3rd party games performing better on the PS4 means there is little reason to buy the xone outside of a few exclusives which may be enough for some but not most.

The PS4 deserves it's lead and not just because of price.

Father__Merrin1526d ago

its not only that its a better price point, the console is itself a more powerful console and much more desirable. even if both were same price most people would buy ps4

gamers know this, they also know how Microsoft tried to exploit them with all that drm nonsence

so its wrong to say its entirely because its cheaper, ps3 has always been more expensive than 360 yet over the years more ps3's were sold

KwietStorm1526d ago

Yep price alone. Which completely explains PS3 selling at a faster rate than the 360 for it's life. Chillbro.

MysticStrummer1526d ago

"any business man will tell you that since they both play the same games"

…and the cheaper option makes those same games look better.

hemmo19861526d ago

Haha cant half tell your a fanboy. Just suck it up the ps4 is selling like hotcakes and is a superior system, so get over it

Hicken1526d ago

The PS3 was never selling horribly. It was always selling better than the 360, so if you're saying the PS3 was selling badly- and it wasn't, mind you- then how badly was the 360 doing?

Why are people who repeatedly post false information still allowed to comment?

SITH1525d ago

Wasting your time even bother trying to talk to 90% of these kids. No matter how good the ps4 sells it will do virtually nothing to help sony with it's massive debts, and poor revenue. Sony has negative returns on stock.

Sony Corporation has Working Capital of -7.099E9. This is 110.95% lower than that of Consumer Goods sector, and 100.4% lower than that of Electronic Equipment industry, The Working Capital for all stocks is 292.37% higher than the company. Just wait in two years. These kiddies will be singing a different tune with regards to the future of the PS4. They have put money on a very capable impressive product ran by a not so impressively ran company on the verge of collapse.

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Killzoner991526d ago

Don't worry the PS4 will be in first place until next generation.
Playstation domination

SITH1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Too bad you don't GET anything because of it.

rarity1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

I didn't expect to get anything out of it I just stated a fact the ps4 is still in first place it's been number 1 on sales charts for while now.

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mikel10151526d ago

All of the consoles went up a lot except the 3DS, PS4 and Xbox One

Geekman1526d ago

Which is odd since they sell so much already.

GraveLord1526d ago

Looks like Sony is holding stock back for Japan launch.

Axios21526d ago

What happened to the US pre order articles?

RAWSTA1526d ago


FITgamer1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

While i don't think the Xbox One will fail, the numbers on this site for Xbox One are without a doubt over tracked. They sold about 200k total in January and i doubt they sold 300k in the first 2 weeks of Feb.

Omegasyde1526d ago

QFT - Unless everyone spent their tax returns on the console.

WeAreLegion1526d ago

You say that like we even got tax returns. The low tax returns this year are absolutely killing retailers.

NatureOfLogic1526d ago

Sadly this is their best market. Xbox One isn't doing well at all outside of US.

Eonjay1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Exactly... regardless of whats going on here, they are getting spanked overseas. If it wasn't for the US, people's tune would be a lot different.

MysticStrummer1526d ago

PS4 is on pace to easily break 6 million by the end of March.

XB1's current pace will put it around 3.75 mil at the end of March. Even if every person who reserved Titanfall on all three platforms buys an XB1 before the end of March, XB1's total will barely break 4 million. If only the people who reserved the game on XB1 buy the console, it won't break 4 million. That's assuming that no one who has already bought the console reserved the game, which is clearly not the case.

The gap is growing weekly, worldwide and in the only territory MS handily won last gen.

XANDEO1526d ago

Won UK aswell the second biggest console market, but things are changing round this gen.

MysticStrummer1526d ago

Yeah but the UK was much much closer than the numbers in NA. I'm not surprised to see the UK swing back to Sony, but I am pretty shocked at what's going on in the US right now.

pandaboy1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

well, according to vgchartz the vita just outsold xbox1 that week in europe... so...

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armogangsta1526d ago

Why is total only around 2 million for PS4 when Sony said they sold 5.3 million globally? O_O

jonboi241526d ago

SMH this is the "USA" weekly charts. Keyword USA.

BlackTar1871526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Keyword USA

gunnhed1526d ago

As the title states, it's "USA" weekly chart.

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