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IGN: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia First Look

Gamers all knew it was coming, but that didn't taint the experience one bit. The third Castlevania DS has arrived, and it's just as beautiful, innovative, yet classically grounded as they had hoped. It didn't matter that Konami limited the game to eyes-on only and it's apparent that IGN weren't the only people out there that thought the Castlevania series needed a gentle nudge in the butt to move away from its all-too familiar footing. The series isn't in need of a total redesign, but Order of Ecclesia may be exactly what the doctored ordered to complete the DS trilogy, as it mixes just enough old with a lot of new. (Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia, Nintendo DS)

BilI Gates  +   2605d ago
cr33ping_death  +   2605d ago
damn i wish they would make a decent Castlevania game for a console as im not much of a handheld gamer :(
kewlkat007  +   2605d ago
sheesh can you say that again
I actually did beat the last NDS Castalvania: Dawn of Sorrow and let me tell you they are good.

I love that Franchise....

The last console Castlevania I played wa son the Xbox "Curse of Darkness", which had very good music tracks as I love the music in these games.

Nothing till this day, beats "Symphony of The Night" on PS1, one of my top 3 games on there, as well as the the Music is awesome. I recommend anyone to play that game.

The new NDS games have taken a more "Anime" approach to the character art style. Some hate or love it. I don't hate it that much lol

I wish Konami would make a real 2d-3d castlevania, the 3-d can work but every since the N64 version it has not fared well 3-D.
MEGANE  +   2605d ago
is funy...SOTN is in my top 5 with all the metal gear solid (123) and resident evil 2. I love the soundtrack is so good i download it for my mp3 player and beat that game like 7 times and pull out every single trick there is and finish it with 212%. I also had a DS and play all of them too even the ones for nintendo advance there good but nothing get even close to CASTLEVANIA SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT. I hope they make one ala ninja gaiden... is the only game that i will like on ps3 right now
OOG  +   2605d ago
ah i keep debating getn that damn ds......
sumfood4u  +   2605d ago
my Favorite Castlevania= AOS GBA
Soma pawns $hit! Dawn of Sorrow is just as Good! Nintendo needs to makes this come on Virtual Games so we can play these Legendary Games on the Wii!
Xlll  +   2605d ago
Can't wait.
All of the vania games on DS have been fantastic. If only they would go back to 2D on consoles. I'll be pre-ordering this one.
Charlie2688  +   2605d ago
Looking pretty sweet :D
Ashira  +   2605d ago
Yay! Finally another Castlevania! Already looking forward to it!
Figboy  +   2605d ago
considering that the DS Castlevanias very rarely
if ever, use the stylus for anything, i wished they'd send some of that Castlevania love over to the PSP.

personally, i think they should keep the series 2D, and release new titles via the PSN, XBLA, and Virtual Console, in addition to the handheld releases.

if they released the entire "Metroidvania" series of Castlevania titles, from SOTN (which i already own; disc and PSN download) through to Portrait of Ruin, i'd buy all of them.


like, right now.

the DS is cool and all, but that tiny screen hardly does justice to the visuals of CV.

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