Titanfall "Prestige" System Revealed

Here is some information about Titanfall's "prestige" system. Prestiging in the game is regarded as 'Regenerating'.

Max level is set to 14 in the beta files. However if we go by the level progression unlocks (last item is at level 49), Level 50 being max is likely.
There are 10 generation ranks. I believe generation 1 is what you start the game with.
Here is some of the menu text taken from the beta

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colt-of-tipton1395d ago

I don't mind prestiging as long as it gives you incentive to do so such as new ability's or weapons , I have not played a COD since MW1 so I cannot comment what its like now with ghosts etc..but in MW1 the only reason to prestige was a badge . I would rather grind to a high level and unlock items/ability's spread out over that time than prestige and lose everthing ive earned .

GamingTruth1395d ago

I haven't played a cod since ghosts

tbone5671395d ago

Should be a way to extend replayability of this awesome game. Not like it needs it though.

caseh1395d ago


Could the reason behind that be that Ghosts is the latest CoD?

RyuCloudStrife1395d ago

I been saying CoD with mechs is the best thing ever!

Apparently all who hate CoD love Titanfall, much like when you hate a girl but like a different girl similar to the one you hate, then you wonder why! hmm

its_JEFF1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

@RyuCloudStrife GiantBomb was saying the same thing, Jeff I think. And they found it funny that a lot of people who hated on COD are all over TF. Gotta love giantbomb, one of the most unbiased sites/podcasts you'll ever find, more sites should be like them... oh, in case you were wondering, Jeff really liked TF!

VENOMACR12271394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Please explain how TF is like COD?

- Titans
- Jetpacks
- Parkour
- Ability to double jump
- Fake weapons
- No kill streaks
- No perks like last stand or bullet penetration
- No bullet penetration period
- Larger maps
- Bots
- Living environments where animals/insects can attack you (not yet confirmed)
- Matchmaking
- No custom emblems
- No gun customization, such as camo. Also you only get 1 or 2 sights, not 10
- Burn cards which are like perks, but only last 1 life, not the whole round
- Human players don't take half a clip of ammo to die
- Being able to go vertically wherever and whenever

- Fast paced action
- Challenges which unlock burn cards and weapon upgrades
- Prestiging
- Minimal weapon recoil
- Player abilities like being able to run faster, quicker health regeneration

I've played the BETA a ton and I've also played COD (which I hate). They are not similar games and play completely differently.

Harmy6661394d ago

I wouldn't say all that hate cod like Titanfall, but yeah I can see why you would say that.

I've not played CoD since MW3 launch day, terrible game.

Titanfall feels so fresh, and a lot more fluid than cod.

Can't wait till next month!

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isa_scout1394d ago

You know I'm a huge Playstation fan and I only own a PS4, but after playing the TiatnFall beta on a buddies Xbox One I can tell you this....Anyone that says or thinks TitanFall is COD with mechs is in straight up denial.
I'm glad I'll be getting Infamous in March instead as it's more my type of game, but I can say that Xbox One owners will be to busy playing their very own kickass game to really care. Playing TitanFall was like playing Halo 1 a decade ago, it wowed me in ways I didn't think a FPS could anymore.

wcas1394d ago

TF beta was fun. Didn't really "wow" me like the original Halo. I play FPS all the time, TF is great but a little overhyped.

drsfinest721395d ago

rather play something fun than something innovative but boring.

retrofly1395d ago

I didn't say it wasn't fun, but people harping on about how new, fresh and innovative Titian Fall is is just marketing/media bullshit.

Its a COD clone with a few tweaks. Give it a few years of milking and everyone will be crying about the EA's cash cow.

VENOMACR12271394d ago

It's a lot more innovative and new then 99.9% of the games on the market right now. Dead Rising, killing zombies much like all the previous Dead Rising titles. Forza/GT, racing with new cars and tracks. Infamous, a guy with super human strength/powers. Uncharted 3, gameplay is like original Tomb Raider (hanging on cliffs, puzzles, etc). New games have similarities with other games but doesn't make them clones.

