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Another High-Profile Dev Praises the PS4

Suda 51 of Lollipop Chainsaw and Shadows of the Damned studio Grasshopper Manufacture praises the "speed" of the PlayStation 4. (PS4)

TomahawkX  +   153d ago
Glad to see Japanese developers getting behind the PS4, it would be great tragedy if they all abandoned console games for mobile development.
SpitFireAce85  +   153d ago
Console gamer for life...mobile games will never replace consoles for true gamers.
moujahed  +   153d ago
What's new. Damn, I along with others spoke about how elite the PS4 will be. Too bad you didn't believe us then.
SmielmaN  +   153d ago
I've had fun with his games. Takes chances with crazy stories/characters/humour. Can't wait to see what he has coming up. Certainly something interesting.
LordMe  +   153d ago
Currently it's Lily Bergamo.
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SynestheticRoar  +   153d ago
Another developer echoes the same thing others are coming to realize.
Geekman  +   153d ago
I'm glad they aren't focusing on mobile games, despite my last comment.
admiralvic  +   153d ago
Since when was Suda 51 a "high-profile" developer?
Xandet  +   153d ago
Since No More Heroes.
Volkama  +   153d ago
You know who he is, and know his games. That's high profile, specially relative to the fledgling indie developers that are usually behind such quotes.
admiralvic  +   152d ago
I also know Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin (The Behemoth), Swery65 (Deadly Prem), Renegade Kid and a number of other developers and their games, but I wouldn't say any of them were "high profile" either.
CrossingEden  +   153d ago
I really don't consider Suda 51 as a high profile developer, especially considering that his games consist of more style than substance, and the fact that his last three games were very subpar compared to the competition, especially killer is dead. At least lollipop chainsaw had some good humor, killer is dead was just....ugh...
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MasterCornholio  +   153d ago
Glad he likes it.

madjedi  +   153d ago
Damn i really hope we get a revival of Japanese games like the ps2 era, with the ps4's time to triangle being so short.

While i wouldn't consider suda a high profile dev per say, given the state of game development in japan there aren't many high profile devs left. Maybe se, capcom and konami question is how many of their dev teams are based in japan.
1nsomniac  +   153d ago
Forgive me, but "high profile"?

Clutching at straws with that one don't you think!?

As a PS4 owner even I am getting a little bored & fed up with these silly unnesercery ps4 articles, how long are they going to continue for?

We know it's great hardware, we knew that 3 months ago do we still need to be constantly told this everyday!
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Conzul  +   153d ago
The public has a memory like a sieve. Gotta keep reminding them, right?

eeetssday on the praising PS4ssssday?
midget_gem  +   153d ago
It's the "speed" at which the PS4 is outselling the xbone which is the most impressive.

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