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PlayStation 4 Looking to Be This Generation’s King of Consoles

Sony reported the PlayStation 4 has sold over 5.3 million units worldwide, a number that is a 1.1 million unit hop over its previously reported 4.2 million sales as of December 28th, 2013. Already toppling Xbox One sales in January 2-to-1, it is fast approaching the Wii-U in overall global sales. PlayStation 4 is looking to be crowned this generation’s king of consoles. What is astounding to consider: The PlayStation 4 will be available for sale this upcoming February 22nd in Japan, with over 24 new region-specific titles becoming available. Among them are fan favorite Dynasty Warriors 8, and a return for one of the earliest RPG titles ever made, Nobunaga’s Ambition. (PS4)

S2Killinit  +   140d ago
Amen to that (:
Ocsta  +   140d ago
Hail to the king baby!
chrissx  +   140d ago
The world is not enough for 2 kings,therefore all other consoles will bow to Ps4
BlakHavoc  +   140d ago
I love to hear about all the ps4 sales news but im very eager to start finding out what some of Sony's top studios are developing. SSM has to be driving me nuts cause I haven't got a clue on what they're working on, but I know it'll be epic. MM and GG new ip also has me excited, not to mention sony bend who like R@D had a lot of success on the psp but somehow seem to be flying under the radar. The return of the jrpg has me pumped too considering I haven't played a good one in years. There's rumored to be 2 AAA Jrpgs in development, whether one is the last Guardian idk but I don't think so, that's a different game entirely. Either way I'm super excited about all these projects, I just wish Sony would drop a bomb on us and announce all of them lol.
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Hicken  +   140d ago
24 titles for the Japan launch? But Death said there wouldn't be any games for the Japanese...
MasterCornholio  +   139d ago
Won't stop them from buying the system just like everywhere else.

I'm surprised that a console that "haz no games" is outselling it's competitor by a huge margin.


P.S I actually believe that people are buying a PS4 over an Xbox One because of the games. No one would buy a gaming system if it had no games to play.
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2cents  +   139d ago
People operate on a herd mentality, sheep leading sheep.

Most don't have the intelligence or capacity to go against the grain. Most will go with the flow. Especially the younger generations.

The only ones who are affected by the sales numbers, or that one console is doing better than the other are fanboys. Gamers couldn't care less who is doing better than the other, only that they can play great games on a variety of platforms.

For gamers who can only choose one platform due to funds would always choose the console that has the games that most appeal to them. Not just buy the most powerful one and belittle anyone who chooses otherwise.

It seems that this site has become a school playground, full of kids arguing about who's dad can beat up who's.

Everyone seems to justify their fanboyism with hypothetical scenarios to support their bizarre stance, perpetuating the situation by spilling the same old arguments from one comments section to another.

This site could be so much more, our hobby could be so much more fun if we could just focus on the experience and games rather than who is better.

Maybe when the dust settles a little more and we have a nice collection of games for both PS4 and One, maybe things will chill out a little.

I like to dream.
sebzhd  +   139d ago
M$' s one is dead since may 2013.
Ocsta  +   139d ago
Someones on a disagree spree round these parts. Smells of Gates worship iffn' ya ask me.

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