Is Xbox Live Unhackable?

"At this point the PlayStation Plus service is a lot more appetizing than the Xbox Live service, or at least to the bystander. Early adopters of the PlayStation 4 already have plenty of free games to keep them entertained until the next big game comes out. The Xbox One, on the other hand, seems to be suffering from a drought. However, Xbox gamers don't seem to mind; they think the extra dosh is worth forking out for an unhackable service."

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FiLTHY ESKiMO1433d ago

This article seems more like a "come at me, bro" taunt.

Everything can be hacked.

Kayant1433d ago

Yh it's real silly some of the reasoning and statement on there made my eyes open.

Septic1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Lol the internet would be made out of Xbox Live if Xbox Live was unhackable.

NSA, CIA, MIB, you've been doing it all wrong. Backup your shiz with Xbox Live!

DragonKnight1433d ago

MIB? Lol, could you imagine a Live Avatar of Will Smith?

GryestOfBluSkies1433d ago

thats what i thought too... someone is going to read this and be like... challenge accepted!

Kayant1433d ago

Good to see at least someone don't have their heads in the clouds thinking XBL is unhackable and looool at them linking user account comprises to a whole network being hacked like those incidents have never happened to XBL users as well.

And further Loooool at some of them thinking all games on XBL at the moment use azure. Man marketing can be damn effective.

MasterCornholio1433d ago

Did Major Nelson get his account hacked?

I remember that happening a long time ago.

SilentNegotiator1433d ago

Major Nelson, Pachter, Stephen Toulouse...supposedly through "social engineering" according to MS.

MasterCornholio1433d ago

"social engineering"

The heck does that mean?

Wait are they saying that a bunch of communists kidnapped these people and brainwashed them into giving them their codes?


Kidding but i know what that means. Means they were duped into giving their passwords. ROFL

SilentNegotiator1433d ago

" Wait are they saying that a bunch of communists kidnapped these people and brainwashed them into giving them their codes? "

LOL, good one.

n4rc1433d ago

Nothing is unhackable..

But hacking Microsoft has got to be up there in terms of difficulty..

creatchee1433d ago

Nothing is unhackable. In fact, calling something unhackable will probably make it get hacked even quicker.

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