Being innovative is bringing some new and fresh that hasn't been done. I don't know any FPS you could run around as a human, then call in a mech that falls from the sky that you can get in and control, or be out of it and have it follow/guard you. If you want, jump on the back and take a Titan down on your own. Need to reach a rooftop? No ladders or staircase needed, just use your jetpack and parkour up to the top. At the end of the round, it doesn't just end. There is an objective for both teams to accomplish.

Idk any FPS that offers that.

TekoIie1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )


"Give it a few years of milking and everyone will be crying about the EA's cash cow."

Did you ever stop to think that might be because it wouldn't be fresh/innovative anymore after a few years hm?

Harmy6661394d ago

Have you played Titanfall at all?

If you had, you would have nothing but good things to say about it…

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RedSoakedSponge1395d ago

"acquiring experience even faster than before"? does that mean you get more points for doing stuff after you "regenerate"?

caseh1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

MAG had the bonus of acquiring a small percentage boost to XP (like 5%, can't remember) gained after a prestige. I imagine this is what they mean for Titanfall.

djplonker1395d ago

Wow when will this POS release I am sick of every second artical going on about it nothing is innovative its just a 6 v 6 fps with mechs its been done before and the gameplay from the beta looks dull... and it was a top 5 plays video!

Bf4 has bigger maps


32 v 32

Better graphics

ITS OWN ENGINE (cod guys are lazy reusing someone elses again)

It also has giant robots you can pilot called tanks and jets!

And bf4 isnt considered to be a good game so wtf is titanfall?

caseh1395d ago

'And bf4 isnt considered to be a good game so wtf is titanfall?'

No one has ever said BF4 isn't a good game, but it was released as a broken mess.

Titanfall as a beta is far more stable than BF4 after numerous patches, whats up with that?

djplonker1395d ago

Whoops I worded it wrong yeah bf4 is fixed now and is a great game but no one hyped it up like ea have with titanfall and it looks really boring I dont get it!

Tedakin1395d ago

BF4 is the most broken major release I've ever seen... ever. Even the campaign is utterly broken, deleting everyone's progress. Dice should be ashamed of themselves for putting this game and still not fixing it 3 months later. The damn ALPHA of Titanfall was less buggy than the release version of BF4.

ebreda1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Wow, it's OWN ENGINE? OMG that's awesome!!!! It's objectively a better game than anything else. Fact!

"It looks really boring I don't get it". I wonder why, looking is all you ever need to do to assess a game, right?

djplonker1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

Yeah pretty much I have been playing games for 21 years I think I can watch gameplay and imagine the input to get a really good idea on how it plays (brink meets cod)

The video I watched was a top 5 plays and it was boring as **** number one was just a scripted jump on the titans back and punch it wow so epic and with all those bots you are going to get bored real fast because bots are predictable!

And yes its own engine not a MODIFIED QUAKE ENGINE FROM 2004...

danthegamerfiend1394d ago (Edited 1394d ago )

If Cod Ghosts took my attention away from battlfield 4 you know its a BAD GAME.

And if the titanfall beta made me hate COD Ghosts to the point i dont want to touch it ever again, thats a GOOD GAME!

And if you have been playing games for about 21 years you should know a good netcode by now.

Harmy6661394d ago

"BF4 has bigger maps"

Yeah and I get lost in them all the time, boring as he'll with little action, TF is action non stop


Very limited destruction

"32 v 32"

Bigger numbers doesn't always mean better

"It's own engine"

Not even gonna comment on that one

"It has it's own robots called tanks and jets"

Been there done that

"BF4 isn't considered a good game"

It's a good game, a great game in fact, but TF is better

Looking at your replies to other comment:

"It looks boring"

Constant action is boring? Ok. Play it and you will think the complete opposite

"Been playing games for 21 years, I think I can watch gameplay and imagine the input"

It feels nothing like it looks… you can't judge something on how it looks like it feels, that's just dumb.

"Scripted jump on a titans back"

Nothing in Titanfall is scripted, it's an online multiplayer game, so you either saw someone set it up, and therefore it was their fault it looked boring, or you just completely made that whole story up? I'm going with the latter…

Don't judge a game before you've played it, especially treating it negatively when everyone who actually played it has nothing but positive feedback.

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