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Gamer Gets Lowest Possible Score in Super Mario Bros.

Clickonline writes: "Everyone is familiar with Super Mario Bros. by now, but have you ever considered trying to get as low a score as possible? One gamer did, and thankfully captured the effort on camera, and it’s not as simple as running into the first enemy multiple times." (Culture)

Neonridr  +   189d ago
Amazing feat.
Septic  +   189d ago
Gotta love how people are coming up with cool challenges for such an old game to this day.

And that music.....tears of nostalgia...for the second time today p_p
admiralvic  +   189d ago
While I originally thought this article was going to be stupid, it's nice to see the dedication some people put into a game to get that good at it.
Retard  +   189d ago
Not sure why I just watched that entire clip, but that was flawless.

Especially the jump at the 4:00 mark
JodyCones  +   189d ago
That jump was insane.
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Palitera  +   189d ago
Or the little happy jumps after it. =)
FamilyGuy  +   188d ago
That jump was impossible lol, he literally fell in the hole but the game let him jump off the wall as if a pixel of ledge was there. As soon as he got to that point I was like "yeeeah right", he died and the world made sense, on his second attempt though I noticed Mario pull out his calculator and dived by 0.

Amazing run
ipach  +   189d ago
dude deserves a platinum. seriously incredible. you know he's totally going to keep trying until he does it with only 1 life... UPDATE: never mind. just read his youtube notes. yeah, i think he's moving on! congrats to him either way!
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Palitera  +   189d ago
Wow, that must have been unbelievably hard.
link2Dpast  +   189d ago
pretty smart, guy thought outside the box. He literally is the record holder and his name will the be first and only name with that record. I imagine its no way to get lower.
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TheFallenAngel  +   189d ago
This is freakimg amazing.
kurruptor  +   189d ago
Someone explain how he got to the warp zone in 4-2.

I've heard of a glitch that will allow you to use that tunnel, but it requires you doing some weird things with the bricks at the first part of the level (and Mario ends up on the right-side of the screen).
BlackCountryBob  +   189d ago
Didn't intend to but watched the entire clip, very impressive
MoveTheGlow  +   189d ago
Oh man, those weird hidden-ledge exploits I had no idea even existed... that was so cool. You know someone's going to run that at Summer Games Done Quick now.
moegooner88  +   189d ago
That jump at 4:00, amazing.
BDG  +   189d ago
hats off to a dedicated gamer
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CaptainN  +   188d ago
Fantastic !!

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