The Top 5: Abandoned Franchises

This week the members of the Gamer Horizon crew list off the game franchises that they most want to be brought back from the dead.

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HumanAfterAll1099d ago

Ugh I miss Tony Hawk. Back when I first had my PS2 I would buy all the Tony Hawk games and Underground, Underground 2, and American Wasteland were my favorites. If only they still made them like that…

I still have hopes for KOTOR 3 though.

PurpHerbison1099d ago

I stopped buying Tony Hawk as soon as they allowed you to hop off your skateboard to make combos ridiculously long. THPS4 was my all time favorite, especially if you had a network adapter for your PS2.

Becuzisaid1099d ago

Actually a really good list. Saw Tony Hawk as the article pic and thought that the list of games would be plain franchises that're just tired (my opinion of the Tony Hawk series). But some really thoughtful choices. Guess it pays to actually read the articles sometimes.

N2NOther1099d ago

Fear Effect would have been my number 6. Followed by No One Lives Forever.

galgor1099d ago

Not one mention of shenmue? Ridiculous.

kythlyn1099d ago

I almost gave it an honorable mention, then I thought...

"I'm looking for a black car."
"A black car?"
"Yes, a black car. Have you seen one?"
"A black car... hmm."

...and changed my mind.

galgor1099d ago

What about the sailors?!

The series was groundbreaking, simply put.

N2NOther1099d ago

I've never played it. I have Shenmue 2 sitting on my shelf though.

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The story is too old to be commented.