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IDW Launches Games Division With Kill Shakespeare Kickstarter

Round 1: Hamlet vs. Lady Macbeth. Go.

The publishing company IDW, for over a decade now a mainstay of the comics scene, is branching out into tabletop games by opening up a games division. As part of their launch, IDW is kickstarting a semi-cooperative board game called Kill Shakespeare by Wolf Plancke & Thomas Vande Ginste - the designers of the excellent Yedo. Like Yedo, Kill Shakespeare is an area control game about armies locking down regions. Unlike Yedo's warring samurai, the premise of Kill Shakespeare is that Shakespeare's works all exist on a single island. An island under the cruel tyranny of Richard III and Lady Macbeth. According to the designers, "Players will go on quests assigned by the bard himself in an attempt to prove themselves worthy of taking over as protector of the realm." (Culture, Kickstarter)

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