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Top 5 Video Game Characters I’d Want as Neighbors

GeekParty presents the top 5 game characters we'd want as neighbors. (BioShock, Culture, Pikmin, The Legend of Zelda)

TheSuperior  +   143d ago
Great post lol Put a smile on my face x)
Agent Smith  +   143d ago
Damn I miss Mr. Rogers

Mr Pumblechook  +   143d ago
1. Lara Croft... yeah, this one's all I need.
ElementX  +   143d ago
I think any of the characters from Team Fortress would be fun. I like them because they look kinda goofy. Gordon Freeman would be cool and so would Rayman.
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maniacmayhem  +   143d ago
No way would I want Gordan Freeman as a neighbor. Imagine if something followed him home from work or worse!
ElementX  +   143d ago
True... I was thinking along the lines of cool gadgets
SteamPowered  +   143d ago
Miranda from mass effect can borrow anything she likes from my house. Cup of sugar? No problem.
Silly Mammo  +   143d ago
If I were single I'd want Chloe from Uncharted. She could be a fun neighbor.
Hicken  +   143d ago
I know exactly the fun you're thinking of. I like that kinda fun.

Chloe was the first person I thought of, too. I'd rather have Rikku, though. Cute almost tomboy with the swirly eyes and forever energy? Perfect neighbor for me.
Grave  +   143d ago
Capra Demon
JoshEngen  +   143d ago
Samus. I'd want Samus.

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